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Management of industrial enterprises to effectively manage the logistics costs of industrial enterprises


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									Management of industrial enterprises to effectively manage the logistics costs of
industrial enterprises

 industrial enterprise logistics cost management
 21st century, with increasing levels of market and the rapid development of the
logistics industry, industrial enterprises in an increasingly competitive, corporate
management and actively adopt measures to continuously improve the management of
comprehensive competitiveness of the market. In order to better meet the high
standards of customer service requirements of modern management as a means of
enterprise logistics management has been more attention, in this context, will result in
the increasing cost of business logistics costs, logistics cost management has also
been mentioned important agenda. Although the logistics cost of the theory
expounded and seen in various articles and books, but my understanding of the
logistics cost is relatively shallow and incomplete, logistics cost management to guide
the theory and method is not perfect even for some understanding of logistics costs
there some kind of bias, logistics cost management is superficial, the real logistics
cost management in most industrial enterprises are only just beginning.
 realistic business activities of industrial enterprises, corporate management how to
recognize and understand more deeply the meaning of logistics costs and management
status? How to make the logistics costs have increased less than economic growth rate?
The measures could well improve logistics efficiency and lowering logistics costs? I
Based on years of theoretical study and practical work, will focus on the concept of
logistics cost, logistics cost management of status so seriously, focusing on how to
effectively carry out the logistics costs of industrial enterprises issues of management
thinking in order to play a role in promoting logistics cost management, better
industrial enterprises to improve economic and social benefits.

 1 the meaning of logistics costs of industrial enterprises and management status

 concept of modern logistics management into our country only 20 years, the concept
of logistics costs, although in theory the existence of real many different definitions,
but most agree that the current definition from the perspective of economics, that
logistic cost is associated with business activities with various kinds of logistics costs,
logistics activities in the physical and chemical consumption of labor and living labor
of monetary performance , consists of three parts:
 (1) With the material cost of physical activity occurs as well as those activities
necessary equipment, facilities fees;
 (2) the logistics of information transmission and processing activities costs incurred
as well as those activities necessary equipment and facilities costs;
 (3) the integrated management of these activities cost.
 present day logistics costs of industrial enterprises in the scope of Accounting
focuses on procurement, logistics, sales logistics sectors. Ignore other aspects of the
accounting logistics.
 current accounting system in China within the framework of enterprise logistics
costs constitute a pattern has not been established, accounting system and no separate
consideration to the logistics costs, logistics costs are not included in the financial
accounting system only direct costs for material procurement costs can be counted as
included in the procurement cost of logistics. In the logistics cost management, we
most industrial enterprises also lack effective methods and operating experience, a lot
of work only in the discussions or just beginning.

 2 industrial enterprise logistics cost management significance

 despite the current accounting system does not separate into account logistics costs,
but as an actual business expenses, business In addition to logistics cost has become
the raw material costs, labor costs, an important addition to expenditure, logistics cost
management in financial management occupies an important position, more and more
attention by the business community. "Logistics is the economic dark continent",
"Logistics is the third profit source" and "the logistics costs of the iceberg, said," such
as business management point of view all show a deep understanding of the
importance of logistics cost management.
 logistics cost management as a real important part of management in ensuring the
safe production and logistics service quality, and strive to reduce total cost of logistics
management to achieve important goals. Logistics cost reduction makes the product
an advantage in price and improve its competitiveness in the market, which can be
asked to extend the product's market space, increase their profitability, therefore,
strengthen the enterprise's logistics cost management is of great significance.

 3 industrial enterprise logistics cost management thinking and innovative measures

 on the total cost of business logistics analysis and discussion, and many years of
management experience and studies, I believe that the cost of logistics management
As a systems engineering, specific management measures are as follows:
 3.1 new ideas and establish new logistics costs, and enhance awareness of full cost
management logistics
 present, the modern business logistics management has reached stage of supply
chain logistics, logistics product cost management throughout the entire process,
including internal and external supply chain, supply chain. As the external supply
chain involves a wide and complex environment, with great uncontrollable, therefore
strengthen the internal supply chain management is particularly important.
 internal supply chain management involves all aspects of production, and is closely
related to each employee. Logistics cost management alone a particular sector and
some hard to get good results. Therefore, to change the materials alone cost of
logistics management department or the concept of sales management, effective cost
management to enhance awareness of enterprise logistics. Establish a full, complete
process management system, logistics cost management of the new concepts, so that
all departments, units, and each team of workers are concerned about their logistics
costs, to reduce logistics costs of work from the logistics management extended to all
enterprises departments, production units, team and every employee, and product
development, production and sale of the entire life cycle, logistics cost management.

  3.2 optimize logistics management system, innovative logistics management system,
  present, many companies use logistics management is decentralized logistics
systems, logistics costs are spread in different sectors, such as materials management
department is responsible for the appropriate procurement, handling and storage
charges and other fees, sales of marketing expenses, freight. Therefore, enterprises
should actively absorb advanced logistics management concepts, to find an
appropriate way of logistics, improve logistic management system, organizations
from enterprises to ensure, for effective logistics management.
  combination of the actual business itself, to re-optimize the operation of logistics
systems and logistics, to process reengineering, institutional integration, I believe that
as soon as possible to set specially logistics management department, to achieve
specialization in logistics management, logistics become decentralized centralized
system for the management of logistics, the overall coordination of production and
sales relationship between the various departments so that each sector in the process
of optimization of logistics systems complement each other so that the true systematic
enterprise logistics.
  3.3 build logistics cost accounting system, strengthening the logistics cost
assessment management
  present as corporate accounting system in accordance with the labor and product to
share cost of doing business, so in the business "income statement" in and No direct
record of logistics costs. If we do not know the cost of logistics enterprises is now the
number of so-called saving logistics cost and begin to talk about it?
  logistics costs in order to ensure comparability, the state or enterprises should
develop a logistics cost of uniform standards, with Logistics costs in a uniform caliber.
Logistics costs through the establishment of a database, analyzing the logistics costs
of the system, you can identify problems and make improvements. In accordance with
the traditional transportation logistics costs, storage fees, packing, handling fees
functional group statistics, there is no link with the standard of logistics services, nor
the customer group and sales staff types in logistics costs, so that logistics costs
responsibility was not clear. The logistics sector is calculated according to uniform
standards logistics costs, provide cost data in different sectors, indicating the reasons
for rising costs, the responsibility to distinguish between sectors and into the
examination. Positive
  3.4 to logistics outsourcing logistics management and other measures to achieve
supply chain management
  With the rapid development of the logistics industry, in order to effectively reduce
logistics costs, companies to outsource logistics to specialized section three logistics
companies to achieve by the manufacturer, third party logistics, sales of businesses,
consumers overall composition of the supply chain system, on the whole process of
the commodities, the supply chain management, so that the enterprise not only has the
efficiency of the logistics system, and can shorten the transit time of goods, reduce the
cost of goods turnover and losses.
 supply chain management of industrial enterprises, while actively coordinating with
the third party logistics, customer relations, etc., through the business efficiency of the
distribution, such as reducing the number of transport, improving loading rate and
reasonable arrangement with scheme. Choose the best means of transportation, to
meet the high requirements of customers; the other hand, materials procurement
aspects, according to the user's order request to purchase the right system to reduce
the backlog, speed up the flow in order to achieve the efficiency of the entire supply
chain activities, which consequently reduce logistics costs.
 3.5 use of modern information systems, to mention this paper from
[worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author! /

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