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Dear Minister,

As you are aware the Alberta College and Technical Institute Student Executive Council
(ACTISEC) dropped over 400 bottles with messages from students into the Legislature
pool on Labour Day for our ‘Message in a Bottle Campaign’. To complete the campaign,
our organization is sending you the original photographs of the students and the messages
that were floated in the Legislature pool that day.

The messages were primarily about significant barriers to Post Secondary Education that
students face during their pursuit of education. The intention was that these messages
would be given to the Government of Alberta to put a student face to the issues that
ACTISEC lobbies upon. The student leaders that make up the membership of ACTISEC
compete in elections across the province and in turn they interact and have face time with
more students than any other group. Evidence of this face time and first hand knowledge
of student issues is demonstrated by the 400 photographs you are receiving today from

Our organization has the ability to find out exactly what is negatively affecting students in
colleges and technical institutes. It is the job of student leaders to take these concerns to a
group such as ACTISEC, work on solutions and bring these concerns forward to yourself
and the Government of Alberta.

Over the next year we will continue to identify the issues of students, work on possible
solutions and bring forward our best ideas to the Government of Alberta. This year
ACTISEC has identified student loan interest rates, affordable student housing,
standard of living and college degree granting as primary issues of which we have
policy with solutions to present to the Government of Alberta. We have also identified
part time student funding as an issue, and we are currently working on a policy that we
can bring forward to government.

We have worked well in the past, increasing aid, lowering barriers and improving access,
but there is still work to be done. We look forward to meeting with yourself and all of the
other 82 members in the Legislature to discuss our ideas to resolve our issues.

Yours truly,

Adam Boechler
Executive Director

           Representing 120,000 college & technical institute students in Alberta

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