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Logistics Logistics Logistics Situation analysis of the storage problems and solutions


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									Logistics logistics analysis of the status of storage and logistics problems and

  of warehousing and logistics problems
  summary of: modern logistics warehouse is an important component of the logistics
system plays a vital the role of research and planning is the focus of manufacturers.
Reasonable and efficient storage can help companies accelerate the speed of material
flow, reduce costs, protect the smooth production, and can achieve effective control
and management of resources. Warehouse has experienced different historical periods
and stages, from the original artificial intelligence warehouse storage until now,
through a variety of tech support on the storage, storage efficiency has been improved
greatly. This article describes the storage of the developing process of the present
stage of the storage industry conditions and the existing problems and proposed
  Key words: high-level warehouse logistics warehouse management warehouse

 Ever since the production, storage will appear, it is the production of an important
component, and with the development of production development, in the course of its
development through the different stages. With the rise of China's manufacturing
industry, logistics industry has been rapid development, more and more storage
vendors and the community's attention and greatly promote the awareness of Cangchu
theoretical research, Shiqizhubu developed, 从而 as an independent subjects.

 warehouse development process

  manual and mechanical storage period
  this stage the delivery of materials, storage, management, control relies mainly on
artificial and auxiliary machinery to achieve . Through a variety of belt materials,
industrial transport vehicles, robot, cranes, stackers and lifts to move and transport,
with shelf storage tray and removable shelf materials, mechanical access equipment
through the manual, with limit switch , screw machinery and mechanical brake
control device monitors to run. Mechanization to meet people on the speed, accuracy,
height, weight, repeated access and handling requirements such as, in fact, intuitive
time and the advantages are obvious.

 automated storage period
 storage technology and automation technology played an important role in
promoting. The late 50s of last century, have developed and used automatic guided
vehicle (AVG), automatic shelf, automatic access to the robot, automatic
identification and automatic sorting systems. To the 70s of last century, rotating style
shelves, mobile shelves, tunnel-type stacking machines and other handling equipment
have joined the ranks of control, but only partial automation of various devices and
separate application, called "islands of automation" .
  with the development of computer technology, the focus turned to the control and
management of supplies, demands real-time, coordination and integration. Between
computers, between the points of data collection, mechanical equipment, the
controller and between them and the host computer communication between the
summary information in time, warehouse computer records of ordering and timely
arrival times, display inventory, planners can easy to make supply decisions,
management personnel in obtaining the supply and demand.
  The application of information technology has become an important pillar of storage
technology. To the late 70s of last century, automation technology is increasingly
applied to the production and distribution areas. "Islands of automation" needs an
integrated, so they formed the "integrated system" concept. In the integrated system,
the entire system of organic collaboration, so that the overall efficiency and resilience
of production greatly exceeds the sum of all parts of the independent effectiveness.
Integrated storage technology as computer integrated manufacturing system
(CIMS-ComputerIntegratedManufacturingSystem) materials stored in the center of
attention has been paid, in the integrated system includes people, equipment and
control systems.

 smart storage period
 warehouse automation to build on the research, implementation and integration of
other information decision systems, fuzzy control towards the direction of intelligence
and the development of artificial intelligence techniques to promote the storage
development, that is, intelligent storage. Intelligent storage technology is still in the
initial stages of development in the 21st century intelligent storage technology will
have broad application prospects. The early 70s of last century, China began to study
the use of tunnel-type stacker warehouse. In 1980, the Beijing Institute of Machinery
Industry Automation units built in China developed the first automated warehouse at
the Beijing auto factory production. Since then, three-dimensional warehouse in
China have developed rapidly.
 According to incomplete statistics, China has built warehouse, 300, of which
three-dimensional automatic warehouse has more than 50, in which more than 12
meters high in a large warehouse with eight of these automated warehouse mainly in
tobacco, pharmaceuticals, food, communications and information, furniture
manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other traditional advantages of the
industry. On the basis of our study toward the warehouse intelligent direction, but at
present China is still in the promotion and application of automated storage stage.

 strengths and weaknesses of automated warehousing

 automated storage advantage
 three-dimensional automated warehouse, automated warehouse full use of space is a
modern warehouse is an important component of using multi-layer storage of goods,
overhead storage system that can reach 30 meters high, can be set according to
different needs of the elevated type: high (greater than 12 m), middle (5-12 m), low (5
meters). This is compared with the level library can save nearly 70% of the area.
 mechanization and automation, warehouse management to improve the level of
automated warehouse system from shelves, stacking machine out of storage
conveyors, automatic control system and management information system, etc.,
commands are automatically completed in accordance with the access of goods
operations, and automate management of storage of goods, so that more reasonable
material handling storage. As a result of shelf storage, combined with computer
management, can be easily achieved first in first out, Chen Chu made a new principle
to prevent goods entering and leaving the natural aging, deterioration, rust and other
 reduced reliance on artificial demand, in particular, the special storage conditions to
reduce human resource costs As a result of automation technology, automated storage
and can adapt to the dark, toxic, low temperature, and other special occasions.

 disadvantage inherent in automated warehousing
 investment is large, long construction period, the main warehouse automation is
formed by the automated warehouse. The basic components of automated warehouses,
including: buildings, shelves, merchandising areas, management areas, stacking
machines, ancillary machinery and associated management systems and information
systems. These hardware and software needs a high capital investment and installation
of construction costs. Automated warehouse for construction projects to evaluate and
design, including the need for assessment, technology assessment, system
development, sensitivity analysis. This requires on the past and the next 3-5 years
warehouse throughput, storage capacity, type of orders delivered in the analysis of
such factors, but also for equipment for performance evaluation and selection, these
require a long period and much of the time human, material, time investment.
 material throughput and types of fixed and inflexible when an automated warehouse
building completed according to plan, the type of warehouse, material throughput and
storage capacity is fixed down time if the external factors have suddenly change,
storage of its change does not have a strong ability to adapt and change, that is
inflexible. Our warehousing optimization strategy

  Storage Situation in China
  Current automated warehouses use the main problems is the use of low, the effect is
not obvious, the scale of uncertainty, dominance is not prominent, so that Many
library resources and idle fields, especially small and single-product batch production
enterprises warehouse automation, library resources, field facilities and repeat the
configuration contradiction idle. Investigated mainly due to the following areas:
  storage building and planning did not do a full survey of the work which makes
automated warehouse in the building before the design and planning, there are
significant policy issues. To automate the automation, without the necessity of its
research and analysis found in the construction complete before the actual use of the
automation is very low, low utilization.
 warehouse operations to improve the mechanization and automation of thought lack
of knowledge of inadequate knowledge on the reluctance to use with the equipment,
ideas still remain in the manual work on the basis of lack of confidence in the new
automated warehouse and did not automated warehouse in a prime position, thereby
giving up at the thought of automated storage and use.
 due to external factors and changes in circumstances send and receive mission
changes, changes in job content, goods types of change, but the warehouse equipment
and management systems do not follow the changes and upgrades, he began to lose its
original market, storage in a kind of idle.
 did not pay attention to the quality of personnel keep up with machine operators and
maintenance personnel training, operation and maintenance personnel lack, so that
existing equipment could not play its due role. In the new warehouse design does not
consider the follow-up of this thesis from [worry documentation] to
collect and organize, for the original author! Maintenance and development, limits the
use of equipment, automation level. After installation, some system failure damaged,
parts and service can not keep up, maintenance is difficult.

  positive response measures
  more problems as a direct result of the automated warehouse and a large number of
low frequency of use of idle resources, it should take positive responses to change the
existing situation.
  idle assets, make full use of idle resources in the development of existing equipment,
activate inventory, improve equipment utilization, is the operating mechanism of the
logistics industry in the process of conversion is an important measure to improve
economic efficiency. Put idle resources to fully open the market, breaking industry
and administrative boundaries, so that the market for effective and rational allocation
of resources. Introduction of relevant policies to encourage professional bodies
operating idle equipment, expand facilities information exchange, enhance
information service means. Paid through normal channels, transfer, sell, lease,
exchange with idle equipment.
  resource sharing as much as possible to prevent unnecessary waste of resources in
research and promotion of modern logistics management and operation to let the
production process and the automated warehouse technologies to improve the speed
of internal logistics. Use of network technology, e-commerce, logistics means to
achieve modernization and organizational network, make full use of external related
industries, and enterprise resources, truly large-scale logistics operations, resource
sharing, risk sharing with the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, co- construction
and use of automated warehouse, a storage business, distribution, transport operators,
transit operators, distribution and processing base and its own logistics base backup.
Third-party logistics services for the community to form a complete logistics and
distribution system. In the shortest time of any area (including international) logistics
tasks, and logistics cost is reasonable, as far as possible horizontally, open their
logistics resources, improve market share.
  comprehensively improve staff quality, improve the automated warehouse
management system to achieve efficient logistics equipment use, the need for
compatible environmental and scientific management of logistics, which are required
to have high-quality personnel. The current lack of practical experience in the
circumstances, may take "go, please come in" approach, to developed countries, study
visits, please introduce professionals or college teachers experience, impart
knowledge, organized study classes, or jobs in the technical colleges Logistics
professional and technical talent, as soon as possible to resolve the lack of operators
and maintenance personnel situation. Do the work of digestion and absorption, so as
soon as possible domestically to meet the needs of the market.
  warehouse automation is a key element in the material flow, assume an important
role in the developed countries "building a database to build automated warehouses,"
has become a necessity. China's economy has been gradually integrated into the world
economy has become global processing base. But now, our automated library market,
the overall situation of oversupply, and the generally less profitable. Automated
library is needed for second-line processing enterprises or third-line equipment, in the
long run, which presents tremendous opportunities. As the scale of processing
enterprises to expand and strengthen investor confidence, automated library will be
widely used.

  storage industry trends
  development of modern industrial production, flexible manufacturing systems
(FlexibleManufacturingSystems), computer integrated manufacturing system
(ComputerIntegratedManufacturingSystems)             and      factory      automation
(FactoryAutomation), higher automation warehousing requirements, handling storage
technologies need to be more reliable and real-time information, factories and
warehouses in the logistics must be accompanied by a parallel flow of information.
  radio frequency data communications, bar-code technology, scanning technology
and data acquisition used more and more storage stacker, automatic guided vehicles
and conveyors and other transportation equipment, mobile robots as flexible logistics
tool in flexible production, warehousing and product delivery in an increasingly
important role to play. To achieve system flexibility, flexible line transmission
equipment and logistics to achieve automation of logistics and warehousing trends.
  will promote the development of artificial intelligence technology to the next phase
of warehouse automation is the direction of intelligent automation, intelligent
automation of logistics in the stage of the production scheme, the automatic
generation of materials and manpower requirements, view inventory lists and
purchase orders planning and complete logistics. If the material is not sufficient to
meet production requirements, the system will automatically recommend revising the
plan in order to produce equivalent products. The system is integrated into the
logistics system of artificial intelligence.
  present, the basic principles of intelligent storage systems has been some real
progress in meeting the logistics system. Can be predicted that the 21st century
intelligent storage technology will have broad application prospects this paper from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author! / Center>

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