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									"Catching" moon garden mother

 moon childhood yard mother

 "catch" the moon

 "catch" the moon
 Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province Zhuji City Experimental Primary School 6 (1) Ban
Zhao Ying Yang Chi
 carefree childhood, as time passes slowly, but think of childhood that is filled with
childish things, but let me back to childhood.

 that was when I was four things.

 That evening, we enjoy the cool air in the yard, suddenly I saw in the courtyard in a
corner with a pot full of water, which had a round moon, I am overjoyed and quickly
ran to tell a good friend of small Jie, I whispered in her ear, overlooking the
mysterious and said: "My family has a big moon." "I do not believe it, you see the
moon is not the good times stay with you in heaven!" "Hey, can ... ... can be My
family also has the moon, it must be a mother's child that the moon, it may be too
naughty and was mother to drive down the moon. "I naively said. "Ah, go, I went to
watch the guy, and the moon looks different mothers." Finish, we both said, walking
toward the yard.

 chance encounter with a light rain and Lulu two small guys, I told them "I'm home
with the moon", they are dubious about to come along, the innocent children of our
four full of small guys, basin squatted silently next to me gently turning the basin up a
bit for fear of the moon to escape, but inside the black whirring see anything, "she lie,
there is no moon." chorus of voices that me, I quickly argued: "No, I did not lie." I
Shijin Mobile basin, a full moon appeared in front of us, "The moon just afraid, afraid
to come out." I explained. "Let me to touch." Drizzle to reach out and touch the moon,
I quickly seized her hand and said: "I will not let you touch your hands dirty, the
moon will get dark, we put it Well, look at tomorrow. "" All right! "Everybody agreed.

  The next day, they waited early in the my house, we open basin and saw the moon
disappear. "We certainly do not see the moon took." Xiao Jie said, I cried they fall out,
it Chaosheng alerted her mother, I felt wronged and things to tell my mother, my
mother heard this, laughed, and she told us: "That's not the moon, but the moon's
shadow." "No, that is the moon." We do not believe, clamoring to the moon, "Well,
tonight I give you each 'catch' a moon. "At this point, we stop the noise.

 This issue has become history for a long time, but I think of, or think it's funny!
 Instructor: Yuan Fei
 Received :2002-10-15
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