reflexology chart

					Reflexology charts
A reflexology chart shows the "reflex zones" worked by reflexologists on the soles of the feet. Similar maps
exist for the position of the reflexes on the hands and ears.

In this chart, the color codes represent the following organs or parts of the body:

                                                  Brain                        Stomach
                                                  Sinuses                      Spleen
                                                  Voice                        Liver
                                                  Pituitary gland              Gall Bladder
                                                  Neck and Throat              Adrenal Gland
                                                  Eyes                         Pancreas
                                                  Ears                         Kidney
                                                  Armpit                       Ureter
                                                  Shoulder and Arm             Bladder
                                                  Lung and Breast              Colon
                                                  Heart                        Small Intestine
                                                  Thyroid and Bronchial        Coccyx
                                                  Solar Plexus                 Sciatic Nerve
                                                  Diaphragm                    Peyer's Patches


Reflexology is a time tested therapy, utilizing specific reflex points on the feet, hands and ears, which tie into
meridian energy lines running throughout the body.

Stimulation of these points using controlled pressure assists in restoring proper energy flow to related organs
glands and the nervous system.

The overall effect is a subtle restoration of function that is non evasive relaxing and therapeutic.