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					CAI lotus leaf from the "round lotus leaves" Teaching about the advantages of
computer-assisted instruction

  lotus leaf round teaching computer-assisted instruction
  Abstract: This article from the "round lotus leaves" (primary language first grade
next book) article successfully assisted instruction using multimedia courseware
perspective on computer-aided instruction in Chinese language teaching in several
advantages: First, import stimulate interest in teaching; second, analyze the visual
image of the text; third , save time and improve efficiency; Fourth, Photo, cultivate
aesthetic capacity. Of course, the advantages of computer-aided teaching not only this,
methods are also varied. Application of computer-assisted teaching in line with local
conditions, as Man differs from person to person but the principle of election. But one
purpose: to cultivate the capacity.
  body: with the rapid development of multimedia computer technology, with
computers and the rapid spread of computer technology, using multimedia technology
for computer-aided instruction has gradually carried out in different schools, and to its
unique charm to attract teachers , in the teaching practice of its advantages has been
more fully realized. This paper tries to "round lotus leaves" a paper point of view of
teaching practice, computer-aided instruction in the language to talk about the
advantages of teaching.
  1, into teaching stimulate interest.
  classroom can improve teaching effectiveness, and student interest in learning
whether a close relationship. Students who have more interest in consciousness will
be actively involved in germination, thinking will be active, attention will focus on
learning also will receive significant results. Therefore, the importance of each class
of guided language design is an important part of classroom teaching. Lead in many
language form, use computer-assisted language teaching can be said to lead the family
into a new life.
  teaching experience tells me that the first grade the students study and live in peace
on more interested in fairy tales. To inspire students to learn passion, in the "lotus
round" teaching, I used the slides as an aid to design introductions. Subject in writing
on the blackboard, I produced a large lotus pond pictures, please observe the students
enjoy, and require students to use their own language to see the contents of the
description of listening to the same place. A screen appears, immediately active
classroom atmosphere, students are some of your breath thinking, and some seems to
have realized, some whispering, some exultant, enjoy description. Faced with this
atmosphere, I think the opportunity has come, then guide the reading of the text:
"round lotus leaves, lotus leaves and green, the leaves are a cool summer's verses, the
leaves are green under the sun beat note . Little drops of water like the lotus leaf, lotus
leaf like a small dragonfly, frog like lotus leaves, small fish like lotus leaves. Let us in
this brisk and lively prose, the summer to feel full of childlike to Touch vibrant leaf,
to appreciate small drops of water, small dragonfly, small frogs and small fish were
the feelings of joy now! please open the books to "round lotus leaves" article, see the
text description and your ideas have coincided between. "Then, I clicked courseware"
Fan read the text, "and started reading music. Students listen carefully read, copy,
interest in learning highly concentrated.
  second analysis of text and visualization.
  classroom teachers and students together through the activities, silent sound of the
language of symbols through language and thinking activities, representation matters
expressed in the text, images, and thus achieve the purpose of understanding. Since
each element of the difference in intelligence, ability to control the different language,
and there are differences in the external environment, understanding of the text there
is also uneven. If the rational use of computer aided instruction, such a situation can
be changed.
  analysis of the "lotus round", I start from the animation, use of multimedia
courseware to the silent language into a vivid picture, beyond time and space, so that
students are on the ground, as reflected in the feeling of King . For example, in the
second paragraph of learning (small drops of water, said: "Lotus is my cradle." Little
drops of water lying on a lotus leaf, sparkling eyes blinked.), I designed this piece of
text animation courseware presented to the students: to produce a beautiful lotus
picture projector, shining brilliantly in a small drop of water droplets in the naughty
green lotus leaves to roll, playing tired, close your eyes and be satisfied to sleep.
Imagine that followed the screen: the shade, in a lullaby of Mother Bear rocked the
cradle in the cradle Sweet Baby Bear to sleep. A gust of wind blew, the cradle of
image become blurred, and later became clear, then, is no longer lying in the cradle of
the bears, but a nice little drops of water. A sequence of animations that aroused great
interest in learning of students, the students all smiling, looked curiously at the screen.
At this time, I combined images have inspired students: small drops of water, said:
"Lotus is my -" I deliberately elongated tones, for students to think of the time.
Students quickly come floor in unison: "cradle." Students through the courseware
demonstrate the perceptual knowledge, in the immense interest in understanding the
text on the content. Appreciate the observation, I thought the students appear in the
text then leads the other three small animals (small dragonflies, small frogs, small fish)
is described on.
  to enable students to grasp a small dragonfly, small frogs, small fish and a love of the
lotus leaf. I chose a certain amount of relevant content to reflect the image and gif
animations, An texts one by one after another demonstration, but the handling of
different methods, some of the courseware presentation to explain the identity of the
post, to seize the screen prompts Xue Sheng Jin Xing Zhong Dian landscape view. For
example, in explaining "lotus is my apron.", I was introduced to the students the
characteristics of dragonfly, dragonfly flight movements to tell the students quickly
agile, is the most outstanding pilots. Dragonfly flying tired, to stop down to rest for a
while, like aircraft, the need for repeated landing and take-off. Then I used the
projector to show pictures stop airport. This is pulled, so that students get a visual
from the screen image, it is easy to understand if small dragonfly. Some students talk
about feelings after view, in brief, "Lotus is my song sets," I produce courseware: a
small frog on the lotus leaves happily jumping around, and accompanied by quack
sounds. Teacher question: Can you name the figure of a small frog doing? After
careful observation of the students begin to imagine that soon, students come floor:
small frogs singing. Since it is singing, it became a natural lotus leaf frog singing a
song sets up. Explaining the "lotus leaf is my parasol," I produce fish in lotus leaves
to and fro of the courseware, inspire students, the leaves shaped like what? What you
see this picture feel? Students on the basis of intuition is not difficult to understand,
the leaves blot out the sun, bring a cooler to the Little fish, little fish so that lotus is
the parasol.
  short, in the lecture on "round lotus leaves", the appropriate use of multimedia
courseware, the abstract visual language into a sensible picture of the beautiful
reproduction of a lotus pond, the students experience to grasp the mood of small
animals like the lotus leaf played a good supporting role.
  3, save time and improve efficiency.
  in the implementation of quality education today, due to a wide range of knowledge
involved in language lessons, in teaching lessons to all concerned nervous, how to
improve efficiency in the classroom, has become the focus of discussion. Effective
use of computer-assisted teaching and improve classroom time is one way to solve the
  in the "lotus round" article teaching, I have full use of projection, the teaching
objectives, writing on the blackboard design, classroom practice are made of
courseware, according to the progress of teaching timely use. This will not only clear,
strengthening the visual, but also saves time in class writing on the blackboard. Class
time more effectively, you can use it to enhance the training. In the "lotus round"
After analyzing the article, I used the time saved, the screen just shows once again
one by one, to allow students to use the text of the original sentence to describe the
picture to a level of repeat training. This will not only consolidate the learning content
and train the students to observe the ability, language ability and verbal ability. Not
only that, I also characteristic for this lesson, use of multimedia courseware designed
three types of exercises: smart house, grow room, happy garden. Practice in the
classroom to the students, so increasing the amount of information in class to enrich
the teaching content, optimize the teaching process, changed the relish speaking
teachers, students listen to classroom structure, lethargic and really reflects the
teacher-led, student- the main idea, greatly improve the teaching efficiency.
  4, Photo, cultivate aesthetic capacity.
  The purpose of language teaching is not only to impart knowledge of languages, is
more important is the capacity of all students, among them "noble students healthy
aesthetic", it is necessary to this article from the [Education Resources Network]
www .5 collection and sorting, to thank the original author. Seek our
teaching, aesthetic education should permeate the teaching of language knowledge. In
the "lotus round" teaching, computer-assisted teaching students the aesthetic ability
played a role can not be underestimated. "Lotus round" structure and layout of this
text rigorous, accurate and vivid language has a beauty beyond doubt, the author
introduces the reader with the silent language of the lotus pond landscape contains
unparalleled artistic beauty. In teaching I have collected many pictures of the pond,
showing a variety of lotus and lotus posture; also collected some beautiful paintings
of students, describing the child in the eyes of the pond scene. Before the end of this
lesson, I used to produce multimedia courseware in light music in these vivid images,
reproduce beautiful, standing on the edge of its territory, such as smelling a flower,
such as fish and game, see Lin, the students produce a return to nature feeling culture
of love of natural beauty. In the teaching process, consciously observe the guidance is
to teach the students how to find the United States, appreciate beauty, while Figure
description is in the ability of students and create beauty.
  further advantage of computer-aided teaching not only this, methods are diverse,
how to use it, should be in line with local conditions vary by culture, the principles of
the elections because people can not stick to one way or another. As the saying goes:
"there are many roads to Rome." As long as it is conducive to teaching, can develop in
their students the quality is desirable. This article comes from [the website of
Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. /

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