Make up to 10FB friends weekly by janarguitar


									Make up to 10FB friends weekly

I will explain the method as easy and as simple as I can.

So here is how to start..

1. Go and register an e-mail at

2. Now we go to and Sign Up (REMEMBER NOT TO VERIFY YOUR

3. We make our first and last name attractive like Jessica Dailey and choose our
birthday to be like we are at 18-22 age.

4. At Step 1 we click on "Skip this step"

5. Step 2 (THIS IS WE MOST IMPORTANT STEP) - Now you choose from which area
you want your friends to be. Example I Choose New York. Now go to GOOGLE and
search for "New York Colleges and Universities" ... As we see the "New York University"
has 102 reviews and now we type "NEW YORK UNIVERSITY" at step 2 at the
"College/University:" box and click SAVE & CONTINUE...
NOW WE STOP HERE at "Add people you know" ..<- This is the main thing of all the
work... So we start adding people till we scroll down and add all the possible people...

6. AFTER THAT be sure NOT TO SAVE AND CONTINUE!! ... We'll be pressing Back!
now you can either choose the same university again or another one.. but I prefer you
chose the same and hit SAVE AND CONTINUE .. Now new people will appear to add at
the "Add people you know" .. We do the same process adding people and going back
again and repeting this step...

7. After a while when we reach nearly 1000 requests a box will appear like a "Block
Behavior" something and you wont be able to add more friends... Now Go to your email
inbox and verify your Facebook Account.. Dont Save and Continue ... Get Back..

8. Repeat step 6 again until you reach the maximum of your requests...

9. After you reach the maximum now you Save & Continue and you Upload some
pictures of a hot chick and write something about "you" so it won't look like a spam

10. We're done... tomorrow you will have 500+ friends which will double till the end of
the week and you will see people requesting to add you as a friend in no time!

11. Every account takes no more than 30 minutes to complete these steps so start
creating 5 accounts daily and imagine how much friends you'll get for one week?!
This is made personaly from me..
Sorry for my bad language and if you have questions contact me:

this isnt made in PDF because i wanted to make it short, Simple & easy.. not a
freaking PDF with 10 pages of shit .. :)

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