The Beginnings of Islam

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					     The Beginnings of Islam
• The Arabian peninsula is covered by
• The nomads called Bedouins live there
• Herd sheep, camels, and goats
• Led trade caravans as guides
• Mecca is on the Arabian peninsula
      The Beginnings of Islam
• Muhammad was born in Mecca
• In 610AD Muhammad began to preach the
  teachings of Islam, his followers are called
• Allah is God, and Muhammad is called the
• In 622, Muhammad was invited to Yathrib
• Yathrib was changed to Medina, city of the
• In 632, when Muhammad died, Islam had
  spread across the Arabian Peninsula
        The Beginnings of Islam
•    A mosque is a Muslim house of worship
•    The Quran is the holy book
•    Muslims pray 5 times a day and face toward
•    Five Pillars of Islam- The basic beliefs of the
1.   Declaration of Faith
2.   Prayer
3.   Almsgiving
4.   Fasting
5.   Pilgrimage
      The Beginnings of Islam
• Islam experienced a schism in 656
• Uthman, the Islamic leader was assassinated
• Two groups argued over who should be the next
• The Shiites said it should be a direct descendant
  of Muhammad
• The Sunnis argued that any truly religious man
  could lead.
• Today, 85% of Muslims are Sunni
• Shiites and Sunnis still argue over this today
      The Beginnings of Islam
Sunni Countries   Shiite Countries
Algeria           Bahrain
Egypt             Iran
Jordan            Iraq

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