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									Grilled Avocado

It seems like the thing to do, the thing I’ve been reading about this summer, is grilled
avocados. Everyone’s grilling them! They say it creates a smoky, intoxicating flavor. But

is it true?

It’s mostly true. John cut each avocado in half, removed the pits, salted and peppered
them, and grilled them, meat side down. They developed a chewy, charred skin. The
insides were creamy and warm. They were indeed smoky, but it wasn’t the smokiness
that I liked to much. It was the texture and the warmth and creaminess that the grilling
created. I recommend it if you’re looking to punch up your avocados.

We ate these with chicken, grilled peppers, red onion, lime juice, tomato, queso asadero,
and cilantro, in a tortilla. In other words, chicken tacos. One of my favorite summer
dishes, because it’s mostly chopping and very little cooking. I love to fill the tortilla up til
it’s positively bursting. The warm, creamy avocado was the perfect accompaniment to
this taco.

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