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					Mother's "mother," Mom girl

 mother into a girl song

 mother's "mother"

  mother's "mother"
  Shangyu Hong Kong Joint Primary 6 (2) Class Shen Xiaoxiao
  "I want my mother into a little girl, smaller than I am ... ... to buy her a flower girl
dress, took her to see wolf, I would beat her two-hand, but I worry that they scared,
little girl would be a mother's body. "broadcast in a sensational this song, I love this
song, and they could not help follow up the hum.

  "Oh, Allison, what to sing, so engrossed." I do not know when my mother got off
work. "You do not own to listen to?" I pouted to say to myself: "I read in sixth grade,
and the mother to manage everything, really troublesome, she really became like a
little girl." Mom listened carefully for a while, said: "I considered it, you is not think I
have become a little girl?" "That, of course, you become a little girl, I will wait on
you." "into Yeah, but the mother is unchangeable, a young girl. But his mother as a
girl can ah. Allison ah, I do so with it, tomorrow is a Saturday. this day weekend for
me and about your identity, you do the mother. and I have grievances about your
daughter, how? "Let my mother my" daughter ", ah, it was so interesting," OK good,
"I hastened to reply. "Then, you can not regret Oh."

  "YES, Mom." I have a face. The second morning, I woke up. One looking at the
clock says eight more. Wow, that felt really comfortable to sleep. I had a stretch and
went downstairs. Hey, how quiet downstairs? I was wondering, suddenly remembered
my mother and I agreed yesterday. I have a head shot, see over. Mother must also
asleep. I'm going to make a mom look. I went to work, first make breakfast. Not much
of a look at leftovers, and I wanted to do egg noodle bar altogether. But I only see my
mother did, so I With the memory of earlier, first boil the water, then add noodles.
Cook for a while thinking about about it. To knock four eggs to the pan, add some salt,
then cook for a while. Rises up the heat steaming pot. Well, my off the gas stove, the
noodles into two. Taste a little, taste pretty good, can not help but secretly pleased. So
I eat a breakfast, but also reminders of his mother several times slowly down the stairs,
I said: "Mom, I went grocery shopping. Do you eat breakfast after the bowl to wash."

 wait to come back to buy food, eat breakfast, my mother has had. Eat the yolk of two
eggs, noodles Grilled all over the floor, I was most angry that she did not actually
wash the bowl as I say.

 "really outrageous." I ran upstairs to see if nothing had happened to her mother is
watching television, saying loudly: "Mom, I'll call you wash the bowl, why do not
you wash?" Who knows Mama Li no reason, still seeks its own TV. I really did not
get her way, had to wash themselves ... ...

 coming to an evening, it did give me a day to tired. But I was well-organized around
the house to order. Mom smiled and said: "We are really grown up, ah Jia Jia." I may
be embarrassed, because I saw from the mother's body look like his usual, "Mom, I
know how to do it later." Mom laughs again, his arms tightly to me.

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