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  I say admire Bang Bang, some may laugh at me. Saying: "Bang Bang is something
in the city rely on someone else's pick in exchange for meager reward people who
have nothing to admire!" Yes, they could not be more ordinary extraordinary, and yet
they are great.
  I remember one time, the way home from school I saw an old lady carrying a heavy
basket food back, his face streaming with large drops of perspiration. My heart really
is not a taste and wanted to go help, but I'm not strength. Just then, suddenly, a young
and vigorous Bang Bang took to take the initiative and said: "The elderly, I can help
you! Do not collect the money!" And then took the old woman's backpack and the
back left. At that time, I am very surprised and moved to.
  Bang While a bad cop who, a laundry, which I am not flattered by the appearance
can be wrapped is a fiery heart. Under the coolies in the city, doing a dirty, difficult,
not only convenient for city people, but also for the city made a great contribution to
the building. Their hands with a hard-working, hard labor ninth essay writing web original action in exchange for their deserved reward, not those
who put a knife in a public place quietly package aimed others, a breach in planning
and then inside out money and the thief will only create evil.
  I admire Bang Bang, admire their hard-working, admire their helpfulness, admire
their quiet dedication.

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