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                                   What is WINZY? launched in April of 2006 and has added a social networking and 2.0 search
approach to the ‟search & win‟ model. Before looking into Winzy, let‟s look at the history of
search & win.

The concept of paying back search engines users with incentives, prizes or revenue share is not a
new one. CBS began the main stream prize oriented search engine model seven years ago when
they launched iWon, which is now an IAC property and part of the family.

Ever since the launch of iWon however, there have not been very many prize oriented search
engines which have made a name for themselves. MSN Search tried this strategy about a year
ago with MSN Search & Win but the technique to win over new searchers did not really take off.

Enter Winzy, a more Web 2.0 style of the Search & Win model. Winzy, currently in beta, has a
list of major prizes in its treasure box including iPods, $500, and Xbox 360‟s. 2.0 design and
giving away Xbox 360‟s, sounds like a match made in heaven for the techie generation and
college kids.

Search Technology

Their search technology is powered by, as are Winzy‟s sponsored results, which appear
to be partnered with‟s Sponsored Listings (a mouseover shows an
url as the targets), the revenue from the Sponsored Listings must fuel the prize model in this

Winzy also offers clustered results (similar to, the ability to Narrow a search, and to
Expand a search. For example, a search for checks prompts the user to narrow their search down
to “personal checks” or a check printing brand such as “Current Checks”, the Expand option
suggests other products to the user such as Address Labels.

Prizes, Rewards & Perks

Winzy works in a very simple fashion:

* Search using Winzy

* Each search is a chance to win. Search at the right time and you get to play a game to find out
what you‟ve won.

* Games include spinning prize wheels, slot machines, and opening suitcases with prizes hidden

* Register with Winzy and earn Winzy Points which enter you into month-end sweepstakes.
There is no cost to register or earn points.
* Win prizes by inviting friends to join Winzy. If your friend wins, you win the same prize.

Other tools from Winzy include :

* Networking : Friends can keep track of how their Winzy contacts are doing using their social
style friends pages.

* Fan Club : Users can earn points for joining the club, win monthly prizes and win if referred
fan club friends also win.

* Toolbars : Winzy also offers toolbars for Firefox and IE, along with Image search.

Search & Win Right For You?

In my personal experience I never caught on with the Search & Win model from iWon as I found
the experience too intruding, cluttered and interferring with my search engine intentions.

Winzy is a little different as its sleeker design lends to a more swift user experience when
searching and less intrusion. Being that Winzy results are powered by, if one does not
use all of the bells & whistles, perhaps using Winzy as a default would be a profitable

Who is Eligible?

U.S., Canada and UK residents only, ages 13 and up.

How It Works?

At random times, searchers will be chosen to win a prize, which currently includes Game
Consoles, iPod Nano(1 Gb) Cash and Amazon Gift Cards.

Also, if you refer someone and they win, you win, too!

How Often Do People Win?

According to the stats currently up on the site, there have been 7 winners in the last 24 hours, and
473 in the last 30 one winner every couple of hours. It is random, though, according to
the site, so the time between winners will vary.

Members are limited to two prizes per month.
                          What do I need to get started?

You will need 4 things:

   1.   Windows PC Computer
   2.   Internet Connection
   3.   1 web browser(I prefer Mozilla Firefox)
   4.   Winzy BOT By cjk (Provided with this purchase)

Once you have these you can get started.

                                   THE METHOD
Create a WINZY account (if you don‟t have one). To get registered go to the Winzy website and
in the right top corner click on Join Now. The following form will appear:

Complete all the fields and you are good to go.
Log in your account and get used to how things work around the site. Read the Help pages and
find out everything you are interested in. Once you are ready proceed with this book and start
earning serious points.

Run WinzyBot.exe

Press "Start"

Click into the Winzy! Search box

Wait about 5-10 seconds

Press "Stop"

Just keep doing that until you points get maxed up.

Now let’s start the real fun!

Delete your cookies and go to ANYONES refferal link BUT YOUR OWN like /username

Search for anything and you win automatically spin a wheel or get the slot in just like 2 searches:
Click on Claim Your Prize and it will take you to the sign up page:

Instead of registering again, click on sign in here and login with your username and password:
You just won some points and they will add up to your current total. Just like I won 500 here:

Clear your cookies again:
And make another search:

Guess what? You win again!
Click Claim Your Prize again, it will take you to the register form:

Again click Sign in here and login with your username and password:
Clear your cookies again:

And repeat the above steps yet again…


Win Again!
Claim Your Prize, Log In:

See your Points
Clear the cookies

And here we go again…

I will show you this really works.
Repeat the above steps, and win again:

And Again:
And Again…:

Got the Idea? I stopped at 6571 today.
You can go higher, but be careful not to go too high so they don‟t catch you. You know more
points give you more chances to win.

Invite your friends over, show them your technique because if they win you win, get massive
points and aim for the $1,000 monthly prize.

That seems impossible? Think again!

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