LUXE PACK MONACO 2009
Leading worldwide exhibition for creative packaging

     21st ‐ 23rd October, 2009 ‐ Grimaldi Forum

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                  Maryvonne LANTERI
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                                      Monaco, September 25th 2009
“ Best agers : Target group for Luxury products” by Dietrich and
Ute von Buch – Creativ Verpacken
Thursday , October 22nd ‐ 11.00am‐1.00pm

This round table will talk about the target group of elderly
people ‐ in Germany known as Best Agers, Silver Generation etc.
Their children have already left home and they can afford quite a
good amount of money and time to spent for prestigious and
luxury products.
Dietrich von Buch, co‐founder of CREATIV VERPACKEN, will
introduce a classification for this target group which is new and
differentiating. It helps for a better und more successful product
placement of luxury products.
Around Dietrich and Ute Von Buch,

‐ Gabriele Schneider, M‐real
‐ Christina Daniel, Silent Noise Design GmbH
‐ Anton Migachov, Brocard GmbH & Co. KGaA
‐ Frank Denninghoff, Gräfe‐Druck & Veredelung GmbH
‐ Beate Längle, Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach
‐ Thomas Sefrin, La Prairie Group

Ute von Buch is initiator and editor‐in‐chief of the trade
The magazine is published for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
and reports on packaging as the most effective communicator
between product, brand and the consumer.
Ute regards her work as communication link between each level
in the product‐to‐market‐chain.
For her, packaging and brand are the most important marketing
instruments in communication with the consumer .
Since many years Ute does moderation of conferences and is a
well asked speaker on packaging as p.o.s. tool.
Mercredi 21 octobre ‐ 11h00‐12h00

Jean‐Marie Martin‐Hattemberg se
passionne depuis bientôt trente
ans pour tout ce qui concerne
l'histoire et le patrimoine des
Marques de Parfumerie et de
Cosmétiques de 1880 à nos
Auteur de l'ouvrage " Caron,
parfumeur " paru aux éditions
Milan en 2000, couronné du prix
de la Marque 2001 décerné par Prodi Marques, ses activités d'Expert
et de Conseiller sont reconnues par les Professionnels de la
Parfumerie, par le Marché des objets d'Art où il défend la spécialité
des Flacons & Objets de Parfumerie du XXème Siècle lors de ventes
aux enchères consacrées à ce thème de collection, et par la sphère des
journalistes mode‐beauté." Beautérama ", " Passion‐Beauté , "
Parfums & Senteurs ", " La Vie du Collectionneur ", et " Tropic'Attitude
, magazines de qualité, lui ont fait confiance en lui attribuant une
chronique sur l'histoire et le patrimoine de la parfumerie durant
plusieurs années. Cette reconnaissance et cette confiance lui ont été
confirmées lors de la remise du Prix Jasmin " Lettres & Découvertes "
décerné par le jury du 25èmePrix Jasmin sous l'égide de la Fédération
Française de la Parfumerie et du Comité Français du Parfum,
prestigieux prix qu'il a reçu en Février 2007.
                        “DESIGNER AND BRAND IDENTITIES”
                        Wenesday, October 21st ‐ 2.30pm

                        VERA STRUBI

                        Born in SWITZERLAND, Vera STRUBI
                        started her career as a model.

                        She managed her own school of models
                        in BASEL and very early travelled all over
                        the world to discover new talents and
                        show her own. Her need to undertake,
                        to lead a team soon became more

                        She was discovered by the world of
                        cosmetics and it is in this field that Vera
                        STRUBI felt she would be closer to
                        women, in order to satisfy their demands.

                        1990, encounter with the COURTIN‐CLARINS family, a decisive event in
                        Vera STRUBI‘s career.
                        The encounter between THIERRY MUGLER and VERA STRUBI gave birth
                        to a perfume.... ANGEL.

                        For VERA STRUBI, it is THIERRY MUGLER who created ANGEL, her role
                        was that of a conductor.

                        She brought her experience of the development and the sale of

                        Thanks to her sensitivity, her persuasion and perspicacity, she was able
                        to express the ideas of the creator THIERRY MUGLER.

After almost 15 years of existence, ANGEL has become a success, nearly a classic, appealing to
imaginative women from 20 to 80 years old.

In all these 16 years, Thierry MUGLER Parfums saw the birth of many new successful product
launches, giving Thierry Mugler Parfums a stand‐alone name and sensing its place as a true
perfume House.

She retired in 2006.

VERA STRUBI is also:

An active member of the CEW France since its creation.
A member of the board of Memscap
A member of the board of Victorinox perfume
President of honour of the Beautifull club
                            “DESIGNER AND BRAND IDENTITIES”
                            Wednesday, October 21st ‐ 2.00pm

                            NOE DUCHAUFOUR‐LAWRANCE

                            Born in the South of France in 1975,
                            Noé Duchaufour‐Lawrance is both a
                            designer of objects and interior
                            environments. Following in the
                            footsteps of his father, a sculptor, at
                            an early stage he took an artistic
                            Brought up in a creative atmosphere,
                            he soon defined his own language: using natural shapes, aiming at
                            smooth and organic lines, which remain fluid and structured at the
                            same time. With a degree in Metal Sculpture from the Ecole Nationale
                            Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in his pocket, he
                            then entered the Furniture section of the renowned school Les Arts

                             Thanks to a rich creative background, Noé Duchaufour‐Lawrance
                             explored new boundaries and rapidly became involved in unusual
                             projects. From one project to the next, he is always driven by new
                             possibilities; and even if he can’t rely, at first sight, on past experience
                             to achieve these new goals, they have always propelled him a step
                             Thanks to the worldwide recognition this project brought him, he
                             created in 2003 his own creative studio, Neonata, meaning “New
                             Birth”. Neonata acts as a think tank and laboratory of research, thus
                             giving birth, with the help of his team, to design any interior
                             architecture projects or design that convey a sense of perfection down
                             to the last detail.
                             Entering the design world like a shooting star in 2007, Noé
                             Duchaufour‐Lawrance was awarded the prestigious « Créateur de
                             l’Année » prize (ie: « Designer of the Year ») by Maison & Objets. In
                             the same year, he designed the new interiors of the Maya Bar in
                             Monaco, rejuvenated the famous Maison Sénéquier in St Tropez and
                             created, in collaboration with Brand Image, the new visual and
architectural identity of Air France’s business class lounges.

Working on projects that vary in size from a perfume bottle to the interior design of a hotel, Noé
Duchaufour‐Lawrance always manages to instil his creations with fluid and airy lines. Noé
Duchaufour‐Lawrance continues to aim at his definition of « essentiality » by creating meaningful
objects and designing spaces that tell a story.
                         “DESIGNER AND BRAND IDENTITIES”
                         Wednesday, October 21st ‐ 2.30pm

                         GILLES LIPOVETSKY

                         Professeur agrégé de philosophie
                         Docteur Honoris Causa de l'Université de
                         Sherbrooke (Canada)
                         Docteur Honoris Causa de la Nouvelle
                         Université Bulgare (Sofia).
                         Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur
                         Membre du Conseil national des
                         programmes        (Education    nationale)
                         jusqu'en 2005.
                         Membre du Conseil d'Analyse de la
                         Société auprès du Premier Ministre.
                         Expert consultant à l'APM (Association
                         progrès du management)
                         Champ de recherche: les transformations
                         des régulations, des valeurs et des comportements dans les sociétés
                         développées occidentales.

                         Conferences et interventions , en particulier, chez Chanel, Dior, Nina
                         Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, l'Oréal, Guerlain, Hermes, Cartier, Elf, Zippo,
                         Mac Donald's, Coca Cola, Zippo, Piper Heidsieck , Adidas, Ikea, Nestlé,
                         Campbell, Saint Gobain , SECMA, Rhône Poulenc, Leo Burnett, DDB,
                         Euro RSCG, Thomson, FNAC, SNCF, Boston Consulting Group, Esomar,
                         Banque Populaire, MACIF, CNP, l'Ecureuil, Lyonnaise des Eaux,
                         Bouygues Telecom, COFINOGA, Deloitte et Touch, Pfizer, Roche, BNP,
                         Renault, La Poste...

                         Séminaires de recherche sur l'individualisme, le luxe, la consommation
                         et les modes de vie contemporains à Madrid, Barcelone, New York
                         University, Montréal, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago,
                         Singapour, Copenhague.

                            Ouvrages publiés :
                            ‐ L'Ere du Vide (1983) ‐ Gallimard
‐ L'Empire de l'Ephémere (1987) ‐Gallimard.
‐ Le Crépuscule du Devoir (1992) ‐Gallimard
 La Troisième Femme (1997) ‐Gallimard
‐ Métamorphoses de la culture libérale (2002)‐ Liber(Canada)
‐ Le Luxe éternel (2003)‐Gallimard
‐ Les Temps hypermodernes ( 2004)‐ Grasset .
‐ Le bonheur paradoxal. Essai sur la société d'hyperconsommation (2006)‐Gallimard
‐ La société de déception (2006) ‐Textuel
‐ L'écran global (2007) ‐Seuil
                         MARC ROSEN

                         “Forget DESIRE……Creating the NEED for Luxury”
                         Thursday October 22, 2009, 2:30 – 4:00pm
                         Created and Moderated by Marc Rosen with his panellists:

                             •   Janine Roxborough Bunce, Managing Director, JRB Associates
                                 Ltd and Executive Director, Fragrance Foundation UK

                             •   Henry Renella, Senior Vice President Global Package
                                 Development, Estée Lauder

                             •   Nick Thorne, Director Innovation and Development, Alcan
                                 Packaging Beauty

                             •   Marie‐Rose Tricon, Senior Vice President Global Marketing and
                                 Communications, Clarins, Paris

                         Marc ROSEN

                        Internationally acclaimed designer, Marc Rosen, is known for his award
                        winning fragrance, cosmetic, and fashion packaging. As creative
                        entrepreneur, he has developed two other unique businesses over the
                        past decade; ACCESSmr and Pret‐a‐Porter.
                        His vision has been inspired by working with famous 'beauty'
                        manufacturers and fashion names such as; Coty, Revlon, Estee Lauder,
                        Nina Ricci, Perry Ellis, Oscar de la Renta, Avon, Halston, Chloe, Proctor &
                        Gamble, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret,
                        Ellen Tracy and Burberrys, etc… Just prior to establishing his own firm in
                        1989, Mr. Rosen was Senior Vice President — Corporate Design and
                        Communications for Elizabeth Arden Global for over a decade.
                        Mr. Marc Rosen has been involved in three highly acclaimed museum
                        exhibitions: In 1979 he created "Cosmetic Packaging: A 20th Century Art
                        Form" at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City and co‐
                        chaired the Fragrance Foundations "Scents of Time" exhibit (1986‐87)
                        that traveled nationwide. In September 2002 he created an exhibit
entitled "Glass Houses" featuring his perfume bottle designs to celebrate the opening of Pratt
Institute's new graduate center in Manhattan. His designs are represented in the permanent
collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the “Musée de La Mode”, Paris.

As further indication of the breadth of his experience, Mr. Rosen writes a monthly column (On
Design) for the influential trade magazine, Beauty fashion. He is a Professor (Package Design
Workshop) at Pratt Institute Graduate School, where in 1990 they presented him with the
prestigious "Excellence by Design" award and established a scholarship in his name for young
designers. The scholarship is supported by the Cosmetic Industry at a fundraiser held at New
York's University Club annually. He is also a Trustee.
                       Vendredi 23 octobre ‐ 10h00‐11h00

                       LAURENCE WITTNER


                       Depuis 2004 : Journaliste indépendante

                       Livres (santé – cosmétiques ‐
                           Éditions Médicis
                           Éditions Leduc.s
                           Éditions Le Cherche‐Midi

                           Belle‐Santé (Presse écrite), depuis mars 2005
                           France Ô (Télévision), depuis juin 2006

                           L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques, co‐fondatrice et rédactrice‐en‐
                           chef (mise en ligne : décembre 2008) –
                           Féminin bio, pigiste depuis 2006
                           Psychologies.com, 2008

                       AUTEUR DE :

                           Bien choisir vos cosmétiques : comment préserver sa peau et sa
                           santé – Éd. Médicis
   Les meilleurs produits de soins pour bébés et jeunes enfants – Éd. Leduc.s

   Le Palmarès 2009 des cosmétiques – Éd. Leduc.s
   Le Guide des meilleurs aliments bio – Éd. Le Cherche‐Midi
   Le Palmarès 2008 des cosmétiques – Éd. Leduc.s
Vendredi 23 octobre ‐ 10h00‐11h00


Claire Gagliolo, parcours passionné
d’une femme atypique

Claire Gagliolo, 46 ans, est Docteur en
Pharmacie. Elle l’a choisi.
Ayant découvert le monde de l’entreprise à
l’I.A.E. (Institut d’Administration des
Entreprises), c’est dans les premières
parapharmacies de la grande distribution
(Nouvelles Galeries) – et non en pharmacie ‐ qu’elle utilise d’abord son
doctorat, en tant que Chef de Groupe. Elle rejoint ensuite l’Industrie
pharmaceutique comme Ingénieur commercial, puis Directeur Régional
au sein des Laboratoires ABBOTT.
De longue date passionnée de cosmétique, elle reprend les études à 35
ans et obtient simultanément un C.A.P. d’Esthéticienne‐Cosméticienne
et un Diplôme Universitaire de cosmétologie, étudiant en parallèle dans
le cadre universitaire les normes de qualité.
L’industrie la rattrape pourtant : elle y revient en tant que Directeur des
Ventes de Zambon Biomédica, puis comme Responsable des Relations
Hospitalières chez BRISTOL‐MYERS‐SQUIBB.
Claire rêve cependant d’indépendance et de liberté dans ses choix, choix
professionnels comme choix de vie. C’est en 2004, alors qu’elle a obtenu
un congé sabbatique, qu’elle développe plus précisément le projet
Officinea. Elle élabore les cosmétiques dont elle rêve et, encore une fois,
elle acquiert de nouvelles compétences afin de construire et
d’administrer le site internet qui les commercialisera.
Le rêve prend forme en septembre 2007 : les premiers cosmétiques bio
exclusifs Officinea sont proposés au public.
Claire vit son rêve.

Bernard CHEVILLIAT, 56 ans, biologiste de
formation, est le fondateur et Président de
MELVITA (1983) et du Laboratoire
Ardéchois de Cosmétiques (ARDECOSM /
1987), laboratoire de sous‐traitance
spécialisée en Cosmétique et Savonnerie.
Vice‐président de COSMEBIO, il a siégé 4
ans au Comité de Certification d’ECOCERT.



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