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 Japanese study diverse methods

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  is now more and more people to learn Japanese , and some people because of the
necessary daily work, and some people because of future development, there are those
who are eager to learn Japanese because they have heard, of course, some people out
of curiosity, and other reasons. This is mostly self-study, it was also short-term or
temporary guidance classes, because of their work, or our lives and can not have a
system and improve the learning environment. Many people harbor for the multiplier
method, but most is not the duplication of efforts because the methods to reduce
interest, then it will give up. It was also because of busy and stay.
  Well, how can that create their own system and try to improve the learning
environment? What are good ways to improve the self-effect? How can make their
own interest for the Japanese will not be diminished then? How can we still can learn
during the peak of Japanese do?
  below some of my own in the last 7 years of Japanese language learning and use of
feelings and experiences.
  First of all, what is a systematic and complete it in Japanese? As a language, there
will surely be heard in Japanese writing and the understanding (that is, translation) of
the action, of which the first is the "say" and "listening" (where "understanding" is a
natural thing, is not necessary in self- separate the individual), then is the "write." This
is in Li Yang's Crazy English law has emphasized that. Language is shared, learning
English means, if they are good, can be used to study Japanese in the large. And Li
Yang's Crazy learning method has been proved to be effective, then of course the
process of learning Japanese can be used, it should be used.
  I believe that: China's traditional to write and record-based learning, for learning is
far better to use and said Li Yang's mainly "crazy learning" effective. English is the
case, for the Japanese as well.
, however, can not help but dull crazy learning, strong learning needs will have more
fun learning methods? The answer is yes. Such as tongue twisters learning, learning
Comics (newspapers and magazines, etc.), video learning, learning Kara OK (song
learning), thinking, learning, etc., in my personal experience speaking, and the results
are good.
  1. Twisters learning Japanese are Asian languages, and its course of development,
directly or indirectly influenced the Chinese language, the most pronounced feature is
the tone of words and sentences more simple, straight-based, generally only is the
sum of a lift ups and downs; no English NA me down big change. This is similar with
the Chinese. The second is the basic factor is the five Japanese section 10 row 50
pseudonyms, most of which are in Chinese sounds the same or similar.
, therefore, the Chinese tongue twisters to practice for the Japanese pronunciation is
very good practice. Moreover, tongue itself can correct the pronunciation of some
confusion and so on, more and speak more naturally enhance a person training to
speak fluently.
, but we practice tongue twisters, do not over-speed and should focus on clarity, but
also to maintain the volume level of the tongue twister from start to finish as much as
possible not to change, to peace, to direct, be clear, the early practitioners can be slow .
To do so, especially for those who benefit dialect gorgeous, can effectively correct
and prevent the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese dialects style.
  Chinese tongue twisters to practice after a period of time, you can also find some
Japanese tongue twisters to practice, the effect will be better.
  2. Comic Learning (newspapers and magazines)
  general Japanese language teaching appears inevitable with a stronger taste of
written language, is not practical, not easily lead to learners interest, to a certain
extent, limit the application of learners. Thus, self-learners to find their own for their
own educational materials (books).
  generally known Japanese comic great, There are also a large number of Chinese
Translations. If you can find Japanese manga for learning Japanese would be very
  12 year at the University of Japanese author is not very good, did not speak Japanese.
Sophomore summer travel to Beijing in the Haidian district of old books stalls
throughout the city to see two very thick Japanese comic books, was immediately
attracted by its interesting content, and read three or four times after buying, which
many popular, the real Japanese (not our textbook in Japanese) would remember, and
some elements are now memories clear (clear all the material I had learned). And will
have the interest to study Japanese and speak Japanese interest in two comic books
that I read over and over again cover more than six months, Japanese levels have also
seen rapid upgrade.
  cartoon in Japan with the Japanese are using the Japanese, is a real Japanese, is a
living Japanese; and generally very interesting content, including a large number of
characters (usually a note next to pronounce Chinese characters), the level is not too
high As you can guess how people look. Read without learning the hard, but better
than learning. The so-called load study music, so it is.
  corresponding, according to personal preferences, you can also find some Japanese
read newspapers and magazines read, the effect is generally better.
  3. Video learning now there are many domestic Japanese TV drama, usually
Japanese, Chinese subtitles, and many were the fine Japanese film, there is a high
appreciation value. Many people are watching the immersion into the natural, easy to
addiction, there is no sense of learning, able to catch your interest in studying
Japanese, and to achieve the effect of learning Japanese.
, of course, Japan also has a good variety of film and television drama, animation and
non-animation, hard and difficult, you can level and preferences according to their
own free choice.
  look at the Japanese TV drama, one to learn about Japanese culture, and secondly,
the happiness physically and mentally, while learning the Japanese language, why
  In addition, studying Japanese with the teaching and computer use with the VCD
disc, the Japanese are generally entry-knowledge, starting from the pseudonym to
teach more. I offer Japanese language classes at a time when there is also good effect.
But the market mixed disc, choose carefully when to best understand the Japanese
language by the first identification of what re-use. I had to buy a set entitled "The
Japanese Orthodox teaching> Teaching with the VCD, which sounds bad to
female lecturers eyebrows (which is probably a product of the so-called market
economy, right).
  4. Kara OK learning (learning songs)
  generally known that some Japanese songs such as "Northern Spring" and
"Butterfly" and so on, that melody, beautiful lyrics are introduced eager to give people
the desire to sing. And do not ask, you can learn a pseudonym! Information and good
looking, you do not want to try?
  5. Thinking, learning language is the foundation for thinking, is thinking instruments
of expression.
  child of any country in his mother tongue in school when they learn very well, many
people go abroad to learn the appropriate linguistic is also very good, and why?
Because the objective circumstances forced him to use that language to express their
thinking. Over time, he would use such language formed the habit of thinking, to
learn the application into effect.
  people without such conditions, I did not. But we can force themselves to Japanese
thinking, over time the formation of Japanese forced their thinking habits.
  I personally think this is the peak of language learning, because this mode of
thinking used to develop, the Japanese language and their mother tongue can be
compared to the United States, there is no reason you learn bad.
  Japanese language learning experience to learn Japanese, for the Chinese, in fact,
have an advantage, not to mention that there are many Chinese characters, said it
sounds, many are related to Chinese language is very similar. This is the second time I
chose it for an important reason for it outside. School year is now down from a
layman, to the current rookie class, it should be said that this is a bit of them feel it.
  I. Comparison of Japanese and Chinese speaking from linguistics, Japanese and
Chinese, should belong to Sino-Tibetan languages, and many Japanese words that
come from the Chinese word was linguist called sino-Japanese. 2 who should have
great similarities. Japanese Hiragana and Katakana character even is to create a
phonetic basis. Such as "defend" from the Chinese character of "security" in cursive.
  I think, in fact, to learn the Japanese language is not an easy task, because in the
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