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 "Tour" Huangshan spectacle

 "Tour" Huangshan spectacle
 Xiantao City Daxin Road Primary School Experimental Division 6
<2> Ban Yan Van
 grandmother today, I saw on television a panoramic view of Huangshan. Huangshan
Mountain is indeed the best in the world Church, it is to his "four no" shock the whole
of China. After the film itself seems just had this strange visit Huangshan.

 Huangshan is one of the top ten scenic. Factor of four absolutely the "pines, rocks,
clouds, hot springs," known to the world. Vigorous hardy pine; towering forest of
stone; the vagaries of the sea of clouds; clarify spring clean, dynamic constitute
Huangshan has static, static and dynamic in a huge picture!

 Huangshan pine different styles, are full of deep human touch. That the "exploration
pine" long in the group on the rocks, like a monkey sitting on a rock watching the sea;
"Solidarity Song" is like what some people are to celebrate the good things like, are
embraced; that "welcoming pine "With the tourists visiting Huangshan End; and" see
a visitor Song "and" welcoming pine, "On the contrary, but send away the tourists
were reluctant to leave ... ... so many pine trees, even talk speech about them ah!
Great credit as cison.

  Huangshan not Biqi Song rocks less, that the lion peak of the "fairy chess", and the
mountains of the "sea monkey", the mountain of "Ocean's 18", also I do not know
from Where are the flying stone, that stone long reclining Buddha, considered the
most attractive Lotus Peak, and great mountains like a huge lotus flower, every stone
is like a petal, into the Lotus Peak in Wonderland like to General. Really infinite
beauty in the alp ah!

 sea of clouds Huangshan is wonderful, and many of the peaks around into a big hole
in the clouds on the inside moist `unpredictable, sometimes like a mighty army;
sometimes like a rough sea; sometimes like a gentle lovely girl, while churn roar,
enjoy a quiet moment, given people inexplicable astonishment and joy.

 Yun Feng Huangshan Hot Springs in purple, the hot springs are also people like the
natural bath. Usually 43 degrees Celsius, 41 degrees Celsius in winter, with hot spring
bath, you can make people of God, please air is crisp, the spirit of times.

 Huang Shan is an amazing ah!
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