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Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet


Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet

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									Giro Ionos Road Bike Helmet

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                                           Ionos features In-mold construction with a sleek, four-piece
                                           shell. In-mold construction fuses the helmet's outer shell with
                                           the impact-absorbing EPS liner. The two materials are fused
                                           together, and one is reinforced by the other. This exoskeleton'
                                           allows Ionos to be lighter, more durable and more ventilated
                                           than traditional road helmets.The Ionos is the most
                                           technologically advanced road cycling helmet Giro has ever
                                           created. The Ionos is built around a proprietary in-mold
                                           composite sub-frame (ICS) that provides the strength to
                                           support 21 of the largest vents ever carved into a bike helmet.
                                           These massive vents, coupled with an intricate network of
                                           internal channels, creates a cooling system dubbed Wind
                                           Tunnel ventilation, making Ionos the coolest, best-ventilated
                                           helmet on the market. The helmet is perfect for keeping
Grand Tour champions like Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador cool on the hottest days and over
the most tortuous Alpine climbs.
Ionos Technologies
The Ionos helmet employs some of the most advanced
technologies that Giro has ever used in a bike helmet.
The Ionos' in-mold construction, for example, fuses          The helmet's Wind Tunnel ventilation thrusts
the helmet's outer shell with the impact-absorbing EPS cool, fresh air over and around the rider's head.
liner. Not only does this reinforce both layers, but the
"exoskeleton" also allows Giro to engineer helmets that are lighter, more durable, and better
ventilated. This culminates in the helmet's proprietary Wind Tunnel ventilation system, which
combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the
rider's head while forcing heat and stale air out. By definition, a channel is a route through which
anything passes or progresses. In the case of Giro helmets, the internal channels are carefully crafted
and are one of the keys to a well-ventilated helmet. This significant increase in air channeling makes a
difference that riders will feel immediately.

The secret behind the vent technology is the in-mold composite subframe, which lets Giro offer huge
vents without compromising protection. The Ionos features a visible weave of carbon reinforcement
that runs through the helmet's liner and around the vents. By using these advanced materials, the sub-
frame can be tuned to provide incredible structural support, impact dispersion, and resistance to

Padding and Fit
The Ionos offers X-Static helmet padding, which is entwined with an environmentally friendly silver-
coated fabric called Silver Fiber. Found exclusively in Ionos helmets, the fabric provides anti-
microbial and thermodynamic benefits, so in addition to keeping you cooler in the summer and
warmer in the winter, your helmet will stay fresh all year round. Finally, the Ionos helmet is
engineered using Super Fit technology, making it so comfortable that it virtually disappears when you
put it on. The proprietary three-size Super Fit system is based on "human scale factors" data and
nearly 20 years of crafting helmets for the best riders in the world. The result is a helmet that fits 98
percent of the world's population, yet looks and feels like it was made just for you.

About Giro
Giro, based in Scotts Valley, California, is a worldwide leader in the design, development, and
marketing of premium, high-performance protective gear and accessories for action sports and active
lifestyles. Giro is an innovative, consumer-focused brand, with a mission to create products on the
leading edge of inspired design to help you to look good and feel your best.

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