; Of language lessons teaching the art of language
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Of language lessons teaching the art of language


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									Of language lessons teaching the art of language

 Teaching of Chinese art

 teaching language arts, is a limited time , purposeful, planned, step by step, so that
students in a relaxed atmosphere, teachers receive pre-teaching knowledge. Play like a
section of each lesson there, the commitment, transfer, cooperation in the plot to
stimulate the enthusiasm of students.

 1 mind the art of communication between teachers and students

 teacher and students, because of age, status, knowledge of the different, there are
some contradictions, which inevitably produces psychological diaphragm, which
requires mental communication. Therefore, each class of guided language is very
important. Does the key to achieve the expected results, leading language is like the
beginning of this lesson, the beginning of the good or bad, a direct impact on the plot
after the class started. Psychological resonance between students and teachers,
students in this class have an initial impression of the study into active behavior. That
the teacher help them to do their own things to do, contradictions lifted. Teachers and
students the same action, laying the foundation for this lesson Shang Hao.

 2 class structured art

 mere 45 minutes of a lesson, what to do first, how long - are arranged according to
the actual content. On the one hand is the need of teaching, on the other hand
psychological needs of students. Structural arrangements of the art in the climax of
the setting and the classroom. Start a classroom introductions, development is the
formation of classroom teaching climax stages of preparation. The climax of the
classroom structure and student psychological climax set to be grouped together,
because the height of students in psychology, learning with immense interest,
emotional excitement, thinking, active, receptive, will receive good teaching.

 3 the rhythm of teaching arts

  rhythm of art is the process priority class, the use of relaxation. 45 minutes either
from the teaching content and children's psychological stress can not be all climax.
From a psychological perspective, the student if 45 minutes is always nerve taut.
Students in the spirit of the tension will exceed the load limits counterproductive.
Therefore, the classroom should be organized rhythm is the beginning of agitation, the
development of relief, climax far illness, end of the compact. In short, a sense of
rhythm changes in class should be harmonious and unified.

 4 master class art
  master class teaching is the main form of language teaching. Instructional design
blueprint that effective implementation depends on the classroom teaching of how to
play the leading role of teachers. For all students in the classroom thinking positive,
the initiative to conduct language training to improve organizational capacity to
deliberately and adaptability. How to organize the students into the teaching process,
to mobilize the enthusiasm of each student's learning, which is also the art of science.
Ability to control classroom teaching important basic skills, classroom teaching can
flash brilliance, can improve the quality of teaching, the key is on with this. This
ability to explore through careful research, tempered by persistent long-term. This is
also the teacher manage the classroom
  teaching art.

 5 Teaching Language Arts

  language is a language arts teacher sign of the level of literary accomplishment, is a
prerequisite for a successful teacher. Language arts teachers are required to be lively
language, vivid and smooth to Wyatt in our ears, into the heart. Persuasive and
influential on students, and students to exchange ideas and communicate feelings.
Produce salutary influence and charm. Language Arts, will stimulate interest in
learning the language, but also to increase the students a good impression on the
language teacher, establish the prestige of teachers in students. Excited to be good at
language teachers interested in language, to be fresh, beautiful, funny, to be deep in
your eyes, love to fax to warm, to the health of the students passed, noble, positive
feelings; to work on the expressive, to be accurate , concise, precise, rich vocabulary;
be clever in special education, good coaching, guidance, inspiration. Teachers,
language specification, the students can correctly understand and use an example from
the role of mother language, teaching effectiveness will be greatly enhanced.

 6 blackboard design art

 blackboard is an important means of teaching, learning it from the tips, inspiration,
stressing the role of helping students understand the text, to strengthen memory. Is
also a class outcome. Writing on the blackboard to pursue smart, systematic, internal
logic closely linked, the appearance of a relatively complete content of this course is
the overall summary, so that the process of teaching students the intangible tangible,
concrete thinking to abstract, to Gangjumuzhang role. As language teachers must pay
attention to this process to improve language teaching, embodied the spirit of reform,
in order to gradually improve and keep improving.
 short, attention to classroom teaching language arts, will be success. Successful
writing on the blackboard from a deep understanding of the material, students
understand and are familiar, from the clear teaching innovative thinking. This not only
mobilized the enthusiasm of students, but also promotes the improvement of teaching
standards, to promote educational development. Therefore, language teachers must
pay attention to the art classroom. This article comes from [the website of Education]
www.5udoc.com collection and sorting, for the original author. / Center>

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