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					CASE STUDY Samsung

                 CAMPAIGN RESULTS:
                 198,000 users delivered
                 to the Samsung LED TV
                 post-click experience!

                                                                                Samsung banner onSportsTap                 Samsung expandable canvas
                                                                                 app in the AdMob network

GOAL                                                    SOLUTION                                                       RESULTS
Samsung wanted to build awareness                       Samsung took advantage of AdMob’s                              • 198,000 users delivered to
of their new LED 3D TVs and drive                       top sports content including sponsoring                          the Samsung LED TV post-click
purchase intent. They created an                        the SportsTap app in the AdMob                                   experience
integrated campaign across TV, online,                  network for maximum impact during                              • 50,000 video views
and mobile, working with their agency,                  March Madness. In addition to
MediaVest, to bring the digital campaign                AdMob’s premium content and                                    • Click through rates were as high
to life. Samsung’s goal in mobile was                   targeting capabilities to reach the                              as 1.21%
to communicate the power of their 3-D                   adult male audience of 18–49,
TV to a high-net worth, tech-savvy,                     Samsung chose to partner with                                  Insight Express Brand Study Results:
adult male demographic.                                 AdMob because of AdMob’s range                                 • 113% increase in mobile
                                                        of industry-leading ad formats                                   ad awareness
Their target audience is often glued to                 across multiple devices, including
a screen (TV, computer, or mobile phone)                interactive video ads for iPhone,                              • 27% increase in purchase
during March Madness, and Samsung                       multi-panel banners, and expandable                              consideration
sought to capitalize on this opportunity                canvas ads for Android and iPhone,                             • 117% increase in agreement
to reach sports fans. Samsung wanted                    and standard banners and text link                               with the statement “Samsung
to run an Insight Express brand study                   ads across all devices. AdMob also                               brought the first 3D TV to
to determine the brand impact of their                  made the campaign easy for Samsung                               the market”
mobile campaign.                                        to create by designing and building
                                                                                                                       • 38% increase in agreement with
                                                        the post-click experience and leveraging
                                                                                                                         the statement “Samsung is a
                                                        Samsung’s existing video content.                                leader in new technology”

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