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									Niche Blogging For Free Traffic &
Exposure On The Web
What You Will Learn
 How You Can Boast The Targeted Traffic To Your
  Existing Websites For Free
 How You Can Kick Start Your Online Earnings Without
  Spending A Penny
 Increase Your Affiliate Commissions
 Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings
 My 100% White Hat Step By Step System To Creating
  Niche Blog Networks
 The Essential Pieces Of Software You Need To Rocket
  Up To The First Page Of The Search Engines
 The Secret Black Hat Technique I Use To Tap Into
  Free Traffic Within Minutes
 Plus Much More
 What is a BLOG?

  A Blog is an online journal.

  It enables anyone to have an online
  presence as no code is needed and is
  almost as simple as sending email
  and can be done 100% free.
What is Niche Blogging
 Niche Blogging is when you blog on a
  certain niche topic and become an
  authority in that niche by giving free

  This gives you free exposure in a
  niche market and gets you free web
  traffic from a variety of sources
Why Niche Blogging
 Drive free traffic to your website

 Make money from affiliate programs

 Increase your Adsense income

 Become seen as an authority and respected
 person in that market

 Start earning money without spending
My Experience With Niche Blogging
 Around 12 months ago I first started niche
  blogging after struggling to make money online
 I had an ebook in a small niche market but
  couldn’t get traffic to the site
 With 2 weeks I had made $1018.15
 Within a couple of months I had days over
 To date my best day has been $1262.85
How Did I Have Success
Niche Blogging?

I Tested Different Ideas Before
  Developing A Proven, Simple
       System For Success
My Niche Blogging System Will
Enable You To…
 Drive free targeted traffic to your existing

 Promote your existing products for free

 Promote products as an affiliate for free

 Make money from Google Adsense
My Niche Blogging System
Step 1 - Research & Market
Step 1 – Research & Market

 Do you have an existing info product?
 Do you have an existing review or
  content website in a niche market?
 Do you have any hobbies or interests
  you want to blog about?
Step 1 – Research & Market
 If you don’t have an existing product
 or website then you need to go to

 Look in the marketplace for ideas on
 what to create a blog network on.
 You’re looking for existing niche
 products that prove profitable
Step 1 – Research & Market
 You need to select a market that has a
 strong niche product as this shows that if
 you send traffic to the site it will make you

 You need to get around 3 to 5 ideas to
 start with

Step 1 – Research & Market
 Now you have a few ideas you need
 to analyze the niche markets.

 Go to and
 download their free keyword research
Step 1 – Research & Market
 You need to be finding keyphrases of two
 or more words that have over 1000

 Each phrase needs to have it’s own blog

Step 2 – Creating Your Blogs
Step 2 – Creating Your Blogs

 To create your blogs you can use a
 variety of services or software.

 The most common two are Blogger
 and Wordpress and both these work
Step 2 – Creating Your Blogs
 Benefits of Blogger     Benefits Of Wordpress
 MSN & Yahoo rank        More control over
  these blogs higher       your blogs as you
 Blogger is free to       host them
  use                     Google indexes these
 Everything is hosted     blogs faster
  for you                 Can be modified
 Simple to use and        easier to look more
  templates are            unique
Step 2 – Creating Your Blogs
 Creating a blog using Blogger is a simple
 step by step process

 Have no more than 5 blogs on one Blogger

Step 3 – Fine Tuning Your Blogs
Step 3 – Fine Tuning Your Blogs
 We need to set your blogs up so they are
 optimized for the search engines

 Most bloggers don’t do this which will give
 you an advantage in the getting higher
 rankings in the search engines

 The tuning of your blogs is the same as on
 page SEO on a website

Step 4 – Adding Quality Content
To Your Blogs
Step 4 – Adding Quality Content To
Your Blogs
 There are 4 types of content you can
  easily use on your blogs

    Private Label Rights Articles
    Free Articles From Article
    Public Domain Content
    Write it yourself
Step 4 – Adding Quality Content To
Your Blogs
  You need to make sure the content is
  relevant and interesting

  This will keep readers coming back to
  your blog

  When posting articles to your blogs make
  sure you link to your other blogs
Step 4 – Adding Quality Content to
Your Blogs
  After ever single post to your blog you
  need to ping your blog.

  Pinging tells the search engines to that
  you have added content and they need to
  send their spiders to index your new

Step 5 – Interlinking Your Blogs
Linking Your Blogs
Step 6 – Monetizing Your Blogs
Step 6 – Monetizing Your Blogs
 Now you have your blogs set up to
 get traffic you need to introduce ways
 to make money from this traffic

 The easiest way to make money from
 your blogs is by promoting an affiliate
 product and by placing Adsense on
 your blogs.
Step 6 – Monetizing Your Blogs
 As you’ve identified a profitable
 product in Clickbank you are best to
 promote this in your most dominate

 This is right at the top of the blog
 under the description using a banner
Step 6 – Monetizing Your Blogs
 The other way to earn money from your
 blogs is by placing Google Adsense or
 similar text ads on your blog.

 The best place for Adsense is down the side
 of your blog under your profile and under
 the banner.

 This means you need to use a skyscraper
 ad and a 468 banner for the top
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 The main aim of promoting your blog
 is to achieve a first page ranking in
 the search engines for the keyphrase
 your blog targets

 This provides free targeted traffic that
 will be interested in the ads on your
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 To get high search engine rankings you
 need to have lots of quality incoming
 links to your blogs.

 This together with tuning your blog is all
 it takes to get good rankings
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 There are many ways to get links but I use the

   Submitting Articles To Article Directories
   Exchanging Links At LinkMetro
   Linking From Your Other Blogs
   Submitting Press Releases
   Including Links In My Signature On Niche
   Submitting Your URL & RSS Feeds To
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 WARNING – The Biggest Mistake Most People
 Make When Getting Backlinks

 There Backlinks don’t contain anchor text but
 just the URL

  RIGHT = Your Keyphrase
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs

 Here’s the anchor text code you need to use

             <a href=”Blog URL”

 This means that the search engines will know
 what you blog is about and rank you
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 Common Question – What’s the
 number one way to get backlinks

 Answer – Submitting Articles

 This can be done manually or semi
 automatic using software like Article
Step 7 – Promoting Your Blogs
 The Main Benefit Of Using Article Assistance

 SAVE TIME – Once set up takes around 30
 minutes to submit to over 160 article
 directories while manually you would only
 get to submit to around 8 in 30 minutes

 How would you like this software for
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 1

  First interlink the blogs in the network like
  in the diagram

  Submit your blogs to the MSN search

  Request 5 relevant link exchanges using
  the free link metro service for your main
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 2

  Write and submit one article using Article

  Request 5 relevant link exchanges using link
  metro for another blog

  Post to a couple of your blogs and ping them
  using Pingoat
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 3

  Use Blog Announcer Pro to submit your main
  blog to around 100 blog directories

  Find 2/3 forums in your niche. Join and make
  relevant posts remembering to place your links
  in your forum signature
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 4

  Write and submit an article using Article

  Request 5 more link exchanges for another

  Post to the remaining blogs and ping them
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 5

  Submit your sub blogs to a few of the
  directories in Blog Announcer Pro

  Request 5 link exchanges for another
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 6

  Request 5 link exchanges for the remaining
  sub blog

  Write and submit an article, changing the
  link every 20 directories to rotate all the
  sub blogs

  Make a couple more posts on the niche
7 Day Blog Promotion Blueprint
 Day 7

  Post and ping to all blogs

  Request 5 more link exchanges for the
  main blog

  Write and submit a quick press release
  using PRwebs free service for your main
Step 8 – Creating More Blog
Step 8 – Creating More Blog
  Now you have one blog network there are
  three directions you can go:

  1) Find a totally different niche market and
  apply the same step by step system.

  e.g. If your network is about cat health then
  you may go after golf lessons or playing guitar
Step 8 – Creating More Blog
2) Find a very similar niche market and
   use your existing blogging network for
   traffic and links.

  e.g. if your existing blogs are on Puppy
  Training you could target Dog Training,
  Dog Grooming, Dog Health or even
  individual dog breed niches like pit bull
  or golden retriever
Step 8 – Creating More Blog
3) Expanding the small blog network
  into a mass network.

  Instead of having 4 to 10 blogs in
  small network you would have more
  like 50 to 100 blogs in a MASS
Increasing Your Income &
Success From Blogging
Mass Blogging Networks

  WARNING – Black Hat Technique
Mass Blogging Networks
 So what is Mass Blogging

 When I mention the name most people
 think it is to do with creating thousands of
 generic blogs


 Like some of the Blog Generator software
 does on fully automatic mode.
Mass Blogging Networks
 When in fact mass blogging has nothing to
 do with creating “junk” blogs at all.

 All the blogs are keyword targeted and
 have relevant content on them.

 Mass Blogging is when you go deep into a
 niche market and aim to drive targeted
 traffic from any keyphrases relevant to the
 product you are going to be promoting.
Mass Blogging Networks
 When thinking about Mass Blogging two
 comparisons come to mind.

 1) When advertising through Google
 Adwords you would have more than a
 couple of keywords in your campaigns.

 You’re more likely to have hundreds if not
 thousands even though some keyphrases
 may only bring you a few visitors per week.
Mass Blogging Networks
 2) Think back a year or two to the days of Traffic
 Equalizer and Directory Generator

 These programs would create websites of hundreds or
 even thousands of pages. Each page was targeted to
 do well in the search engines for one keyphrase.

 We are recreating this effect but with blogs. Each blog
 will aim to rank high for one keyphrase.

 By doing this we have lots of first page rankings that
 get a few visits every week but when added up come
 to hundreds of extra visitors every week for free.
Mass Blogging Networks
 First we select our market

 Then you need to fire up Goodkeywords and
 search for the main keyword.

 Then you need to find all the relevant keyphrases
 in the 100 matches and put them to one side.

 You need to also take the most targeted
 keyphrases and search out some more keyphrases
Mass Blogging Networks
Mass Blogging Networks
 Problems with Mass Blogging

  1) Takes time to create lots of blogs
  2) Blogger can lock or delete blogs when
     you have lots of them
  3) Takes time to post and promote all
     these blogs
  4) Some of the blogs won’t get much traffic
Mass Blogging Networks
1) Takes time to create lots of blogs

   The first thing you can do is use Blog Generator software
   that has a semi-auto feature

   I like to use Voodoo Blogger

   The second thing you could do is change to Wordpress
   when wanting to create Mass Networks.

   Software like Wordpress Mass Installer can install hundreds
   of blogs very quickly

   The problem with changing to Wordpress is that you won’t
   get the easy MSN rankings Blogger blogs get
Mass Blogging Networks
2) Blogger can lock or delete blogs if you have lots of them

    The first thing you need to do is have no more than 5 blogs per
    blogger account.

    You also need to rotate the email address you use when
    signing up for a Blogger Account

    Other ways to prevent blogs getting deleted are:

       Add Pictures of the related topic
       Don’t have the basic adsense ads on there
       Have long good quality posts and more than just one or
       Modify the template
       Don’t cover the blog in ads
Mass Blogging Networks
3) Takes time to post promote all these blogs

   I’d recommend that you only post once or twice to the
   sub blogs as posting to 100 blogs is just too much
   work and software doesn’t work like it used to

   Also most of the sub blogs that have under 5,000
   searches don’t take much promoting. Just a link or
   two from your other blogs is normally enough to get
   first page rankings.

   You could also outsource the work if it proves to be a
   profitable market. Just test and make sure it is worth
   it first
Mass Blogging Networks
4) Some of the blogs won’t get much traffic

   First I wouldn’t recommend creating blogs for
   keyphrases under 250 searches per month because
   these blogs will only get a visitor or two per week.

   However if you have 100 blogs that all get 20 visitors
   per week this equals 2000 visitors per week in total.

   All these extra visitors are coming into your business
   for free so even small blogs are worth the little work
   they take
Capturing Visitors Name &
Capturing Visitors Name & Email
  Most people who blog just want to earn a little extra
  from the internet but if you’re blogging as part of a long
  term goal you need to treat it as a real business

  This means that you need to build a prospect list you
  make the most of the free traffic you are getting.

  By building a list in a niche you can recycle the traffic by
  sending them back to your main blog when you have
  made a new post which enables you to make money
  from Adsense and the affiliate product.

  You can also send them direct to another affiliate
  product earning you even more money that you would
  have been able to make not collecting your visitors
Capturing Visitors Name & Email
  To build a list of prospects you need a good
  autoresponder service. I recommend either
  Getresponse or Aweber

  You can either send the visitors to an opt-in form
  before they go to the Clickbank affiliate product or
  you can have an opt-in form on your actual blog but
  this takes more work to edit all the blogs if you are
  using the Mass Blog Network techniques

  You could even add an pop over to your blog
Capturing Visitors Name & Email
  Once you capture a visitors name and email you need
  to load them into an autoresponder that send them
  emails over the next 30 days at least

  This helps automate your business and will dramaticly
  improve your income

  Using this technique I have been able to build lists of
  a couple of thousand and growing in niche markets

  This now means I can email these lists and make
  money (from a few hundred to a couple of thousand
  dollars) on demand
Now How Would You Like To Learn A Very
Little Known Secret Technique That Could Get
You A First Page Ranked Blog In Less Than 20
Minutes From Now

WARNING – Black Hat Technique
Welcome To The World Of Blog
Blog Hunting
 Blog Hunter is when you go out and find the
 blogs Blogger has deleted due to trying to keep
 “Junk” blogs under control

 The fact is that they delete a very good
 amount of real blogs among all the junk blogs
 they delete.

 These blogs have links already coming in and
 have established search engine rankings
Blog Hunting
 So here’s how this happens.

 A blog is built and promoted and gets good rankings etc etc

 Then Blogger deletes of blog

 The links remain incoming to that blog so it keeps PR and MSN
 even keeps it’s ranking for a few weeks.

 You come along and search a keyword and find a blog. It has
 an error page saying the blog is no longer available etc etc

 You go to Blogger and register that blog.

 You now have a blog with incoming links and good rankings, all
 within 20 minutes or so.
Blog Hunting
 Now to do this and find good blogs
 can take time


 I have a secret weapon that only me
 and a small coaching group have
 access to
Blog Hunter

  A small software application that
  automates the searching process for
  these deleted blogs
Blog Hunting
 What kind of power does Blog Hunter have?

 I personally have been able to get many first
 page blogs and tap into traffic in a niche within

 I even got a number 2 ranked blog for a search
 term searched over 200,000 times per month

 I’ve also picked up many PR3,4 and 5 blogs to
 use as incoming links to my other blogs and
  Blog Hunting
Blog Hunting
 My close friends and coaching group have also been able
 to pick up quality blogs that have existing traffic and
 high page rank.

 One of my coaching group built a small script to check
 the Page Rank of all the blogs the software returned.

 He posted his results in the private forum…

 Page RankNumber of Blogs Found
    3          134
    4          476
    5          129
    6          9
    7          1
So Where Can You Get Blog Hunter
For Free From
Free Stuff
 Blog Hunter
 Article Assistance
 Blogging to the Bank
 Blogging Videos
 Blog Announcer Pro
 The White Hat/Black Hat Blogging
 The Secret Blogging Interview

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