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									Management of human resources management and human resources management

 Human Nature and Human Resource Management
 Abstract: In management theory the famous X-, Y and Z theory theory, which is
actually essential for human assumptions. Naturally based on different understanding
of human nature will have different management philosophy, based on different
management philosophy will apply different management techniques and tools, using
different organizational forms.
 Key words: human; human resources; management; people-oriented

 useless criticism of human resources management introduced from the West, the
modern Western understanding of human nature management of the mainstream
theory Y and Z is the theory of The ultimate goal of human resource management is
the enterprise business interests and the interests of the balance of employees, and
corporate human cost optimization and employee value-added human capital
continues, while the vast majority of China's enterprises whose management is
basically a theory based on X , human resources management has its inevitable
 human resources management emphasizes effective human resources development,
application, and scientific management. Assumptions based on the human X, human
资源 management will neglect the development of human resources and scientific
management, the staff of Ji Li is often used on the excitation of the form Fu,
Zhiguanzhushi, Bu Ren concern. X-based theory of enterprise, a fine becomes a
management tool can be seen any time, even as a synonym for fine and performance
appraisal. That the fine performance management as the assessment does not set
performance targets, and no coaching, only the assessment, let alone communicate.
Assessment to be the punishment of the staff club. This year after year, the negative
incentive to the innovative spirit of employees disappeared, in order to avoid risks,
staff prevarication has become a trend in the daily work, on issues arising from the
work of constantly looking for an excuse such circumstances, the vitality of
enterprises is a lack .
 human resources management or other management of the modern sense, almost all
of humanity based on certain ideas or assumptions, if we do not pay attention, not the
introduction of basic ideas or assumptions, only hope to introduce some techniques or
tools that can build it a modern sense of the human resources management system,
such a management system is often a mere formality, could not produce the desired
 we act on the basis of certain ideas or some of the basic things of assumptions or
principles, if we do not change or adapt our ideas, our habits do not change behavior,
just by some of the tools or means is not possible to establish a set of effective human
resources management system.
 instance, we often see, some enterprises need to upgrade the level of human resource
management, they hired a Human Resources Manager. Company-wide human
resources management to enhance the re-look their faith in the human resources
manager, who, the manager also live up to expectations, job analysis is done, but also
the implementation of performance appraisal system. So with piles of job descriptions,
evaluation forms are more detailed and more complicated. This idea does not look, do
not change behavior and habits, just by introducing some of the tools and means of
human resource management, often end result is not satisfactory, or the
implementation does not go, or just a mere formality.
  human resources management, refers to the use of modern scientific methods,
combined with certain human resources to conduct appropriate training, organization
and deployment, so that manpower and resources to keep the optimum ratio, while
people's thinking, psychology and induction of appropriate behavior, control and
coordination, give full play to people's initiative to make the best use, things right in,
appropriate personnel to achieve organizational goals in recognizing the diversity of
humanity, usually a social nature.
  First, consider the area. If a company set up branches in different regions, still in
accordance with the Corporation's rules and regulations to manage the human,
although not one hundred percent good results, but must take into account the Romans
truth. Of course, is cultural, in fact, people of this geographical survey to find the area
under the person's living habits, awareness of certain issues, on the understanding of
good and evil and so on! This way the management of enterprises must have a certain
influence on the enterprises can be better preparation and management of human
  second, considering the individual. Are complex, known to all. The quality of human,
moral and cultural, living environment, 家庭 education Yixi Lie of related issues
appears this is a personal problem is his own private affair, in fact are all linked
together and enterprise management, especially human resources management.
Therefore, enterprises should be possible into the habit of the individual, work attitude,
a man of principle, the community's views and ideas and money. In fact, each small
part of all critical success factors.
  people-oriented management is important because it is important to improve
conditions for enterprise knowledge productivity. Knowledge and productivity of
enterprises to use their knowledge and resources an enterprise the ability to create
wealth is to meet the international operation of basic business management, is to
establish good business relationship between human and other elements of the
necessary conditions for sustainable development is the cornerstone of business.
  people-oriented management of the basic idea is that people are managed in the most
basic elements are dynamic, an interaction with the environment. Create a good
environment can promote human development and enterprise development; personal
goals and business objectives can be coordinated, the enterprise becomes a learning
organization can make to achieve their own goals, in this process, the company made
further what employees business goals and staff to better reflect the goals of employee
benefits; the people-oriented management to the overall development of
people-centered, human development, enterprise development and social development
of the premise.
  people-oriented, is to achieve comprehensive human development as the goal, from
the people's fundamental interests to seek development and promote development,
and continuously meet the people's growing material and cultural needs of
safeguarding people's economic, political and cultural interests, so that the fruits of
development to benefit all the people
  as long as mankind exists, there must be management, as long as two people live
together, they must manage, though human activities to promote the changing tools,
techniques vary, but the principles of human psychological behavior never change, the
best management has been key to the development of human potential. Therefore,
whether an ordinary family, or the highest government agency or a business, can not
do without good management. Through the analysis of the importance of human
management and human management in the enterprise specific expression of human
management in the future based on trends that enterprises should strengthen
people-centered management of people, the knowledge and Humanism integration
capacity of human resources into resources, which will transform to the ability of the
management management. This is to enhance vitality and competitiveness, enhance
economic efficiency, modernize management, the most realistic option. This paper
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