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					Mother's "nagging," nagging mother

 sick mother nagging no

 mother's "chatter"

 mother's "chatter"
 Deyang City, Sichuan Minjiang River East Shaw School 6. D Class Pan Rui Yang
 nagging mother nature is all the world, my mother is no exception.

 mother's nagging voice, often in the time I left home, come home, or sick time. And
the same words every time nagging, almost always forget, is really powerful ah!

 every time when I left home, Mom will nag on one: cyclists riding slowly, carefully
car, come back early.

 every time I come home, Mom will nag at one: it cold today his son, remember Do
not undress. Today, on what lessons the teacher, did not understand.

 every time when I was ill, my mother nagging is poured more ah: Look, tell you to
add clothes and did not listen, a cold bar. Or: his son to take medicine yet? Disease
any better? ... ...

 nagging mother almost every day, a few words, you do not let her say, seems to be
sorry. No way, I and dad only into the right ear, left ear out. Now most of the nagging
mother, I almost never can back out, she did not say I know what to say, as if the
"heart have, Made Easy," ah.

, but I do not know why, when I was sick, transfusion in the hospital when the
mother's nagging, he suddenly heard that life is missing something. Sometimes will
not hear nagging cold, it seems the magic of her mother's nagging really big ah.

 seems I can not live without her mother's nagging, and my mother's nagging voice in
the slowly growing up.

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