Importance of the importance of the innovative ability of the importance and necessity

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					Importance of the importance of the innovative ability of the importance and necessity

 Creative Ability importance

  (a) requirements of quality education, the development of modern society needs
  development of contemporary society, a higher quality of talent requirements, future
needs of innovative quality talent, and innovative personnel training is the core of
Creative Thinking. Innovative ability to follow the quality of the education needs to
adapt to the needs of the times. "Curriculum Standards" clear: to cultivate their
creativity and practical ability, geography teaching students through the creative spirit
and innovation. In geography teaching in creative education, aimed at students of all
kinds of thinking skills, apply the knowledge and practical ability and innovative
spirit. This is the era of the requests of our education, social construction of reality
needs, but also the quality of individual self-development and future of Jing Zheng
necessary prerequisite. Therefore, to explore in the classroom teaching and
development of innovative education, will be more and more attention and practice
educators. As a geography teacher training should be fully aware of the importance of
innovation has to shoulder in the geography classroom teaching talent and creative
spirit and innovative historical mission.
  (b) the traditional concepts of education and culture is not conducive to creativity
and development of
  traditional teaching to impart knowledge-based, long-term knowledge is often down
just know these, I do not know what it is exactly that with a simple imitation to solve
the problem, the lack of bold imagination and flexible use, dare to explore the
creativity, innovation has become an obstacle to development, innovation and the
ultimate goal of education is to train and develop bold and innovative, dare to explore
the capabilities. Therefore, teachers must have a sense of innovation, changing
concepts of education and imparting knowledge to change the center of teaching
thinking to students of innovation and ability to target a bold break from teaching to
establish the principles of creative teaching, students take the initiative to create a
conducive knowledge of the learning environment and fully tap their potential for
innovation, design of teaching the best way to fully play the main role of the students,
for students to independently explore, in studying the masters.
  (c) geography in innovation culture has unique advantages
  geography is the study of the geographical environment and human activities and the
relationship between science and geography. Integrated with regional and two
significant features. Regional geography, practice, times Strong, determined to solve
real social environment and economic development play an important role. Students
live in natural social and living environment, with a high perceived value, through
observation and investigation activities to students powers of observation. Broad
geographic objects, geographic elements of complex and difficult to perceive of, the
availability of maps, video, and multimedia to perception, using imagination to
understand and describe the geographic access to the development and change process.
Geography of knowledge related to the diversity, complexity, comprehensive, more
aroused students question, explore, imagine and create desire. Geography is also the
text is reasonable and related to natural sciences and humanities and social aspects of
knowledge, we must understand the basic science disciplines contains the spirit and
humanistic ideas to systematic, comprehensive in-depth views and methods to
understand and deal with problems. Geography is not only to clarify the contents of
the "what" "what" is another of the "why" and "how the formation of" a high value of
thinking, the thinking ability of the students can not be ignored. Geography can be
seen in training students ability to innovate highly functional, as a "birth mother of
inspiration" for innovative thinking, particularly important in the teaching of
geography. Teachers must be thinking of a concrete analysis of the value of materials,
such as analysis, synthesis, judging, reasoning value. Therefore, in order to achieve
geographical Foster Students innovation 能力 eye, must be used to thoroughly
theory with practice 原 则 a correct understanding in geography nature,
characteristics, starting from the teaching practice, the academic ability and thinking
ability combine, can be targeted, highly effective. [Thanks for reading this article, this
article from [worry document] collection and sorting, to thank the
original author] / center>

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