; My home naughty naughty drive
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My home naughty naughty drive


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									My family's "naughty" naughty drive

 naughty little sister drove did not expect

 My House "naughty"

 My House "naughty"
 Chenghai District, Shantou City, Guangdong Province under the center of the fifth
grade Lin Wang Zhongzi
 Three mention my sister, I think of her naughty side. Sister cut with short hair, looks
very polite, like a sensible child, in fact, she is a "naughty."

  I remember one time I came home from school, they happily went to my four wheel
drive. Did not expect four-wheel missing, I immediately disappointed. Suddenly, I
shines, like: "sure my sister and took them." I looked like a man like, hurriedly went
upstairs. I am over and over again, are looking for several times, also not find it. I stop
and thought: "my sister in the end hiding place?" At this point, I think the fourth floor
of a small room. So I angrily rushed to the fourth floor, through the door to see my
sister is playing with a four-wheel, then look leisurely. I am angry, loudly shouting:
"Get the car back to me!" But my sister did not indifference, and also laughs and says:
"In this car, coming soon to take." I opened the door, no think a little bucket "splash"
hit in my head, bucket of water poured into my drowned rat, tears in my eyes spin.
Can be made me sad is that she also broke my four wheel drive to. I can not help, and

 mother heard the cries, immediately ran upstairs to. I saw my body sitting on the
ground crying wet, and my sister stood secretly smiled, his face still showing pride
look. After my mother figure out things on the criticism after his sister can not do.
Sister listened, sitting on the floor with me and cried. Coax her mother a long time,
and no way to get her.

 sister is very naughty though, but I do not hate her because I like she could do!

 Tutor: Chen Zefeng
 Comment: Although small naughty sister in his writing, but she really lively day or
so to look funny like. Characters express written something specific, vivid, and makes
a kind of immersive feel.

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