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					Issue of Hotel Design Hotel Design Analysis and Countermeasures of

 hotel design analysis

 reform and opening up 30 years ago, the development of tourist hotels in China has
made great achievements. In 1978, there are only 137 tourist hotels with 15,539
rooms; to the end of 2006, there were 12,751 star-rated hotels, with rooms 1,459,800,
operating income amounted to 148.286 billion yuan; the end of 2007, the country star
hotels has more than 14,000, the total number of 1978 National Hotel, 100 times.
However, due to the hotel industry started relatively late, compared with the
developed countries of Hotel Design is still in its infancy, there is time for the
domestic hotel designer fashion, a lack of awareness of innovation, imitation of others
and so on. Therefore, the development of Hotel Design theory, and train outstanding
hotel design talent, has become an important issue.
 [Abstract] This paper analyzes the present situation and the hotel design problems,
with emphasis from the human design, choice of the best groups in the design, hotel
design green hotel design aspects of the proposed countermeasures and suggestions .

 [Key words] Hotel Design and Analysis of Strategies

  1, the problems of Hotel Design
  1. Design blindly seek large, luxurious luxury
  in Hotel design is often the hotel level, grade and size of the same hotel, blindly
rising demand large, between the moment the tendency to build big hotels. Some
hotels to emphasize, and the pursuit of luxury and imported decoration materials piled
up at the expense of customer real psychological and physiological needs. Present
some of the architectural design of the hotel building itself is only concerned about
how the beautiful, stylish, functional interior layout of the hotel is considered small.
  2. The lack of features and style of the hotel design
  style of our hotel building designed by the influence of Western architecture,
extensive use of steel, concrete and other materials, imitate foreign models of existing
restaurants. While ignoring the fine traditional culture of this nation, the lack of their
proper geographical, ethnic and historical characteristics, losing their unique cultural
  3. Overall design of the unreasonable
  There are three aspects of this unreasonable: First, designers and hotel managers did
not communicate effectively, makes the design of the hotel does not match the needs
of management. Second, the style of the hotel building is inconsistent with the
surrounding natural environment. Third, interior design out of line, such as furniture,
decoration, lighting design inconsistencies.
  2, Countermeasures
  1. Adhere to the "people-oriented" hotel design concept
  National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei pointed out: "people-oriented, to
improve humanity, fine level of services to meet consumer individual needs of those
who would pose a challenge to every restaurant. " In the hotel into the design of the
"people-oriented" design concept to maximize customer satisfaction. Business Hotel
Dongguan Portman as the design is a good example, as close to opening time,
"Valentine", designers bold imagination, to "love" theme, with many roses to express
a "Valentine" is the theme of to go about wandering around a kind of spiritual comfort,
embodied in a human care. Main colors used in the indoor black, white, gray (silver)
These solemn and elegant colors, using them altogether neatly. Use simple room
furnishings, warm colors, in pursuit of a caring human complex, achieved great
. Hotel design to integrate with local culture, and more reflect the regional
 famous designer IM Pei said, in the United States do the design, we must consider
the American way of life, environment, history and so on, in France so. Fragrant Hill
Hotel is the IM Pei designed traditional and modern combination of typical cases, he
boldly applied to the architectural style of Suzhou, Beijing northern Zhe Ge Cheng
Shi, ingenious's do the modern with the traditional element of the combination of
Minzu. Hotel building is both modern style and a distinct national character.
Shandong Serene Jianguo Hotel, to seasons on the sea as the design theme, all-round
performance in Weihai Te and some sea view, folk, swans and other cultural content,
the design features in cultural elements into the sea, created the first domestic success
distinctive "sea culture" theme restaurant.
 3. To select the best team in the design
 good one to design the hotel, at least a dozen categories related to the engineers, so
choose the best team in the design. This team includes three aspects: the owners,
design team (by the architect, designers and engineers in several areas such as the
composition), the hotel's professional management team. Only these three aspects of
good communication between staff, to design a good restaurant. Staffing in the group,
you can take foreign cooperation. This not only absorb the international advanced
concepts, but also fully embodies the characteristics of China.

 4. Promote green hotel design
 "green hotel design" is a new idea, when asked for compliance in the design of
human security, health requirements of the product, such as the Green Room Design:
Rooms generally make use of green decorative material; room display useful plants of
human health; to provide an appropriate proportion of non-smoking room or
non-smoking floors and so on. To strive for green hotels, Sofitel Hotel, please supply
the manufacturers of the hotel frequency were made, making the hotel based on the
original power consumption reduced by 30%; room smoke-free floors from the
previous four to seven floors floors ; restaurant offers catering services to the green,
green, more than 30 dishes. It is learned that after a green hotel, the hotel save 800
thousand yuan per month.
 with the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, responsible for the Olympic Games
Accommodation during the work of the overall quality of the hotel industry will be
greatly enhanced China's hotels will be designed to usher in a new spring. This paper
analyzes the problems of Hotel Design, and finally put forward a solution.
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