Mom is a mother is a chameleon

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					Mom is a "chameleon" Mom is a

 mother is a chameleon moment

 mother is a "chameleon"

 mother is a "chameleon"
 Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, Central Primary School Xieqiao four (4) classes
Tao Yi net
 mother really like a chameleon, while gentle, while severe, while violent, peaceful

 once, I accidentally broke a precious vase, I am crying, trying to probation with a
crying mother, get her mother's understanding and comfort. Can only feel bad mother
came for a moment, scrutinizing vase, they Xiong Baba to come to me and roared like
a lion roared, like: "how do you break the vase, you always talk and all hands, if you
go that way, will you able to play his own work out for you? "At the time I was scared,
repeatedly pleaded:" I was wrong, I'm wrong, then I must pay attention! "Mom can
not eat that, then that nasty small bamboo or heavy falling on my ass.

 night before, my mother has changed color, become soft, and she said amiably: "I
have not, I almost everywhere, and I should not treat you so cruel, you know hit you
more pain after my heart. "I am a little flattered, fondly nestled in the arms of her
mother thought: his mother would have been like this all night.

 Another time, I write so-so job. Mom then color, and become serious, and loudly
shouted: "Look, what made you work it!" I saw my mother's face was red from the
white, from red to purple, to me straight Leng Leng stared at his mother, excited and
nervous and frightened, this time they certainly will not forgive my mother's. I am
feeding into the plant a head, to work seriously to redo it again. Mom looked at me
redo the job, and his face becomes beautiful, and become beautiful. I was hanging in
the heart can put down.

  My mother is always this color, I know it was for me, and can be any event, I always
liked her gentle face, because only when the mother is the most gentle and beautiful,
the most lovely , and is in love with my mother. Mom, I hope you always gentle.
  Instructor: Wai-Kuen Wong
  Comment: This is a child's spiritual calling, calling us to do the parents to love their
children, for children to create a mental health development of the grass.

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