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Lucky lucky little naughty little naughty


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									Fortunately, the "Rugrats" lucky little naughty

 lucky little naughty that will be

 lucky "little naughty"

  lucky "Rugrats"
  Xiaolin Town, Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, Central Primary School, 5 (1) Class
Feng Yu Chen
  when you see my "honor box", you will envy: wow, so many awards ! A national
level, provincial and city levels, as well as school level; have "three good students",
"excellent team cadres", there are all kinds of race ... ... to see these, you will think
that I have been a father mother's good boy, good student teacher, a good example for
students. In fact, people who know me know, I had a clever eccentric "little naughty."
I have these, special thanks to my class teacher - Zhou Zhongbo teacher.

 small, several of them in the cousins, I was more "stupid." Listen to my mother, I
speak more later, will speak, and "babbling" that do not know, rely on my mother,
"translation", but also naughty mischief, often incited conflicts.

  kindergarten at last, and ought reasonably sensible, but I also naughty. Old class to
do little tricks, grimaced when the teacher turned around, empty talk, prompting kids
laugh. If you are a teacher, "stare" to live, it can not move up, sitting position to play
with toys. Sometimes I really feel bored, pencil box has become my "toys." Of course,
these are the teachers, "Qin Long hand" brought to justice. Kindergarten for three
years learning it, I actually did not even a certificate of merit, but also "trouble" to the
kindergarten parents accept the "re-education." Mom and Dad do not speak his mouth,
but the hearts of some regret (of course this is only after I know.) Relatives and
friends do not attach importance to me, and I at home is an insignificant "wretch." For
these, although I was still very young, but I can clearly feel the "neglected", but to
know what do? Basically because I was stupid, naughty! Every time I see the other
kids get a small red flower, a five-pointed star or a certificate of merit, I heart the
"envy" yo is beyond words to express. This also made me a "inferiority complex" in
psychology, gradually, I develop the courage to see the teacher, not the habit of
talking to the teacher.

 first grade when the teacher met week, lucky my life began.

 beginning, that week the teacher, I always afar off and dare not close. But Chou was
amiable smile like an invisible rope're holding me. Slowly, I and Zhou teacher
familiar, courage is also big up, and Chou say also appear. The first time I felt like a
big brother had the same teacher, not terrible, you can be my friend talk about
 teacher's guide in the week, I slowly get rid of some bad habits, especially class, I
seem to be a changed man, it seriously has to concentrate. Mom heard me in class
performance, incredibly surprised, grandmother, grandfather always said that Chou
was "simple."

 week of the teachers are good at facial visits, always discern what I thought.

 podium every time I see the performances in "Little teachers", I always envied. I
think if it was me, nice to ah! Chou was immediately noticed. So, not long chance.
That day, when I clinical stage, I was very nervous, I like to be 502 feet stuck like
glue, how not move his legs and thought: I can do it? Then, I saw Chou smile, trust
eyes, suddenly, I doubled the courage, resolutely embarked on the podium. That day, I
am particularly seriously, of course, "little teacher" is also very good when. The end
of the week the teachers take the lead in applause, the applause was so warm, so warm
heart! I was moved to tears. Since then, I believe - I can do. I am no longer a simple
"Rugrats", and others can do, I can, and I can do better than others!

 now, "Rugrats" is still very "naughty" activities held in schools, you can always see
the "Rugrats" in the "naughty" in the presentation ceremony, "Little naughty "figure is
always frequent. Not far away, there is always the familiar pair of eyes watching me,
give me courage, give me strength, that my beloved teacher of weeks!

 Instructor: Zhou Zhongbo

 Received :2004-12-1819: 20:15
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