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Of Pinyin on the Teaching of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet


									Of Pinyin on the Teaching of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet of

 few of Teaching Chinese Pinyin

  first-year experimental teaching materials for primary school language teaching in
Chinese Pinyin made more changes But in practice there are still some difficulties.
Such as: low grade Pinyin teaching and English teaching has become an increasingly
prominent (in capital letters in Chinese pinyin and English pronunciation written the
same and different; Hanyu Pinyin initials and the English pronunciation of consonants
in the written and the similarities and differences; pinyin in vowels, complex vowels
and English audio and IPA in the unit, two-vowel pronunciation of the written and the
similarities and differences, so that teaching and English teaching Pinyin often
confused, difficult to grasp the lower primary children. There Pinyin in spelling rules,
to recognize and read the whole series of issues such as the memory of syllables
worth further study. Therefore, I envisage teaching can make some changes to the
Hanyu Pinyin, Hanyu Pinyin to make it easier for the children to grasp the lower
  an uppercase letter ruling by English pronunciation
  unified pinyin and English capital letters capital letters in the wording of the same,
there is the same pronunciation is different, resulting in difficult to distinguish
between primary and secondary students. The capital letter homophone for the word
does not affect the Pinyin spelling rules. In this case, whether the unity of capital
letters in the phonetic alphabet and the pronunciation of English to prosperity on the
simple, so as to help students read, write, to prevent them from memory two
"programs" .
  2 Pinyin pronunciation of consonant pronunciation teaching by the call letters.
  long time, the pinyin pronunciation of consonants are used the call letters plus vowel
pronunciation teaching methods. This is the primary defects are prone to the
pronunciation of consonant and syllable confusion. such as consonants b and syllables
bo, their wording is different but the same pronunciation. the possibility of teaching
the pronunciation of consonant b, the remove the back vowels o, b, only the call to
teach pronunciation, that only the essentials to teach the pronunciation of b: lips shut,
vocal cord vibration, air Meng was out. This can better distinguish consonants b and
bo syllable pronunciation, but also with the English alphabet b consonant sounds
basically the same, as the English lay the foundation for teaching, but also helps to
promote the teaching of Pinyin directly call syllables to help students improve their
reading speed. and so on, pinyin retroflex consonants other than Alice, the call can
teach their pronunciation.
  3 to change the compound final Teaching sequence
  complex vowel pronunciation pinyin, and English pronunciation corresponding
diphthongs have the same different. aieiaoou four compound final as the English
pronunciation of corresponding pairs of identical vowels. teaching can this point to
tell students. So, to teach students the four complex vowel pronunciation, it means to
teach students the four double-vowel pronunciation of English, reducing the difficulty
of learning English. in the order of arrangement, you can put four Compound finals of
the teaching arrangements in front of the other four compound final teaching
arrangements at the back. because the pronunciation of the other four compound final
common law (that is well before the onset of a letter I type, and then quickly slip back
a letter). understand this rule, we can more easily grasp these complex vowel
pronunciation, pinyin and English to avoid more confusion phenomenon.
  4 phonetic alphabet and letters written in English Can unity
  teaching writing in Chinese Pinyin, many points of a few letters are written in a
mostly written in the English alphabet. especially the primary schools, senior students
easily as alphabet letters and English letters "a passing" so inconsistent with the rules
of writing phonetic alphabet. Under the circumstances, whether in the primary schools,
senior stroke play down the alphabet teaching, help things along, unified alphabet
letters and letters written in English, that reduced teacher ratio the trouble to change
jobs, but also promoted the teaching of English phonetic teaching and "convergence".
  5 to change the Pinyin spelling section of the three phonetic method
  junior primary teaching phonetic spelling of a difficult section is the three-fight
reading methods, students in practice difficult to master. whether the rejection of the
original teaching methods, to first three alphabet section of medium side by side with
the mother and the finals, and then juxtaposition with consonants, two steps such as
spelling syllable gua The first step: u and a juxtaposition, reading ua, then and g
juxtaposition, reading g-ua-gua. This would of Aesthetic.
  6 memory syllable spelling steps
  on the syllable spelling rules of memory, can take easy to difficult, from simple to
complex steps to help students master. such as the first to write a single consonant and
vowel spelling of syllables, write the initials and nasal vowels spelling syllable (as the
wording of nasal vowels have rules to follow, easier to remember); then write the
initials and spelling compound final syllable; last wrote audio, shellfish, and fight the
three syllables rhyme.
  tone of teaching students to memorize symbols and standard tuning rules can be
assisted to children's songs help them remember. ("sound level, the second tone Yang,
turning three times, four tones down" and the standard tone song: "see a live, and no
Aa to find o, e, i, u meet standard in the post, better to say a vowel ")
  7 syllables on the overall recognition of teaching
  recognized syllables for the whole teaching of new materials has made a good
adjustment. is also difficult to remember to pick syllable out ways to allow students to
use spelling and memory. If ye-y-eyue-yu-eyuan-yu-anyun-y-un for the finals since
the syllables can be categorized into teaching. as to a beginning of the syllable
(including a) : aanang, to e at the beginning of the syllable (including e): eeneng, in
order to help students memorizing, master. Here also brings a knowledge-point: in the
writing of these syllables, the top left of the plus "sign noise" to avoid and the
preceding coda confusion, so that students in lower grades when the "sound symbol"
initial understanding (not required to master).
  8 is required first-year students back to write syllables
  I believe that: 1 Year students Chinese phonetic alphabet and the syllables written,
the master should be gradual. started only required to recognize and read, to write to
encourage, but do not do the standard requirements, and easy to difficult, step by step
to master. because students learn in later grades in both can gradually consolidate the
Hanyu Pinyin, not to increase the academic burden on students with low grades and
prevent them dare not handle and weary.
 short, new texts, should be easy to teach the teachers, students easily grasp the lower
grades for the purpose of should be consistent with low-grade children's cognitive law
as the criterion should be to promote the teaching and English teaching Pinyin
integration for development. no matter what changes, can be "achieving the same" so
that students better grasp the Pinyin, the learn Putonghua better communication
services with others. This article from [the website of Education]
collection and sorting, for the original author. / center>

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