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					Lovely "black" black cute

 lovely black shiny always

 lovely "black"
 lovely "black"
 Lianjiang a small flights Wen Yu

 I domesticated a lovely dog, it a nice shiny black coat, black satin as normal, shiny
shiny. White small Zhao Er, like 4 small plum. Bushy tail piece is always kept
swaying. We give it a name, called "black."
 I remember when it first came to our house, it is called a stop to see me. I also
secretly Diuguo own favorite things to it to eat, such as: meat, bones, candy, and some
pastries. In this way, me and it got to know each. Later, when it saw me, always
Yaotoubaiwei, ran back and kissed my hand kiss my feet, also shook hands with me
with the forelimbs, Attempt to do me so I took the children to walk it forward, really
 black vigilance can be high. It is normal to sleep, she is used to tightly affixed to the
ear to the ground, the sound is a little small, it can also awaken. Ability to distinguish
very black, either day or night, whenever a stranger around, it ears, "Wang bark" call
 very cute black, it is always stick to their positions to protect their homes.

 Teacher: Ou Chun Tao

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