Little mischievous and naughty boy mother them by fdjerue7eeu


									"Little naughty" and "naughty boy" Mom they

 minor naughty boy they mother

 "little naughty" and "naughty boy"
 bright Min Pucheng County Primary School 5 (3) Class Xu Yalu
 I had two domestic hens, hens that two yellow body, does it feel particularly
comfortable. A sharp mouth non-stop shouting. They took names, big points, known
as "Little naughty," smaller is called "naughty boy."
 last year, my aunt gave them to us. Start, they are squatting in the corner, do not eat
the food I fed them. Later, their courage is getting up. One saw me swaying came to
me, "Jiji Peter was" called a stop, as if to say: "Little master, we were hungry, we eat
fast to it." I grabbed a handful of rice, to be fed, they're like a hungry wolf eat the
same. I can like them anymore. One day, I came home, not seen "little naughty" and
"Wicked" came to me. I once asked my mother, my mother said: "The chicken is
dead." I asked: "Why dead chickens?" His mother said: "The death of a neighbor's
dog bites." "Then I take his dog fight die! "finished, I picked up a stick go out into the
neighborhood around, my mother pulled me quickly, saying:" You Do and cattle, but
also knowledge. You give me back soon. "me away sadly began to cry. Mom sighed
and said: "You cry for two chickens should not be."
 until now, I often see this in a dream two chickens.

 Instructor: Mei-Yun Chen
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