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  literacy teaching of fun:
% of literacy teaching fun D% A Itabashi Linze County, Gansu Province School
District trench Wa Primary: Wang Zeng-zhi
  "standard of language courses" in literacy clearly pointed out: "I want students to
have a strong interest in learning, develop the habit of active literacy." also requires
lower primary should know 1600-1800 commonly used Chinese characters, will write
a 800-1000. Literacy difficulties, literacy teaching more difficult, even the teachers
are to avoid the open class vocabulary do not speak, I feel boring, monotonous
meaningless. However, literacy for low-grade children, it is an important task. How
can we make our children of the boring characters a strong interest in teaching and to
enhance the capacity of self-literacy, enhancing the effect of literacy, has been with us.
Zancoff said: "Teaching students the feeling will soon hit the field, touch the spiritual
needs of students, can play a highly effective role." After a discretion and practice, in
accordance with psychological characteristics of children in lower grades in literacy
teaching An interesting teaching methods used. To interest the eye, using a variety of
interesting forms of open vision of students, arouse their enthusiasm for learning,
students in the joy of the situation, in the mentality of self-confidence to learn Chinese
  1, into daily life with immense interest
  "language curriculum standards" that: Teaching literacy to children familiar with the
language factor as the main material, while taking advantage of the life experience of
children, focusing on ways to teach literacy, and strive to know the combination. Use
of various means of teaching visually, creating a variety of teaching situations. My
students think most students are familiar with the name of the language factor, each
person's name are small partners willing to learn would like to believe, and why not
Zan class names of 56 students gathered together as literacy materials, think will
interest students full. So I combined with classroom layout, the name of the class of
56 students to write straight and 56 in the twinkling stars in, and put them in
promoting the column. Now, the students drive here, a class on the swarm, looked up
and read aloud the names of junior partner. Encountered did not know the words,
students will help each other, reminding each other. When the students name the three
words in one did not know, the kids will use their brains, using the pronunciation of
the name to understand new words. When you find your own little stars, some of the
kids will be excited to use the little finger point with his name, happy to tell you: "My
name is XXX, my name is written like this!" In the name of charismatic attraction in
This "excitedly spread the news" atmosphere, which could become very boring
characters live life one by one, like those many seeds as deeply rooted in the minds of
students. Yes! Interest is the best teacher. Positive thinking it can mobilize the students,
the students take the initiative to explore the inherent power of knowledge. With the
interest in learning is no longer a burden, but a pleasure. Our junior children lively,
gregarious, love to make friends, most vulnerable to emotional factors of infection.
Therefore, we in literacy teaching, should follow the child's psychology, combined
with the students real life, skillfully create all sorts of interesting situations, students
take the initiative with interest into Chinese characters in their learning.
  2, the introduction of guessing relish
  secondary school students in the literacy process of such a widespread problem:
There are many students clearly understand the vocabulary just yet, but just moved
locations this new word, he did not know read train of . It seems students do not really
remember these new words baby, they are only a fixed position under the new words,
roughly the shape of the force themselves to rote. It was really difficult for these kids!
By chance, I am teaching first grade at 5 pm the next volume of literacy learned a
riddle: "Introduction to respect each other, heart to touching, cloudless sunrise, water
to clean and transparent." Surprisingly, students in a change usually listless
appearance, showing a strong interest, not only to remember the vocabulary to guess
the puzzle, but also understand the "Please, love, clear, clear" means. I understood
why: the original was introduced in the vocabulary of the memorial riddle, so that
students learn through the puzzle and memory of some words, and will greatly arouse
curiosity of students. Why do not we create some more puzzle game? So I have the
sense to use a simple puzzle to help students remember vocabulary. Such as learning
"bitterness", I have created a riddle: "a 10 live thatched cottage." Voice soon, the
children raised their hands to speak, and some have even made their way to guess.
Such as learning the "field" and the words I said puzzle: the Three horizontal, vertical
look at three or written, not three; study of "Ray", which compiled "rain fell on the
field"; learning the "Group", which compiled as "Yu-out Chinese characters and talent
into the door"; in writing "not" word has a student to write three horizontal and four
horizontal. Said a few times or wrong, I had an idea made up such a riddle: "One pig
trough two-pass, six piglets both sides of the arch." The man said a very interesting,
even to memory, then the child again He did not write miss. These loved riddles,
students accept, learn, interest in concentrations and good effect. May be a guessing
guess hooked it, then, I class Weil sail also in my "group" word to the "closed"
adaptation of the riddle: "flash characters who go before the word at the door." Won
the students of blowing applause. In addition, there are more of them, Kim Chen Wei
children understand according to their return "fear" Creation of the riddle: "a piece of
white heart." Children's progress is impressive indeed! Small a riddle, even to
provoke students to learn so much enthusiasm. Students seem interested in literacy is
an inexhaustible motive force. We guess the introduction of the literacy class, students
not only learn new words with relish, but also to deepen the impression of vocabulary,
but also exercise their power of speech, play their endless imagination.
  3, skillfully compiled doggerel difficulties
  break for each character is sound, form, meaning unity. In specific teaching, we want
to the specific characteristics of each new word and children's psychological
characteristics, seize the sound, form, meaning the principal contradiction, focused,
targeted teaching. As in "Two Little Lion" in teaching "rolling" character, its
pronunciation, meaning is not hard, but hard to remember complex shape. So, I'll give
it compiled a jingle: "roll" the word easy to remember, drops of the left, the right to
"clothing" points, the middle of a "public" together is "rolling." Student 1, suddenly
enlightened, quickly remember the roll of the font. .. This article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, for the original author. Compiled a
number of rhymes in the classroom, not only can adjust the atmosphere, but also can
enhance the students remember. Characters in some form almost word shape is very
similar, like twin sisters, it is difficult to identify. Students easily get confused, or easy
to confuse one, at this time, I shall have something full of childlike jingles to help
students distinguish. Such as "chicken, duck, goose" - "chicken beak, flat-billed duck,
I, I I'm a big goose"; ", the office" - "not like the outside, the more of a long belt
(locations), Department words do not speak out, speak out walking around (outside) ";
Another example is to distinguish between" had, have been "I compiled the following
doggerel: open" had "(jǐ), their" own "; half-mouth" has "( yǐ), has been the "Self";
closed "had" (sì), Si Shi's "had." Compiled by clever rhymes, the students in the
process of literacy difficulties, doubts and other difficulties one by one break. In
literacy teaching, with teachers Pave the Way is to help students find out implicit in
the character of childlike, boring literacy teaching will become fun.
  short, literacy instruction must not boring to repeat again "if they had handed strokes
off," adding some fun in teaching would be more effective. These simple and fun by
the above methods of teaching Chinese characters in each student's mind has become
an interesting riddle, a sentence catchy jingle. Interesting literacy teaching, to open
the children's minds, agitation of the children are full of spiritual creation, so that
literacy teaching to the multiplier effect.
.. This article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to
thank the original author. / Center>

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