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 [Abstract] "patina" tourism resources in Ganzhou tourism an important part of
analyzing Evaluation of Ganzhou "patina" on the basis of tourism resources, through
the "patina" tourism product design, market analysis, described Ganzhou "Ancient
Israel" tourism marketing strategy and image building.
 [Key words] Ganzhou; "patina" tourism resources; marketing strategy

 "patina" Tourism is relative to the "green" tourism resources - forests, grasslands,
"red" Travel Resources - Remains of monuments for the purposes of revolutionary
history, is has a long history, can stimulate tourist travel motivations and travel
behavior of the monuments, sites, ethnic customs, culture, arts and other resources.

 1, Ganzhou "patina" tourism resources distribution and evaluation of

 Ganzhou "patina" tourism resources include two parts, namely, Song Cheng cultural
tourism resources, and Hakka Folk Culture and Tourism resources.

. Songcheng cultural tourism resources
  Song Cheng cultural tourism resources in Ganzhou City by the Zhanggong the
Songcheng and related attractions such as the eight buildings throughout Taiwan,
Yugutai and so on, and many buildings Song such as the Song Dynasty pagodas,
bridges, ancient temples, Government Office, Learning Palace (the College, test
centers, Confucianism) and so constitute.
  Song of Ganzhou city walls as the building preserved in the national historical and
cultural city, can be called unique. The Song Dynasty City Wall, located in the
northern district of Ganzhou Zhang and Gong river bank length of 3664 meters, 5
meters wide, with an average height of 7 meters, is the longest preserved ancient city
wall south, is only our existing ground and underground storage Song intact city walls,
very high historical, scientific and artistic value, the Jiangxi Provincial key cultural
relics protection units. Boarded walls, Zhang Gong confluence, Bai Ge compete in a
beautiful panorama.
  Song of ancient Ganzhou pontoon Songcheng for important cultural relics. Water in
the West Jinqiao Zhang, Nanhe pontoon (1985 River pedestrian bridge is completed
removed) and the water in tribute East Jinqiao (now built pontoon door spring) 3
pontoon bridge, the construction of the Song Dynasty, except occasionally during the
war abolished, has been used up to the modern, the urban-rural transport has played a
huge role. At present, still preserve a building's longest floating bridge in spring door,
the bridge length of 400 meters, sharing the 100 canoe, canoe for each of three groups,
the entire pontoon is divided into 33, open daily time to access vessels. The old
transport facilities in use in 900 years of Ganzhou, Ganzhou constitute a unique
cultural landscape.
  In addition, Ganzhou preserved relics of ancient Song Cheng. Not only walls, gates,
towers, fortresses, MA with, crossbow units, street, alleys, bridges, underground
drainage system, moat sites, monuments every aspect of a more comprehensive, and
Song Cheng's River City flood control function is still valid, is to understand Living
history of flood control materials. Or the ancient city of Ganzhou Songcheng military
defense and flood control from a simple combination of economic and trade pattern
transition type to a support.

. Hakka Folk Culture and Tourism Resources
  in many tourism resources in Ganzhou City, the Hakka folk culture tourism is one of
its important features, including the architecture, folklore, folk arts, food and Hakka
migration history, and other resources related to the ancient ruins of traffic.
  Hakka folk arts, Ning affections, Ganzhou Lantern Ganzhou tea-picking songs,
tea-picking opera, rejuvenating folk songs, flowers lights, art forms; food resources
three-cup chicken, sauté fish, four-star Mochizuki, candied fruit, cloves Lee Ganzhou
Leicha, Spring La goods, fresh potato flavor, etc.; folk etiquette resources chopsticks
gift, send fruit bag, wearing clogs, weddings, ceremony, songs, etc..
  regional features of Hakka culture, rich in tourism resources, types of wealth. Since
reform and opening, their hometowns around the world, the Municipality of Hakka
roots, forming a huge market and the tourist flow, for the development of Hakka
culture and paved the way for the market.

 2, based on the "patina" tourism product design

  From the above analysis, the Ganzhou "patina" and tourist resources Songcheng
features of Hakka culture. Songcheng series of tourist resources because of their
larger typical and representative with strong competitiveness and a nationwide unique.
At the same time as the local Hakka culture has a long history, and adjacent to the
gathering center in Hakka, with great market potential. In view of this, the paper a
"patina" tourism product design.

. Songcheng and Song of Culture and Tourism Tour
  This is the first use of the tourism projects being developed, held since 1994, "China
Ganzhou Songcheng Culture Festival" has been held many times has accumulated a
relatively rich information and experience. To further enrich the cultural content of
activities to improve their grade, may be as follows: ancient pursuit Tour, Ancient
City Tours, the ancient Ganzhou (Zhanggong) Heritage Tour, Heavenly Rock Cave
Art Tour, famous Song dynasty exploration track tour, a Jiang (Gan Jiang) dihydrate
(Zhang and Gong) travel, ancient Ganzhou radiation area Pursuit Song Culture
Communication tour.

. Ganzhou Hakka culture tour
  Ganzhou region is the Hakka's birth place, where more than 95% of the population
are Hakka, the Ganzhou area for the Hakka, not only in language, folk customs,
construction food, and even the formation of the public system such as psychology,
are crucial. As to attract foreign tourists, the development of international tourism
market, the Hakka culture tour is the most potential advantages of the region's tourism
development projects, and this region is rich in resources, features prominent,
attention should be paid. Can be developed include: Hakka origin of roots tour, tour
Hakka, Hakka folk tour, eco-cultural tours of Hakka, Hakka culture tour of green
homes, repair the source of Hakka culture research study tours.

 3, Ganzhou "Ancient Israel" Tourism Market Analysis

. Market competition analysis
  (1) Songcheng Cultural Tourism Resources Market Analysis
  Song Cheng external competition and cultural destinations are: Henan Kaifeng,
Hangzhou and Hong Kong theme park Songcheng Songcheng. Which for the
Northern Song Dynasty capital of Kaifeng, rich content, deep inside, but the current
urban structure and environment and Ganzhou, there are some differences. Hangzhou
is the capital of Southern Song Dynasty, also has a more profound cultural foundation,
and particularly the impact of cultural figures and the West Lake, Hangzhou
Songcheng plus theme park business, has expanded its visibility as a representative of
the Song Dynasty culture. From the well-known on the tourist market for the
mainland, the two pairs of Ganzhou Songcheng domestic tourism market, tourism has
a greater impact, is Ganzhou Songcheng cultural tourism product market competition
in the development of an important object; but both in space relative Ganzhou far
away from the main target markets; the same time, relative both, Ganzhou Songcheng
Song Remains the existing walls, etc., and the combination with the Gan River, is a
distinctive competitive tourism resources, through publicity Ganzhou Songcheng
features and enhanced competition power, and tourism resources in Ganzhou-depth on
the Songcheng development in the Mainland market can be successful. Songcheng is
a more successful Hong Kong theme park, but its cultural heritage and authenticity
and Ganzhou greater than the gap, although Ganzhou to attract Hong Kong tourists
and foreign tourists have some impact, but with collaboration if Ganzhou, able to
effectively divert tourists and diversion, it is very likely to switch competition are
  land area of ancient Ganzhou Ganzhou (Zhanggong) radiation areas surrounding
existing sites and cultural relics of the Song Dynasty, is a complementary tourism
resources, the need to strengthen collaborative development. Especially for tourist
routes can be linked together to form the relevant group of Song culture tourism
resources, such as Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou and even other parts of the region's rich
and diverse cultural tourism resources, Song, strengthen cooperation, cultural and
historical tourist routes open up the Song Dynasty, achieved a win-win, co- Song
development of cultural tourism, as well as to the products to the international market.
  (2) Hakka Cultural Tourism Resources Market Analysis
  Hakka culture and folk Ganzhou competitive relationship between resource areas in
Fujian and Guangdong. Fujian Hakka which has formed a large-scale development
and recognition and popularity, such as the Earth Building in Yongding is very
popular in the Japanese market. One reason: One of Fujian Hakka Round House is
well preserved, such as Fujian's Ahn Jung-Wing Fort, Yongding's Earth Buildings, etc.;
second Tulou scale better Yongding groups of distribution, to the tourists have some
impact ; Third Fujian Hakka Tourism mature.
, however, Fujian, Guangdong and Ganzhou is adjacent to the distribution of Hakka
folk tourism resources, development of the local Hakka folk are complementary, and
should strengthen cooperation.

. Ganzhou "patina" Tourism Market Segmentation
  (1) foreign market segmentation
  source-level markets: Hong Kong and Macao, now accounts for 65% market share.
  secondary markets: Taiwan, currently accounts for 30% of the market.
  in other markets: Foreigners accounted for 4.9% market share, Chinese market share
of 0.1%.
  (2) Mainland market geographic breakdown
-level markets: Jiangxi, Guangdong, accounting for 86% market share.
  secondary market: Hunan, Hubei, Shanghai, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, accounting
for around 10% market share.
  in other markets: other regions, accounting for less than 4% market share.
  (3) purpose of the Mainland tourism market segmentation
  survey showed that:
-level markets: tourism, accounting for market share, this paper from www.5udoc.com
[worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author! 66%.
  secondary market: vacation and visiting friends and relatives, representing 17%
market share.
  in other markets: including business, meetings, exchanges and professional visits,
health infirmary, religious pilgrimage, and other, less than 17% market share. Among
them, business travel and conference tourism should be a gradual growth in the future

    4, Ganzhou "Ancient Israel" tourism marketing strategy

 foreign market overseas marketing through the Hakka culture and Songcheng culture
and eco-tourism resources in the region introduction, continue to maintain and expand
to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots as the main tourists markets, and key
foreign markets to explore, through the bonds of Hakka culture, developing overseas
market. Close collaboration with international travel. According to calculation by
experts, claims to have 1,000 overseas Hakka people, approximately 1 / 3 of the
population, Taiwan's Hakka population of about 5.4 million, which is a very huge

. The mainland market
 geographic market segments in order to attract tourists and holiday visitors province;
to Hakka culture, Song Cheng resources and eco-tourism resources in Guangdong to
attract tourists; to supporting eco-tourism and cultural Songcheng Hakka folk culture
resources, attracting Hunan, Hubei and East China market source. Complementary
tourism cooperation to strengthen, enhance tourism promotion.

 5, Ganzhou "Ancient Israel" Tourism Image

. Songcheng Cultural Tourism Image
  (1) Songcheng walls and complete system emphasizes the unique characteristics,
creating viewing Songcheng pattern of tourist attractions and the environment.
  (2) in the tourism environment and tourism projects to make vigorous efforts to
achieve beautiful, clean, quiet, comfortable. National outstanding tourist city
standards, strengthen the green space, flower beds, trees, famous tree, flower, tree
protection cultivated city, forming characteristics, expand tourist activities in space,
and gradually to the infirmary, leisure, conference tourism direction, in the Mountain
and steep water Lake in the construction convalescence and fallow.
  (3) to speed up the Song of a culture of the city of Ganzhou Zhanggong the
construction of recreational business district.
  (4) city identifier to Songcheng the core content.

. Hakka Folk Culture Tourism Image
  (1) specification and opening Hakka tourist destination, to building the image of the
village folk and the matrix display to life, folklore, folklore of production, obstetrical
Folk such as the display of live vector.
  (2) main line to explore the ecological and cultural tourism resources of Hakka folk
culture and design related products.
  (3) the key and open the internal refurbishment of the Hakka Round Houses and
gradually improve the tourist service facilities.
  (4) around the Hakka migration routes, to promote tourism image promotion,
including Song of the ancient post road along the old buildings along the route such as
recovery and related display of Hakka culture, etc., such as Mei Guan Tai Yu ancient
post road building, can Hakka Culture Communication combining tourism

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