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									Secret Youtube
     by Overnight Income
              Hey guys ok why did I write this little ebook??

     Because you needed a solution to your youtube problems.. right?
                 You need more money in your pocket.

Infact I am a little late in giving you a solution and for that I apologize but
                       this is going to make up for this...

        Now that the formalities are over lets get into it shall we??

OK this is the issues at hand. Loudmo sucks and takes
around 40% of your money and is not ashamed about it..
so I have worked very hard to put a solution for any and
all videos you have up right now.

So that the time you have put into creating videos has not
been a waste?? Can you appreaciate this?? I hope so
because the alternative is actually better than loudmo
and I will explain why if you give me a few more moments
of you time...

what I found as a replacement is MUCH better and will
pay out like crazy.. lets go over my golden nugget that I
know possess.

What I ventured off to find was a company that would
pay us on a 2 tier level.. meaning that we would get paid
twice and (like loudmo) would produce income for years to

So, now.. the plan... (drum roll please...)
On the videos you have up at this moment all you will
need to do is refocuse on “who” it is your trying to
recruit.. you will be NOW focused on making little
workers work for you...

So the company.. I have switched to on all of my videos is
CASH CRATE.. now before you think to hard about how
this will work I will quickly show you the eh.. I
should say.. Master Plan... because it is genious IMO..;)

Sign up Here to place grab the link to put on your youtube

                  (Click The Check For Quick Sign Up)

The only thing you need to quickly do is change your
annotations and link.. thats all and then your back to
TARGET: This is what and who you will be targeting..
Workers.. That (like you) want to earn online...

So lets say you have a music video with the lastest song
that everyone is loving.. and the guy/girl watching notices
a “commercial” on your video.. ie:your annotation,
That says (example below):


“Hey, would you like to make a easy $75 dollars a day??
Click the link below after you enjoy your song...don't
forget...$75 per day! Easy Cash...”


Watch Video To Earn Easy Money:

Now wouldn't you click on the link??
“but where does the link go to??

The genious plan is that the link goes to the video on your youtube channel
page.. the inside of your page...
You will set up a video that I will give you to take and put it on “autoplay”
and allow it to come on automatically and show the visitor exactly what
they need to do to sign up under you and make money...

How do you make money?
The visitor will sign up fill out some offers to make money and invite others
for more money..

How does this help me more than LoudMo?

Because you will get paid two ways.. you will get paid for them filling offers
and anyone they invite you get paid for the offers they fill out..

You Get Paid Twice!!!

Here is my youtube channel example that
you should follow:
Place this in the description box:
Cash crate is a website that pays you to complete offers and surveys. It's
completely free, legitimate and is NOT a scam.

Link: http://www.your cash crate

Please use the link. It is my refferal link that shows cashcrate i reffered you
to the company.
If you need any help with signing up or using cash crate I'm happy to help.

Just leave a comment or send me a message on cash crate.

Ok now let me tell you the plan to get so many views and
money in your pocket... this is the part I love so much..... (read

This is the intro video..

This Video needs to be on the inside of your channel and on
autoplay!.. The video is super clear and break downs the “how
to” so a 2 yr old child could understand... so this is what you

NEXT.. you want to snatch every video about cashcrate on
youtube...hahaha.. use to take all....and I
mean ALL VIDEOS.. so that anyone that comes on your
channel to watch music, comedy, sports, cartoons.. etc.. will
see this kind of titles on your youtube page:

“How To I Make $2395.00/Day with Cash Crate!!!”

Ofcourse this is an example.. but you need to be over the

With your titles.. I Mean Really Over The Top if You Want To Make
Money.. Things Like:

         “Lil Wayne Gets Shot 20 Times!!! OMG???!!!”

These kind of titles will get millions of hits and allot of signups.. so lets
recap the plan of attack!

  1. Change all of links and annotations (example above)
  2. Download Every Cashcrate Video You Can Find, Annotate with:
     “Click The Link To Get Started” and Place Script at in the
     Description Box
  3. Keep getting your music videos, funny comedies, cartoons,
     sports, etc.,

Remember to see a good example view my channel:
Don't Forget To Let Me Know if You Have Any Questions;
Email Me at

To Your Success,

Overnight Success

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