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									Part of the project cost control, cost management and control of

 Cost Management Control Project

  Paper Keywords: Yellow River Flood Control Project Cost Management Division
  Abstract: In order to strengthen project management and quality management in the
Yellow River flood control project construction, the corresponding project
construction unit formed Department of the Yellow River flood control works on the
implementation of comprehensive management and control. Project management is
directly related to the Ministry of Construction of the Yellow River flood control
project quality; project department will directly affect the cost of the construction unit
cost, the duration of the project responsible for the construction and quality determine
the credibility of the construction unit, therefore, the project must strengthen
management of the Department of strict quality control, control expenses, reduce
costs, ensure quality and efficiency, to achieve maximum efficiency, and social
  1, the construction unit of the Department of the cost of the project constitutes a
  construction unit cost of project department generally consists of two parts: First, the
Department does not control the cost of the project is the tender costs that occurred in
the cost of the project tender stage expenses. Though the tender cost as part of the
project cost, but because of its occurrence in the project before the establishment of
the Ministry, the project cost can not control this part of the Department. Another is
the cost of the project department of the control construction costs, means the
establishment of the Department from the project until the completion of the project
took place before the end of the sum of all production costs. Construction cost control
is the so-called construction management during the course of the consumption of
resources and expenditure control and adjustment, and promptly correct the error
occurred, so that the cost control within the program to ensure that cost goals.
  2, affecting the cost of the project the Department of the main factors
  major factor in construction cost control system is one effective operation. Cost
Control System of the Department of the construction project cost control is the
prerequisite and basis; Ministry of Construction Project cost control is a systematic
project. Is full, the whole process with a full range of cost control, need for full
participation in the project department, make concerted efforts to be effective.
  second is whether the organization design and construction of scientific and rational.
Construction progress of the project organization design is the heart and soul. It is a
comprehensive arrangements for the construction of technical and economic
documents, is also an important basis for guiding the construction, it plans to
strengthen the project construction and management of science, the construction of
the blind to overcome confusion, play a very important role. The level of their
preparation directly affects the level of the project cost.
  third team selection and management of the construction. Ministry of the
construction project team works directly responsible for the production, the quality of
construction will directly affect the level of project cost control.
  fourth, control of materials. The project cost, material cost accounts for the largest
share of project costs, especially vulnerable spot heightening alterations, culvert gate
training works and so on, material costs account for the cost of fees usually ranging
from about 60-70%, material cost savings and overruns will affect the saving the
entire project and cost overruns, and material cost savings with great potential, so
control of materials is the key to cost control.
  5 is the machine cost control. Project Construction of a high degree of mechanization,
machinery costs in the construction project cost in a large proportion of the
construction machinery intact rate of utilization and efficiency costs directly related to
the level of machinery.
  (b) other relevant factors,
  first level of engineering quality control. Since the project quality department, but its
causes related construction will cause rework, thereby increasing the consumption of
various resources, and even affect the progress of the project, the Ministry for the
project cause direct economic losses to the construction unit will cause a considerable
negative impact.
  second construction safety management. If due to lack of safety measures led to
casualties or other engineering accident occurred, the project will be the Department
of fines, suspension and other punishment, may even be cleared construction market,
thus affecting the survival of the construction unit.
  third project changes and design changes. Ever-changing construction site, the actual
quantity is not necessarily consistent with the construction drawings for the project
changes and design changes due to increased quantities, in time to be a visa, otherwise
it will form a project balance sheet items and the lack of increased costs.
  4 is the completion and closing cost control. Completion of the construction cost of
the settlement cost is an important part of the neglect of the settlement cost of
completion of the control, will affect the project's economic benefits.
  3, to strengthen project cost control measures in the Ministry
  (1) deepening the detailed scientific and effective cost control system,
  project department of the project cost control should be a clear goal, according to the
cost of the project cost control system target decomposition, and quantify, to the
individual departments, the construction team and even the responsibility of each
person, each responsible department clear from the system, each team, each
responsible people, clearly the object of cost control, range. We must strengthen
project cost management concepts, on to the next leadership level of each individual
to work should establish cost-conscious, efficiency awareness, encouraging all
members Yi Shidao strengthen cost management and control pairs of Yellow River in
development and unit Jingjixiaoyi Suo Shi Ye important impact.
  (b) construction program to achieve re-optimization and cost control to control the
  successful project, the project department shall immediately organize the preparation
of a scientific and rational implementation of construction design, a key project for
the project, control preparation of project construction organization design to separate
the preparation of project responsibility as the basis for cost estimates and report to
higher unit approval. Construction organization design should reflect the scientific,
rational, should a strong operational. Specific project managers, technical managers,
financial officers of their respective cost control system, the important role, for
implementation by the feasibility study and construction program and project cost
control plans, to re-optimize and to control, simultaneously Part of the project team
should be assigned responsibility for the construction program and project budget
amount of further re-optimization and re-control.
  3, strengthen the construction team management
  construction contract management team to implement, in strict accordance with the
contract work, and control the size of staff, optimizing the personnel structure. Has
been prepared according to the practical construction organization design, arrange a
reasonable approach and exit; rational organization of work, enhance operational
efficiency, minimize costs and expenses.
  4, to strengthen the management and control of material
  good one to purchase off, reduce procurement costs. Department of key materials for
the project to conduct unified management, unified bidding, self-purchase is strictly
prohibited. Project department to co-operation based on past experience and partners
recommended the establishment of material suppliers list, adhere to the "shop around
to select the best" principle, the work to be transparent to prevent the black-box
operation and the occurrence of corruption. Bulk materials, the
government-procurement, while contracts with suppliers, lock the price, clear material
quality standards, delivery time, shipping method and place of delivery, and strive to
achieve the lowest procurement cost, best quality. For scattered site materials, adhere
to the principle of how much the number of purchases in order to avoid overstock and
losses. The second is a good material to send and receive relevant, clear and
reasonable construction materials consumption, saving materials, prevent waste. In
addition, the establishment of a sound material ledger, to enhance the dynamic
management of material, piled materials and reasonable to reduce the secondary
transportation, strict material system transceiver. Meanwhile, the material comes into
play, should seriously inspection of quality and quantity, made material when sub-part
of the project in strict accordance with the theoretical amount of material released, in
particular steel, cement and other important materials, materials to implement the
limited quota. Three large-scale flow of material to strengthen the management and
control, to avoid waste and loss.
  5, construction machinery and equipment to improve production efficiency
  device sector according to project quality, schedule and equipment capacity,
reasonably equipped machinery, regular maintenance of mechanical equipment and
routine maintenance of the system, strengthening the machinery maintenance and
repair enhance the operation of machinery operators business training, good rates and
improve their production efficiency, to eliminate mechanical accident occurred. At the
same time do a good job Jixietaiban records and records of fuel consumption and
assessment. For external leasing equipment, to make process of convergence and
registration records, to improve mechanical efficiency, as far as possible to full
  6, insist on quality first, the implementation of quality responsibility
  project of the Ministry of Construction and the owners must, supervision and full
communication, in strict accordance with the Yellow River flood control project
design contract, construction drawings and construction to complete construction of a
comprehensive organizational procedures process, adhere to the "quality first" and
"quality win" principle, a good project quality control and prevent quality problems
caused by the increased cost. Project Manager responsible for the establishment of a
comprehensive quality assurance system, and implement quality management
  7, strengthen security awareness to ensure the safety of
  period resolutely implement "safety and prevention first" approach to security as the
eternal theme unremittingly. Supervision and guidance of project manager to do the
construction site protection measures, improving safety publicity, to prevent security
problems due to suspension and fines resulting from the phenomenon.
  8, change the quantity of works to strengthen the construction price visas
  project designed to change and change is the relative increase in work visas in time
revenue measure to reduce the cost of the project. Project department should take the
initiative and supervision side, designers and construction units are fully coordinated,
carefully study the contract and construction drawings. Change the design should
adhere to the "prior approval, then change; first change, after the construction of"
principle; keep a close eye on the scene and the problems arising in construction to
make records, collect evidence, establish a complete construction records, and timely
issue engineering change Contact single and requested supervision unit, construction
unit quantities and the price of the visa.
  9, emphasis on completion of settlement and the completion of clean-up
  project accounts into the finishing phase, should organize personnel, machinery exit,
stay behind personnel should actively organized engineering data and processing
procedures for completion of final accounts. While the labor cost of the project,
mechanical royalties, cost of materials, the costs of management fees, compared to
leak to fill a vacancy on the one hand to ensure the accuracy and completeness of
completion of settlement, on the other hand to ascertain the cost of future projects
management direction and to seek ways to reduce costs. Construction unit as quickly
as possible and clear credit and debt, as far as possible to minimize the cost of
completion of settlement.
  In short, the Department of the Yellow River project cost control, and reduce cost,
improve management, enhance the quality of the Yellow River flood control projects
and project strength, to ensure safe construction, construction units to improve
economic efficiency is of great significance. Strengthen project construction unit cost
management is to benefit to the scientific management of specific initiatives, but also
the construction unit in the fierce market competition, constantly improve ourselves,
bigger and stronger and the only way to sustainable development. / Center>

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