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									Literacy Training Literacy training experience literacy fun

  culture of literacy training experience
  feeling of literacy literacy fun
  primary school in Wuhan Yucai Qu Xiaoqing
  language curriculum standards stressed: "Literacy writing is the basis of reading and
writing, is the focus of teaching grades 1-2. "intelligent life before literacy. Literacy
teaching is the primary language teaching starting point for future language learning
students will have far-reaching implications. Therefore, the new curriculum standards
in the first stage of learning objectives section of literacy have a request: "love to
learn Chinese characters, the desire to initiate literacy." The requirement to mention
the very good, from the emotional attitude, is our previous Teaching lack. This love
and desire to learn Chinese characters can become easier, more automatic access to
students beginning the language on the interest. PEP curriculum standard textbook
presentation of the full consideration the characteristics of the student's age, cognitive
characteristics, physiological and psychological characteristics, the implementation of
separate recognition to write more write less, to literacy and learning Chinese pinyin,
learning and student life of Songs and Rhymes closely linked to literacy rich
environment and cultural atmosphere, narrow the distance between literacy and
student life. Its purpose is to stimulate students enjoy learning Chinese characters, the
desire to initiate literacy.
, however, many teachers in the specific implementation to reflect student literacy is
difficult, because the square had not phonetic, nor the emergence of these characters
from easy to difficult to follow the law, and memorizing large. Students also reflect
the fear of some parents recognize Chinese characters, gradually do not like the
language lesson. This continues, the problem may serious. After investigation, the
following main reasons: the students in the literacy on the very different; teachers
ideological importance of literacy is not enough, still prefer to spend a lot of time to
analyze the understanding of the text, the class could not bear to spend time and effort
literacy; students vocabulary few opportunities to meet regularly. The aspirations of
students literacy initiative has not been well mobilized. Like learning Chinese
characters, the desire to initiate literacy is advocated by the new curriculum standards.
This love and desire of the educational needs of teachers in normal operation, to
inspire, to nurture, how to inspire, how to train, in the implementation of the proposed
new curriculum there is a good saying: "Teaching literacy to children as familiar with
the language factor the main material. taking full advantage of children's life
experiences, focusing on ways to teach literacy, and strive to know the combination.
using a variety of visible teaching methods, create a variety of teaching situations.
"earnestly study and understand these words, very enlightened, In the following some
work done.

 1, the creation of situation, in a good atmosphere in the literacy
 visual image using a variety of teaching methods, creating a variety of teaching
situations, can effectively stimulate student interest in helping to train literacy,
stimulate interest in literacy, but also help students cultivate a sense of language.
  Year of Jiangsu's a "literacy 3", the teacher created a beautiful literacy scenario,
cause in the context of students desire to learn. ,
  1, drawing creation of situational
  classroom version of a circle around the exhibition with a few, the above picture is
the park's beauty, the beginning of class, teachers lead students to visit these beautiful
pictures for students to say watching to what? Pagodas, bridges, flowers, caves, swing
boat ... ... the students to see these things is the word to learn today. Students in such a
beautiful situation in literacy activities began. And teachers to enable students to
discover the painting's little secret, the original painting some small windows,
containing the word to learn today, the children one by one these little secrets to find
out, the excitement was palpable, the teachers let the children read them words, the
children's emotional big different. Read very interested, but because they found their
own little secret.
  2, Music creation of situational
  with these words is a beautiful painting, the teacher according to the characteristics
of a very clever design is very interesting reading the words of the link. First read
these words with a soundtrack into a poem to the children, and then let the kids side of
the imagination screen, while reading, and read these words into a poem, the children
read with Yaotouhuangnao, read with gusto. Accompanied by music teacher gave the
students read. With easy cheerful music, children really like poetry readings, as
intoxicated. This innovative design to isolate the words one by one into a beautiful
picture, becomes a lovely verses. The rise of students time, and teachers read together
with side edges also accompanied the action, boring even read the words become so
interesting. In this relaxed atmosphere, students know the words, learn words, but also
influenced by the beauty.
  Again, "Little River raft painting" lesson on the blackboard a beautiful stick figure:
green seedlings, buzzing the water, flying birds, small fish swimming ... ... a good
school of Southern scenery. The children were fascinated, some said: There are many
trees, a lot of grass, looks like an oasis. Some said: beautiful river, stream flows like
best. The teacher took the words: southern scenic and fertile land suitable for growing
various crops, known as the "land of plenty." Today we got on with the raft and the
little boy to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan. Teachers use pictures and
language situation inspired the creation of children's desire for further study.
  number of situations that make the creation of literacy education is made fun, but
also reduces the difficulty of literacy, the desire to mobilize students in literacy.

 2, respect for differences between students believe that the ability of students
 human development, the difference is absolute. A class a few dozen students from
different families, pre-school education is a considerable difference, and some have
recognized the hundreds of pre-school characters, others know only the words;
student's own intellectual factors, differences in non-intellectual factors Some children
will remember reading a few times, and some reading of 10 is difficult to remember a
few times. If you do not take into account differences in students, uniform to the same
requirements, must stifle the enthusiasm of some of the children's learning, based on
good child enough to eat, lose desire for knowledge, based on the child has the going
gets bad, the loss of confidence in learning. Would like to take care of the whole, the
results no attention to. Such as: first-year volume to "literacy 1", the teacher before
class, a job arranged for students to draw the eyes of the spring and the spring to write
a word, or sentence, or songs. The operation designed to respect the differences of
students reflects the level of the students according to their actual situation has a
choice. The beginning of class, the teacher checks the students preview work, three
levels of the election of a, the projection display. Were written by children is: "warmth
of spring," "I like the colors of Spring," "Spring is coming, flying birds, and flowers
open, light rain rustle, I laughed." Teacher of the three operations have been given due
recognition, three children have a feeling of satisfaction, sense of achievement. This
feeling is most beneficial to stimulate students interest and desire to continue learning.
Another example is learning new words in this lesson, the teacher did not rush to
teach students to recognize and read unification, but asked: "These words do you
know? Know which school which." Excitement of students eager to have them read
words they know. This part of the teaching, literacy and more children to fully
demonstrate their abilities, proud of his self-satisfaction was palpable, less literate the
children touched by different degrees, I hope next time there is an opportunity to

  three games in a variety of literacy and stimulate interest in
  Carolyn said; children's work is just a game in the game and inspire their thinking is
they are most willing to accept. First year students is like the game, to lead students in
a variety of game literacy, learning fun for students to really like characters, and a
keen interest in literacy. Bruner said: "The greatest interest of learning, but interested
in learning the material." Character is the oldest and most full of vitality of language,
the ancient wisdom of working people. Interesting article on the Chinese characters,
stories abound, students heard these stories, interesting article on the character created
involuntarily curiosity.
  colorful game created in class for students to participate in literacy activities in a
variety of senses at the same time, while learning while playing. Fully mobilize the
student's literacy interest. For example, under first-year volumes of "literacy a"
teacher designed this interesting literacy game: open the train reading, reading games,
spelling games with word cards to do, look at the paintings affixed words and so on,
these are loved by the event, which activities are to mobilize the students eyes, ears,
mouth and brain to participate in a variety of sensory activities, students are always
excited among the enthusiasm to learn in a happy and unconsciously play in
understanding these new words.
  also often carry out the following game, growing interest in student literacy. For
example, guess the puzzle: Creating the characteristics of teachers according to shape
riddle, students guess the end, students guess the process is actually shaped the course
of the memorial, which is different from the mechanical memorization of the
memorial, is actively thinking activities, memory, impressive . Progressive teachers
encourage students to use their brains to observe the puzzle, start associations, and the
students worked alone or Creating puzzles for people to guess, the students see their
classmates to guess the puzzle or guess will be happy to laugh, because he felt a kind
of the joy of success.
 plus d songs, stories and vocabulary to send home to the new word to friends, and so

  4, students actively in literacy, independent literacy
  one semester know 400 Chinese characters is an arduous task, in addition to
stimulating student literacy interest, but also must vigorously develop students
literacy skills . Diesterweg said: "Knowledge should not be passed on to students, but
should lead students to discover them, independent control of them." Literacy
teaching in which, if students passively recorded, mechanically copy, students will
soon tired. Literacy teacher wishes only to mobilize students in the literacy process
for students to master the methods of literacy, the formation of an independent literacy
skills, to take the initiative to read, understand the joy of success, to make students
interested in sustained, let alone become a student interested in a psychological
satisfaction, the formation of the internal driving force to learn.
  1, to help students find literacy methods and rules
  character itself has a certain regularity, in the process of student literacy, word of
Chinese characters can be based on the law and children's cognitive law of literacy
teaching. Teaching, teachers to teach him to "fish", seize the characters sound, form,
meaning and connection methods to teach literacy and law students, students with
analysis of shape, self-literacy skills.
  for example literacy Lesson 2 "mouth eyes and ears" of this class are all pictograms
to guide students to observe the words and pictures, so that the students map and
creating an association between the shape memory found in the contrast law, the
words and figure very much like. Students not only to be quickly and accurately
understand the word to remember, after the experience of these characters will use the
growing number of rules to learn.
  Literacy Lesson 4, "the playground" a lot of Tonal, ball, shoot, run, ring, courses, etc.
Contact ago learned some form of sound words, students from a lot of Representation
realize Tonal Sound next to the table sound, form next to the semantic characteristics
of the students easy to remember many words, gradually to be able to predict under
the form next to the word meaning. And then realize learning Pictophonetic general
approach to guess from the shape next to the meaning, pronunciation from the
phonetic guess reading.
  In addition, there knowing law, association law, comparative law, etc., combined
with text, teacher of natural infiltration of these methods, the students gradually came
to understand by autonomous literacy, teachers encourage students to be bold in their
study with these methods, students literacy skills in practice and gradually improve,
more and more concentrated interest, felt the joy of creation.
  2, let students choose their favorite way of literacy
  I said before, the children's literacy vary greatly. Therefore, we encourage children to
choose their own way of literacy. Some are based on pre-school children, showing
strong desire, let him as a teacher, taught us literacy, primary school teachers, primary
school students are immense interest; Some children like to find small partners
literacy, increase in exchange capacity; some like to read songs, stories in the
language environment to consolidate; some like copying; some good ... ... as long as
the student association as soon as possible to remember the character, method does
not seek reunification. Students do their doing is not like that tired, but a pleasure, a
heart to meet the demand.

  5, the language environment in literacy
  primary characteristic of memory is stronger than the intention to memorizing the
unconscious mind, remember that fast, forget something else. We found that the
students generally have such an interesting phenomenon, the students learned the
words to see a sudden not be read, but his mouth at once recited to the children's song
where the word read out, so read into this word, one thinks of pronunciation came.
This phenomenon has given us great inspiration: in a particular language environment,
students will recognize, from the language environment, students easily forget. Help
students do not really learn the word, the ultimate goal of literacy is to be used,
regardless of where the word appears in all knowledge, when the need to express the
meaning of this word, they can be accurately written. Therefore, teachers need to do
the main work is to allow students from this course will recognize the transition to the
environment in other languages can be recognized. This requires us to literacy
teaching can not be isolated, must be read simultaneously, in the language
environment, literacy, communication in the practice of extending language
  textbook of children's songs, verse fluently, students will soon be able to back down,
but the square and are not going to recognize the. Therefore, the teaching of literacy
and we learn words, learn words, combined oral expression, and guide students to a
new set of vocabulary words, repeat sentences, the students have passed the literacy
and their own life experiences, is the familiar language established contact with the
environment and vocabulary. Can help students in a different language environment
are aware of what they have learned the words. At the same time cultivating the
students a variety of language skills, the development of the students thinking. Often
combined with other along with the students learned the words to write some short
funny songs, sentences written on the blackboard every day fixed "my creation"
section in the consolidation of literacy and language development have been increased
use of students in the creative enjoy the use of a great sense of accomplishment.
  combination of the text we have chosen a number of extra-curricular reading,
subscribe to the Pinyin tabloid, and made themselves a copy of "synchronous read," to
guide students to read, so that repeated the words learned, so that students in a
different language environment fight face to face with these words, over time, in the
language environment, through language practice, students improve comprehension
skills, learned word engraved in mind, the effect achieved Reviewing the Old, while
enriching the language students improve the level of awareness of students and the
students are young love reading habits, students tasted the joy of reading, literacy will
be more proactive, will know more words inadvertently.

  6, so that the stage of life to become literate
  language is the mother tongue, everywhere and at all times, we place literacy
teaching background of life, in life, literacy is very convenient, very important way to
  lot of material in the text itself is a creation of a real life scenario, such as "at home"
"playground," "Optional Market" so closely linked with the lives of children,
reflecting the student's family life, school life times life and reduce the distance of
literacy and student life. Our teaching is not just limited to the text of the words, but
to encourage students to clip newspaper share their memorizing of the text in these
places is not the word.
  in school create a good atmosphere literacy. School, each student put his name on a
beautiful card on the table, we break, the mutual understanding of each other on their
names, will remember a lot of words. In front of the blackboard, the teacher learned
new words every day depending on the preparation of one or two songs, ask the
students free practice reading. Back to open a special column on the blackboard "I
will believe," students will recognize themselves in extra-curricular words written on,
or attached to the above, exchange students have a sense of accomplishment, great
momentum. There are signs in schools, such as literacy for students to create a good
  campus resources such as our fully tapped, according to characteristics of the school
campus on the one "in the campus reading" courses, guide students through group
cooperation, and explore ways of learning literacy initiative on campus, the students
through the use of phonetic, ask people try guess their different means such as
participation in practice, every student is happy to participate, greatly stimulated
interest in literacy students anytime, anywhere.
  guide students in the community at any time anywhere literacy develop good habits.
4 carried out combining Garden of literacy in the life of the game, food packaging,
billboards, street standard, road signs, Name Brand, TV, Kara OK, etc. have become
students of teaching literacy, students never tired.
  after a period of training, teachers in general reflect the concentration of the children
not only interested in literacy, literacy increased, and the reading ability of students
than previously strong, led by the teacher can read a short phonetic reading.

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