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					Lovely "Huanhuan" lovely Huanhuan

 lovely Huanhuan it then

 lovely "Huanhuan"

 lovely " Huanhuan "
 Anqing. Lake County Park Primary School 404
 I can this summer, my father bought me one from the Hefei cute little poodle.

  little dog in deep snow-white, thin hair that is very smooth, does it feel people feel
very comfortable. It's two ears hanging down, it is extremely gentle, honest. It's eyes
like two black stones, shining, keep spinning in the eyes where to go. It is so lovely, I
would give it named Huan Huan.

 Huanhuan the home is a large colorful box. My side of the carton carefully dug a
"arch" of the door, and then some cotton on the inside covered with Xu, covered with
a layer of fabric, which is Huanhuan home.

 Huanhuan love it very much at home, sometimes at home and close their eyes
meditatively, and sometimes wallow in their own bed, play, sometimes. . . . . .
Huanhuan never in their own mess, so it was very clean inside and out home.

 Huanhuan never picky eaters, to eat whatever. If you give it to eat meat, it will
"bark" of the Jiaoji Sheng, thank you, and then eat them with relish.

  Huanhuan very psychic nature. I remember once, me and it is playing hide and seek,
if it finds me, I will give it a piece of meat. I Huanhuan put outside, I ran into the
house and hide under the bed, and then call Huanhuan came to find me. Not two
minutes, Huanhuan very easy to find me. I had to fulfill my promise, took out a piece
of meat to it, Huanhuan cried excitedly, as if to a person's attitude Linear Thinking to
Non proudly demonstrate to me: "Well, how, I am powerful, right?" And then the
pleasant from which to enjoy delicious.

 I really like the Doctrine of the Mean, like it's lovely, like the smart naughty.

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