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					My "Stupid" always simple-minded,

 Stupid dog usually always

  My "Stupid"
  Experimental School Nehe City in Heilongjiang Province 5 Zhu on 4 classes a
month we'll take care of the puppy, it is called "Stupid", which as good as gold. Usual,
went out, it always closely followed me, it always and it's brother Cong Cong (puppy)
to play with slapstick. It looked cute, I really wanted to Baoyi Bao Ben Ben.
  simple-minded, with long brown hair and white white, Hutouhunao small head,
really cute ah! Although it is my brother, but none of the authority, usually a fight
always see it at the bottom, Cong Cong hold it above the neck. In fact, it also suffer
when eating, always Congcong fed first, before his turn came. Although my brother,
but only silence and it was smaller than the bully
  today, my Sangu came, took my little sister. But this time I was not happy, they take
away the simple-minded. I'm sorry, let my father go for car, can my father how can I
catch up ah. Ben Ben left, Mom and Dad consoled me: "Stupid dirty, so only then it is
led away." May be only because it dirty? I must have left it, forever. Winter vacation
this year, I finally have the opportunity to see the simple-minded, and to see a
simple-minded, I left happy tears, I said to him: "Look at my house pretty
simple-minded, multi-ah! Yes ah, and, like a child, it still has a pair of clear, bright
eyes, as if to listen to my words.
  This time I am happy because I saw the simple-minded, as if he saw the
simple-minded hour marquis lovely figure. I have the opportunity to go to see what
Ben Ben I would like it to me. Advisor: Yu Ying
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