Voices- Unit At A Glance by MEGANandi


									ELA 30-1  Voice: Echoes in Ink  Unit At A Glance
DAY 1a DAY 2a Wednesday 11 DAY 3a Thursday 12 DAY 4a Friday 13 To The Little Polish Boy With His Hands Up Night Pg.23-46

4 Weeks 87 min Classes
DAY 5a Monday 16

Night Intro (vii-xviii)- Pg.22

Night Pg. 47-65

Night Pg.66-97

DAY 1b Tuesday 17 Mini Lesson: ______________ Night Pg. 99-115 Historical Timeline Postcard 1 Due Journal Entry (Found Poem) DAY 1c Wednesday 25 Mini Lesson: ______________ Mini Lesson: ______________ Maus Chapter 4 Journal Entry (TBA) Peer Review: Postcard# 2

DAY 2b Wednesday 18

DAY 3b Thursday 19 Mini Lesson: ______________ Mini Lesson: ______________ Maus Chapter 1 Peer Review Postcard 1 DAY 3c Friday 27

DAY 4b Monday 23 Mini Lesson: ______________ Mini Lesson: ______________ Maus Chapter 2 Journal Entry (TBA) DAY 4c Monday 30 Mini Lesson: ______________ Super Fun Activity of Some Sort Questions/Concerns re: exam Excerpt from Obasan Postcard #3 Due

DAY 5b Tuesday 24

Mini Lesson: ______________ Nobel Prize Speech (117-120) Go Over Night Study Guide Journal Entry (TBA)

Mini Lesson: ______________ Maus Chapter 3 Postcard #2 Due

DAY 2c Thursday 26 Mini Lesson: ______________ “Why We Fight” Maus Chapter 5 Journal Entry (TBA)

DAY 5c Tuesday 31

Mini Lesson: ______________ “When They Came For Me” Theme Review Discussion Maus Chapter 6

Open Book Exam Reflective Journals Due

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