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									Rogue rogue "Journey to the West" and rogue awareness

  Journey to the West rogue awareness
  over the years to taste the "Journey to the West," saying it revealed the Chinese
thought and character of a These elements should be in-depth thinking, exploring the
core ideas of this great work to, especially important to identify with the subject,
including meaning of the guiding principles of Wu and the mentality of consciousness.
I try to write this article more in-depth knowledge of more approach: "Journey to the
West" guiding ideology - is more accurate to say that creative consciousness or mind,
is typical of the sense of rogue. The Monkey King is a classic image - the struggle for
individual freedom, the Wild did not melt away, and not standardized, scientific, no
clear sense of goals led by rogue symbol image.
  dominant here also need to identify what ideas and theme. In my view, "Journey to
the West" theme meaning is: the pursuit of transcendence, freedom, self-esteem can
not be achieved in life Boulevard and the pursuit of the lost of this. Implication of this
theme is the guiding philosophy of performance in the works, but the performance
compared with the dominant ideology is much more on the simple. Dominant
ideology can be said is that the author's view of the world and its manifestations in his
works, including the ideology that contains the subject meaning.
  Biography of Hu's leading ideas and themes of meaning comparison
  natural approach is to first make several classic theme of the dominant ideology and
the meaning of the comparison.
  Opinion by the author, "Dream of Red Mansions" is the dominant ideology of
personal enlightenment liberalism, and its theme is the meaning of life in the chaotic
realm of life strongly pursue that truth can not be achieved and that the pursuit of
tragedy and disillusionment . "Dream of Red Mansions" in the core of this idea to the
Chinese literature on the peak level of thinking and understanding, based on all the
social thinking of writing was a profound summary of the basis of criticism is the
history of Chinese literature has not seen new ideas crystallization. From the book can
be seen in the history of Chinese thought the three most important people Taoism,
Confucianism, Buddhism and the ideas, the author has a deep understanding of the
essence of them pick. As for the ideological and cultural knowledge of other, more
different levels of absorption, indicating the author's deep and extensive cultural
foundation. However, the core itself from the ideological point of view, it's novel but
progress is unprecedented. It is often said that the seeds of capitalism is not only
ideological, but also can be said that human beings since ancient times and only
humans have the freedom to go beyond the pursuit of awareness of outstanding
performance. This is meaningful in today to meet the overall progress of human
thought the mainstream. "Dream of Red Mansions," the dominant ideology can be
called "human science." "Three Kingdoms" the dominant ideology, is the respect and
the Way of Heaven Cao Liu suppression maintenance orthodox Confucian doctrine,
be called "political science." Its meaning and the guiding theme is basically the same:
a mess in a rule in the Way of Heaven and the feudal monarchy to maintain the
orthodox tradition. "Water Margin" The thinking is to educate people to the "destroy
the hearts of thieves" in the feudal ethics can be called "to learn." Meaning its theme
is: educate the people in the Civil Revolt of the conditions have to insist on for good
ideas. And "Journey to the West" guiding ideology seems to be in Taoist free, can be
called "days of school." However, deep in thought but I can not simply identified.
  over a period of time, I believe that "Journey to the West" does not belong to the
dominant ideology of Taoism - the various schools of thought from a comparative
perspective is the root of the Chinese people really thought. Of course, this book does
have great Taoism Taoism factors. First, the Monkey King is the ability to come
Taoism Taoism Taoism. Monkey searching out knowledge, the Quartet study, and
finally get the truth in the Taoist skills. Second, "Journey to the West" there is the
ideological concepts of Taoism, such as human desire, preserving the natural and so
on. The hero did not look like Pig monkey as the opposite sex to be charged to a
Walled wife, or the pursuit of a love. Third, the sense of the Confucian temple in the
feudal order and maintain the kind of publicity that a Buddhist sarcasm and feared,
but his best but can not choose which was reluctantly accepted, however, criticized
the book did not laugh at how Taoist ontology - Despite the hypocrisy, true monster of
the disclosure and struggle. Fourth, the terminology and understanding of Taoism as
the basic structure of the book thinking, full of mathematical concepts of Taoism, such
as the Monkey King has 108,000 hairs, a somersault with cry, Ruyi Jingu Bang with
108,000 jin, etc. . However, the in-depth study can be found in the book on
Confucianism is merely a respect for and borrowing, but also keep a respectful
distance, has dared touch it, like a Buddhist Tathagata towards theocratic rule and the
Jade Emperor's royal rule. While Confucianism and its development of individual
lives have some mercy heart, but yet announced the master of Taoism and the
disciples Monkey King to sever relations, warned that if the apprentice chef's name
will be exposed to devastating, unforgiving punishment. Thus, the Monkey King and
the Dao of absolute decision is obvious. He and Confucianism no contact, let alone
the development of communication. Only learned the art of fur Confucianism, rather
than its profound meaning. Nature of his behavior is not allowed Taoism advocated
doing nothing for the natural behavior. Even the Monkey King's Road, learned
science, nor is the maintenance of order in the traditional sense of the orthodox
Taoism. China's bold aesthetic sense of the true patriarchal original Taoism is a
private, hidden from the Monkey King's master, and as such cultivation Guiguzi
profound knowledge passed along by family. Moreover, they are above reclusive,
majestic relentless, cosmic. Of the Monkey King that is the attitude of a rural students
can explore. Their relationships, such as practical political and foreign relations of the
deal, the official amnesty and Laojun Taoist different. Taoism is not the official
rejection of materialism, including the flesh, lapping bedroom arts. Official Taoism
maintain traditional order to help suppress the revolt of the social forces of chaos, the
coordination of political relations between the ruling class, not like the Monkey King
as the master coach knowingly a disruptive factor in the unrest Havoc in Heaven.
Moreover, the Monkey King changed, but so openly put into the final of the sects of
Buddhism, worship Tang Monk as a teacher, which was farther away from Taoism
  then, can eventually convert to Buddhism from the Monkey King that led to the
book description of Buddhist thought is it? Can not. Buddhist thought and the vast
supernatural powers, is the recognition of the Monkey King by helplessly, but he is - a
reflection of the author as one of China's intellectual ideology - do not subscribe to
Buddhism. The strict hierarchy of Buddhism, is very averse Monkey King. He was
arrogant and biting satire, directed against the highest and the helper Tathagata
Buddha Bodhisattva. Buddhism in making profits, defend the sovereignty of the
hypocritical nature of the book have also been sharp exposed. Although the Tang
Priest and His Students experienced 99 81 learn the difficult way risk management
texts has to be extorted Buddhist disciples, the Buddha was also the highest in the
history of missionary stories to cover up and connive. And from nature, said the
Monkey King are not used to this system of bondage, and never forget the wild
Shanda Wang Flower and Fruit Mountain and farm self-sufficient life (this time no
longer exist against the ideology of kingship). Monkey King and return to the
mountains there are farmers in rural consciousness. This is the home of deep-rooted
Chinese concept is the same strain. He is compelled under strong pressure in all just
convert to Buddhism. The author's ideology is the case. The practice of struggle by
the political failure of desperation turned to the ideology on the deep discontent. A
circle Douzhuan back, thought and life have a negative tendency. Most of the
intellectuals in China can only be the case. ?
  non-Confucianism, the Buddha, not morality, then perhaps the individual who said
the individualism of capitalism Embryo (inhuman wishes of equality) it? Definitely
not. Individualism, is based on people based on physical desire. The Monkey King is
very strange, although it seems well aware of the marble, understanding of others
privacy, but not to men and women love to read. He Tamkang University, never
wanted to pursue the kind of love at all times have the opposite sex. There is a vague
idea that he, as a monkey suit by people who just want to got into a lively place.
Temple, in his view is a good place to play, where as the same as the Flower and Fruit
Mountain King. And the book also produced several literary works such as Ming the
San Yan Feng Meng, compared the image of the Monkey King is not the kind of
emotion, the kind of mundane. Does have a small group that is the traditional Chinese
family clan specific lofty, sheltered under the love, indeed thieves. So what is the
thinking of doing the lead? "Journey to the West" guiding ideology
  "Journey to the West," what exactly an ideology as the lead? The answer: Yes,
attention has not been a presence in China has long been Road article from [the
website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original
author. Schools of thought Confucianism and other rogue concealed sense. This
ideology, consciously or unconsciously reflected in his writing out.
  First of all, the Monkey King's struggle to pursue a traditional life is superb
individuality, freedom, dignity, but was finally suppressed, and distorted life, this is
ancient history of life in most rural ruffian, or a microcosm of Chinese history .
Monkey relying Popi courage parents sit down villages clan status. Then he come to
rely on the Taoist school of some magic, to the highest ruling classes of the drilling
results is only to be fooled fooled, when feeding on the lower deck of Staff, most
horses. Know the truth, he furious, anti under the heaven, they rely on magic, compete
on the looks but not the higher power members of the political negotiations is the
political status, number? Quot; Monkey King. "But the" big San "are also subject to
strict hierarchy and the strength of those in power of discrimination, because the fault
of a small party upset, he was the focus of traditional norms to combat the world as
object, become the world order, common criminals implicated cutting. Finally by the
ruling order of the spirit and cultural maintenance Group - Buddhism move as a
"Security Director" to obtain "struggle over the Buddha," the title. Monkey King is
still not the rule, not only end up on top of, and did not start to pursue a kind of non-
suppress the highest dignity, into a kind of magic spell wearing the same mentality as
the hierarchical order of black hole. After five long years the weight of hopelessness,
changes to living conditions - mainly in and out of reality and ideology alone will not
help of despair, even ignoring the self-esteem to clique are surrendering a Buddhist
master. This is the professional way of Tou Shi, rather than the natural nature of
Toushi also not ideal to pursue Toushi. predicament is down, there is no doctrine to
uphold, not the rogue awareness What is. Chinese thought since the path from the Jin
Dynasty is it not so?! centralized feudal autocracy in China under the rule of a
malignant disorder of a closed endless loop. people would not do on behalf of new
social relations of production bud, looking less than thought and realistic way, had
converted to Buddhism in general infinite. Eastern Han Dynasty, Buddhism was
introduced to China and did not spread. However, the collapse of the Han feudal
unified social unrest in several hundred years after the split, making the Chinese more
accepted Buddhism, the Tang Dynasty almost became the state religion. Monkey King
of Chinese history, but a microcosm of it.
  "Journey to the West" can be a considerable number of the growth of Chinese history,
the history of their battles. They obviously political freedom for its purpose, to leave
the country for its end, not willing yet willing to sink. but in recent centuries, this part
of? quot; political way "barrier is needed for the Christians, also voted to the West, in
the who were sent abroad to lose their life or the Boulevard. Continually subject to
discrimination and deceit, kept suspicion, criticism and ridicule, but outside forces or
knees (just on the country's political opponents did not take soft). The strong outside
of Buddhist and other religious groups in China's attitude is fundamental to "convert"
that wins the heart, just as oppressive as the Monkey King's Five Fingers, the Chinese
government is taking the Gateway pressure to support attitudes. So sincere
intellectuals had convinced the "ignorant masses" Tang Monk, of course, there are
more intellectuals like "Journey to the West" as the authors maintain excellent posture,
doubt, irony, amazed, and absorption are a combination of . The Monkey King is the
art of living only a few refused to be convinced but was lower prestige social services
staff in general. He could not find a better way. This technique has a number of
primary and secondary education, and scouring the countryside of wild boy, career in
life, ultimately did not achieve their objectives vague, does not escape the lack of
proper social life and turn to the Western ideal of thinking led to the fate of religion.
  Second, the Monkey King and the real rogue is the same as unwilling to accept any
constraints. People with a social for him, in small groups, he occupied the throne.
Laws of nature are too difficult to learn. He learned the profound magic, excelled in
the Yan Dian-in, hook to the death of duong tho thin limit. Rebellion against the
hierarchy is mighty proud to own, rather than common ground or the realization of an
ideal society. He Havoc in Heaven, called? Quot; emperor turns to do next to my
home. "He Buddhist Patriarch, cynicism. Arrogantly refuses to accept the political
order, and contempt, do not attempt to replace the path according to this rule. He was
taken to Buddhism from a practical point of view of the use, while doubt and ridicule.
to participate in team simply to learn from their own "reform through labor"
"immortal." estimated that he will not be lost after the Buddha in the temple of the
undisciplined former nature and dissolute style.% D % A again, this rogue is an
objective sense, but in fact comes from the instinct of human nature. Freud believes
that each person has such an instinct, often to vent and to dominate the behavior:
aggressive, expansionist and overweening. always seem human more, try to be brave
street ruffian Pa Monkey Man is the case, there are monkeys gas, monkey, wild great
as well. this instinct in the sense of rogue, a petty narrow, Yinhen short-sighted, but
also established people in the world in pursuit of unlimited freedom of course, has a
psychological basis. of course, dominated the consciousness of this instinct should be
rational in the superego dialectic unity of the leading role in losing the final to be
higher ideal of dominated life goals. It seems as far from the Monkey King? quot;
Buddha "stage.
  final, and the above linked rogue is no clear sense of ultimate purpose, only the
pursuit of the highest dominance - in name only pure nature of the individual to get
ahead of an instinct demands it. Blindly awareness rogue damage is not proven record
of strategic and tactical. Monkey Empty seize supreme power of shouting and
wriggling, but did not follow the hierarchy of feudal orthodox world of rational road
wins and behavior. His own responsibility and not to Road to surgery first, do not
attach importance to re-operation, not to Road on everything. It is such a rogue, and
they? Quot; Road "factors beyond the control of chaos, the world just do nothing, and
learn and in which only the superficial, sit down, like monkey ass for real research,
but without creating No practice. Five hundred years of imprisonment, it was only a
relief map, eager to satisfy vanity.
  can be seen from the above, "Journey to the West" guiding ideology is rogue
consciousness. In other words, the author Wu Cheng-en is not with perhaps their own
sense of rogue recognized for creativity. But to many here say. This rogue sense, in
the author's pen is not purely a derogatory meaning. If further to say, it source of life
instinct; it is a life instinct in the social history of performance and continued
accumulation of a national character and human nature. This is what rogue below the
root of consciousness. the root of consciousness rogue
  "Journey to the West" and rogue profound sense of social causes, has a long deep
foundation of China's feudal agricultural economy, with broad base of social groups
and endless ideological foundation, and truly reflects the mentality of thinking and
life of the state and the life course. from the Monkey King who, reflecting the history
of Chinese society for thousands of years there's a specific part - lumpen proletariat.
In particular, our reference is the political nature of this class in Mao Zedong's "all
social classes Analysis "some of the text. In this paper, especially? quot; displaced
proletariat" and the "lumpen proletariat" (the knowledge is mainly rogue class) were
analyzed. Mao Zedong, in fact, all the founders of the new society are the same, all
use of the revolutionary class, but vigilance and restricting their destructive. Monkey
King is the concentrated expression of consciousness rogue, is the social and
historical symbol of a particular class of class.
  first look at "Journey to the West" and rogue groups based on social consciousness.
  first focus on studying politics and engage in political, non-productive and not
engage in intellectual productivity (the formation of more and more unrest in the
education of Chinese education in the formula). Contending, have traveling, they have
to convince the monarch YOU Shi-centered politicians as the only purpose of life.
Few people to study the essence of Chinese social life fighting for the purpose of
mutation. Mengchang Yang Shi 3000, but the real political struggle seems to play a
certain role. Li Shimin like? Quot; do enough in the examination into the I ", is based
on social stability and the rule of the Tang Wang Chaoyong protection for the present
article from the [Education Resource Network] collection and
sorting, to thank the original author. Of the . a practice of examination, when the earth
there was such an orderly migration Cyril obtain intellectual fame. contender to be
rulers or for this part of the "struggle of strong", vitality and exuberant people. They
or help eunuchs Dukes, or help the warlords, or won from the world into a warlord.
won the highest position of Liu Bang (Management intellectuals) rogue consciousness
is worthy of study but has been neglected representation. Chinese traditional thought
of hegemony and benevolent and combined, are generated from rogue consciousness.
the so-called Confucianism since the Han dynasty figure in the "Scholars" can see the
concentrated reflection: duplicity, his mouth full of virtue and morality, full stomach
Prostitute, acts as inferior yin evil, - - all belong to rogue mentality. the power of
social domination and control of the fight, make Lao Zi and Zhuang Zi issue? quot;
Road to the eternal Tao, "" Goodfellas, "" usurp state power are waiting, "the angry
condemnation and helplessness sigh. In the "Water Margin", by Gao Qiu and Song
Jiang purposes are the same, but the opportunities and capabilities may vary. Li Kui
poor son will soon grow into a fortune will come, With rogue nature in everyday life
that all men live by coercion, to seize power is unscrupulously killing time together,
and finally fight to the "non-productive (Liu Bang language) "The political status.
They are not real farmers? Quot; things Producer "is" not producers, "the relentless
strife between is a" matter producer "of exploitation, torture or mutilation, that is,
those who eat people." Reading rolls books from thousands "of intellectuals, the
highest political end, wander around looking Path. It was also because am too, but
only in artistic creation, success of the culture, reflects and expresses the sense of this
rogue. WuCheng'en Jiu Shi so. should note, unified China Zhezhong social needs of
people, even the human society also need to factor this very Huoyue. Many people
have such a hero homeless origin He Shengcunjingli, Xia Yu has done.?
  second is due not to engage in family planning and continuous cycle to produce the
displaced roving bandits. ancient farmers in the feudal sense of family, a large number
of blind under the control of fertility, the community has no restrictions, often in the
beginning of a dynasty, also strongly encourage childbirth. So, soon the number of
geometric multiply by folds in the emergence of an alarming surplus of idle 人员, far
exceeding the growth in production capacity, resulting in economic difficulties. plus,
political chaos, the land had been mounting ever see fewer restrictions on who can
land Jianbing. More and more unemployed. These people become gangsters
marketplace, or stragglers. Ah Q is so pitiable. So, to form religious groups, such as
gang forces to make a living. Xiaoju end As the mountains, and then encounter
disasters in the lead fire cable, just consigned to the flames. previous peasant uprising,
are due to symptoms of Chinese society have contributed to the vicious. the whole
community was stagnant until the time of war and instability reduced the population,
reducing the stimulation of the original conflict nature, society will in the new dynasty
under the rule of respite, to enter another round of growth - expansion - crisis - the
war - the stability of the cycle. Some scholars have studied, the number reaches a
certain rate, the social unrest would . Three Kingdoms period, 5,000 people claimed
30 million lives that war. and to the feudal rule of the most perfect Qianlong, China's
population reached 400 million at once. social time and any place is like sitting on a
volcano. their awareness and survival awareness of the struggle to reach the limit.
Taiping Heavenly Kingdom will be the largest one end of the feudal society of social
  can say, "Journey to the West" and rogue consciousness is the basis of social groups
of the lumpen proletariat of China since ancient times. This class is extremely great
plasticity, flexibility and creativity, nothing also fearless, which has extremely
destructive and can cause breakdown of social structures. Monkey characteristics of
these people exist.
  Next, we look "Journey to the West" and the Ideological Origin of rogue. The first
level of discourse has been included in this part of the content. In brief, "Journey to
the West" and originated in the rogue's instinctive sense of awareness, followed by
clear origin Taoism in China and 100 theory, however, should have originated from
the practice of civil and history of the Chinese people of all sense of rogue. Monkey
course, the same can be said that the symbol of the life course. Monkey with human
nature. teenager on the purpose of life had lost, purely sensual pleasure and play. the
young life from the perceptual stage of development to the rational stage, but also
from the fresh and ossified. up friends, the Quartet study, to break the dead limit,
dream life, victoria rebel , fails in prison, repent and ask classics, and finally received
from the ideologically? quot; amnesty "the behavior is no longer compelling, thought
and pursuit protect the law from doing the" Security Department chief. " Almost
everyone has to go through this process, from the cherished aspiration of a large and
confused to the last almost lost the final in reality is devoid of rational manner. Life is
pain, the most painful is the ultimate value of life burst of pain! Monkey King
accepted rational Taoism, in its development has been transformed into Mohism and
the martial arts, advocating individual heroism, vertical and horizontal world, for
good, do whatever they like. Are not the Monkey King, "Road see Outlaws" the
Ranger! Everywhere in Chinese society since ancient times this ideology. Survive the
hardships make people so short-sighted and humble. Live, is the largest truth.
  mind is even on this. Only the loss of experienced, confused, uneven and empty
pursuit of course, aware of the ideological essence of Chinese society, to write such a
book to. Reveal the "Journey to the West" and awareness of the reality of this rogue
from [the website of Education] collection and collation, thank the
original author. / Center>

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