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 backpack space continental travel
 [Abstract] In this paper, Xian and Guilin, for example, through questionnaires,
analyze and summarize an intercontinental backpack China space mobility patterns of
visitors. Findings from an international perspective tourists choose a destination
country for three kinds of situations. From international and domestic perspective
study found that the law intercontinental routes backpacker travel China. Conclusion
of the tourism product development and marketing of a guide to highlight the tourism
product development and marketing of international cooperation, national
co-operation. World Heritage-class tourism products on the continental backpacker's
strong attraction can not be ignored.
 [Key words] intercontinental backpacker; entry of flow before and after the tour;
domestic tourism space flow; bundled States
 1 Introduction

 tour of international attention on the backpack about 40 years history. In its
definition, the Pierce (Pearee) and Murphy (Murphy) according to their definition of
their travel behavior characteristics. Wuli Lei (Uriely) that tourism is a travel
backpack form (form). Cohen (cohen) that the 20th century to escape the 60's
backpacker main tourist area, the pursuit of integration into the host country culture.
Backpack tourism in the economic sense Faires and Horn (Firth & Hing) of
the backpacker's behavior on the sustainable development of tourism. Turner and Ai
Shi (Turner & Ash) discussed the backpack tourism infrastructure, tourism
destination development impetus. Moscow Evans (scheyvens) of the Backpacker
Tourism and less developed countries, economic and environmental development of
the association. Hampton (Hampton) analysis of backpackers on the significance of
the development of the destination economy. In travel behavior research, Pierce and
Song (Pearce & Son) compared with the international students in Australia
backpacker travel behavior, Kane and Kim (Kain & King) of the Australian
backpacker on the choice of tourism products. In the tourist route, the Riley (Riley)
discussed the development of backpacker tourism on tourist routes impetus.
Weisiboen (Washburn) of the backpacker's linear search problem on the line (BLSP),
and to propose a dynamic program to solve the problem. In addition, the scholars of
the backpacker population characteristics, image, travel motivation and social
interaction for a multi-dimensional study. International tourists on the route choice of
backpack has not yet seen.
 domestic concern of late backpack tourism in recent years, the literature began to
appear. Sheng Lei introduced backpack travel content, type and characteristics. LI
Chun-ying, Huang Yuan-water bag to foreign tourism from the View into three broad
categories, namely, tourism and Backpackers and features backpack, backpack
influence of tourism on tourist reception, the tourist state of the backpack tourist
attitude. Xia Su, Tourists analysis of travel choices China backpacker border crossings,
proposed a different travel preferences of backpackers on the appropriate type of
tourist attraction there is the tendency of a preview. Bai Kai, Tourists study of
environmental perception on the Inbound Backpackers decision-making impact of the
proposed tourist destination decision-making behavior of perception on the impact
factor higher than the source country's environmental awareness. Yang U.S., Zhu
Jiaxuan reiterated backpack tourism's economic contribution to the poverty-stricken
areas. Zhu Xuan through review and discuss the concept of Backpackers, dynamic
mechanisms and behavioral characteristics, traces the evolution of the trajectory
Backpacker Tourism; that the actual situation in China under the backpacker has a
leading role in the tourists, advocates giving priority to development of backpack
tourism market.
  is not yet out, see China for intercontinental travel backpack tourists Path Rule.
Travel the paths of travel from a geographical point of view of current space law.
China Intercontinental backpacker this project before, during and after the room to
move Law of the space extended to his country, demonstrates the development of
neighboring countries in the tourist routes significance can not be ignored; continental
backpacker flow law in China has emphasized the Backpack tourism cities in China,
but also become such a destination city classification.

 2 methods

  paper from the consumer behavior, behavioral geography and marketing point of
view of Chinese intercontinental travel backpacker. First-hand information gathered
through the questionnaire, and then combined with the theory, data, survey results on
the quantitative and qualitative analysis. Survey and spatial mobility patterns of
tourist related information, including demographic characteristics of backpackers,
before the backpack tourist areas, tourism in this country before the entry of China,
travel China and afterward, in China, tours, tour, etc..
  survey after another in July 2006 to March 2007 for completion. Survey site
selection in Xi'an and Yangshuo. Xi'an is China's most fascinating historical and
cultural cities, is an outstanding representative of cultural tourism resources. Guilin to
Yangshuo known as "backpacker's paradise", is the most concentrated intercontinental
backpack tourists place is an outstanding representative of natural tourism resources.
Survey site selection in Xian and Guilin, a number of International Youth Hostel
(International Youth Hostel). There is a questionnaire to confirm identity of tourists
travel backpack.

 3 Results and Analysis of flow travel

 300 questionnaires, 262 valid questionnaires. The survey of backpackers from 22
countries, of which 134 male, female 128. The average age of 28 years. Select out
with friends and 31%, 30% partner, family 20%, and the remaining 19%. Backpackers
surveyed 223 people from Europe, 23 from the Americas, 16 from Australia (Table 1).
The vast majority (94%) visitors from Europe and America, the road is more distant
than in Australia, making these tours visitors can reflect a more typical large-scale
spatial flow characteristics of international tourism. British tourists on the cultural
heritage has always been interested in a larger class of travel products, in the
interview that the number of British backpacker travel in China was reflected.

 262 名 continental backpacker in 130 before the Tour of China (later) also visit
other countries (Figure 1), which, entering China before (after) the largest national
tour called the first 5 Thailand (46), Vietnam (42), Mongolia (38), Russia (32),
Australia (29 people). Other countries that also visit more Laos, New Zealand, India,
Cambodia, Japan, Nepal. Intercontinental travel backpack customers than any other
country before China Mongolia and Russia, who traveled up the country after China
to Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and other 9 countries. In addition to these countries,
Australia and New Zealand, the other is China's neighbors. Australia and New
Zealand in Australia, and China across the water, belong to the Asia-Pacific region, is
the air line from the nearest continental country of China. These countries have in
common is adjacent to or near China, China. This results in line with the principle of
maximum efficiency. Maximum benefit principle is the basis of small scale tourism
research proposed is equally applicable to large-scale intercontinental travel. China's
neighboring countries, only South Korean visitors to China can not become a tourist
destination more choices.

  tourist destination will be divided into two categories, namely "bundle class
(inclusive destinations)" and "exclusion category (exclusive destinations)". Binding
class that backpack tourists traveled to China is likely to be selected while traveling
the country, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia fall in this category.
Bundled group of countries which can be subdivided into two types, a selection of
Chinese tourists earlier, 'select other countries in the post; other tourists choose other
countries first, and choose China in the post. First select a country known as the "first
and foremost tied destination (primary inclusive destinations)", will then select the
associated countries known as the "subsidiary bundle destination (attached inclusive
destinations)". Whether primary or subsidiary bundle tied up in these countries
eventually become a common tourist tourist destination choice (comnion destinations).
A tourist destination is relatively large travel bag features, so the international lines to
develop tourism in the bag even more prominent position.
  backpacker in the survey, the 132 locks in China as the only tourist destination.
China's vast territory, large differences in climate, types of unique geological features,
many ethnic, cultural, colorful, long history, whether human or natural tourism
resources are abundant, in China, the tourism resources, the tourists will be too busy .
Either two weeks or four weeks time, can be scheduled to be full to the brim.
Especially the backpacker-oriented interaction with the locals, like to explore new
areas, travel time longer and not feel bored. Figure 2 shows the country of destination
choice for tourists Intercontinental exists three kinds of situations. A selection of
China only, B is the choice of China and other countries Friendly reminder: This
article from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the
original author. Home with a tourist destination, C is selected countries outside of
 3.2 in the Chinese city of mobile
 survey of the inter-continental travel paths backpack tourists in China, part of the
survey results shown in Figure 3. Visits from a speaking tour, backpacker on Beijing,
Xi'an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Pingyao, Guilin and other cities of the visit
rate was higher from 244 times to 53 months (Figure 3). To Xi'an and Guilin, the
intercontinental backpackers in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other Chinese
cities, a port visit to the highest rate of visits was significantly lower in Guangzhou.
Visit more cities are Chengdu, Pingyao, Datong, Kunming, Lhasa, Luoyang.

  from backpackers in the urban migration trend, respectively, in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guilin, Hong Kong, Xi'an and observe the five cities backpackers in these cities and
other urban migration times. As the center of Beijing, Jingxi flow (102), Beijing
crowd (75), Beijing-Shanghai flow (45 times) and Beijing advection (35 times) more;
to Xi'an as the center, Xijing flow (102), West advection (65), West Shanghai flow (65
times), the West into a stream (61) the most prominent; to Shanghai as the center
frequency of high flows have Huxi flow (65 times), Shanghai and Beijing flow (45
times) Shanghai and Guangxi flow (45 times), followed by Shanghai and Hangzhou
also, between Jiangsu and Shanghai, and Shanghai, Hong; the center of Guilin, mobile
high frequency circuit is Gui Hu (45), cinnamon (42), Guangxi, (40 times) and Gui
Gui Kun Woo; to Hong Kong as the center frequency of more mobile lines in Hong
Gui (32), Hong Guang (23 times), Shanghai and Hong Hong in Beijing.
  to Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong as the base (which, in Beijing,
Shanghai and Hong Kong was a port, Xi'an and Guilin area is selected cases) were
observed in these five cities as the center (starting point ), the flow characteristics of
intercontinental backpackers, found that the flow can be summarized in four urban
classes (Table 2): First Port City; second radiation kind of city; Third, unique city that
has a high level of tourist attractions the city; 4 is a transit city.

 continental backpacker in all major cities and ports are more mobile between,
indicating the important role of large port cities. First of all, they are the starting point
for visitors to enter China and go through channels; Second, these cities also are
well-known international tourist city, rich in tourism products, mature, has great
appeal. Major port cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong) are more
independent, less dependent on the surrounding area, often driving around tourism.
 radiation kind of city that small city between central cities (such as harmony,
Pingyao), and the cities surrounding the larger cities rich in tourism resources (such as
Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Luoyang). Common ground between Beijing and Xi'an,
Pingyao, a high level of cultural tourism products, a famous World Heritage ancient
city of Pingyao, a World Heritage famous Yungang Grottoes. Chengdu, Luoyang,
Suzhou, Hangzhou is another type of radiation class tourism. The city is located in the
central tourist city (Xian, Shanghai) around, the train journey of not more than half a
day, even as short as 12 hours. In addition to proximity to other, these cities also have
their own outstanding tourism products, such as Suzhou Garden, West Lake in
Hangzhou, Luoyang, Longmen Grottoes, near Chengdu, Emei Mountain, Giant Panda
Protection Center are all world-class heritage attraction. Radiation kind of city more
dependent on urban centers, especially for international travel.
 in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong as the center of the city, the corresponding
Xi'an, Kunming, Guilin, and distance to urban cities in geographically distant areas
are not within the scope of radiation, does not belong to port cities. But showed high
interaction, these cities in this tourist city classified as class features, because these
cities have the top, truly a tourist product, top-class tourism products to visitors and
the attraction goes beyond time and space, limited funds as candidate destinations.
 top-class tourism product has the characteristics of the independence of strong
tourist city, deeply favored continental backpacker.
 continental backpacker more choices and features classes of radiation class cities
have one thing in common, that is a world-class heritage tourism product. The
difference is dependent on radiation type of destination cities, while the characteristic
class destination exist independently, not dependent on urban centers in the case of
tourism products, with its prominent port city following direct as the preferred
destination for after the backpacker.

  lack of high-level Humanities or Guangzhou, the natural landscape. Questionnaire
survey on the backpack tourists, Guangzhou, the main function is to transfer stations.
Backpackers generally seek low consumption, would rather spend more time and
energy to reach the (left) in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, can save a lot of transit fees.
  backpack tourists from origin country first or tied up the country (usually neighbors)
from the tourist-rich port city into China, and then may choose to radiation type
destinations, including the port cities and port cities around the tourist areas and
centers Cheng Shi Gao way through or near the level of tourist areas, after they have
access to abundant resources and tourism to attract a top level of the Tese Lei Wu
urban tourism, characteristics of the city's tourist attractions range Keneng Dute to
Zhoubian high-level tourist area of radiation, the last backpacker exit port city once
again chosen to return to source country or to other countries to continue travel. This
is a continental backpacker tourism in China, the general rule.

 4 Conclusion

 study found that international perspective, a destination exist three kinds of situation,
that chose China as the only destination, select the country for tourism purposes in
other countries, Select China and other countries with a common tourist destination.
This conclusion on the tourism development and marketing of guiding significance.
When visitors choose to China, to further understand their needs, in order to provide
better products and services. When tourists do not choose to China, Yao expand its
promotion, enhance understanding, reduce communication barriers, Mubiao yes
tourists choose China's early Jinren range, and selected for its tourist destinations;
bundled style choices to the case of China, Shi China to become and remain the
primary binding Type the destination country, tourists stay in China to gain more time
to provide a better travel experience, and win more repeat business, word of mouth
and so win the better. No matter in what situation, China's tourism industry must work
hard, focused, step by step overcome the challenges.
 national and international perspective study found that continental backpacker travel
China tours the law is binding from the source country or the country starting to
tourism-rich port city as a starting point, a high-level tourist attractions where the
main purpose of the city , the center of the city surrounding the selected
characteristics of the city could become the second one tourist destination. Between
cities with high-level tourist attraction of small cities may be backpack tourist
destination. Tourism port city rich enough not to become a hot tourist city backpack,
but can act as a transit point. Conclusion on tourism development and marketing
guide is to identify development goals to go step by step, first the development and
marketing of an object into the flow of tourists spatial range (travel radiating), the
further development goals is to increase the radiation in the region of destination
attractive, encourages tourists choose destinations in China bundle type, binding the
region of mutual benefit and achieve win-win situation and sustainable development.
 Perspective of two shows in China's tourism product development and marketing of
international cooperation, domestic cooperation and urgency can not be avoided.
World Heritage Intercontinental Backpackers tend to choose the characteristics of
class tourism product should not be ignored Friendly reminder: This article from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original
author. / Center>

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