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					AirCell Flight Tracking Solution

   Flight Tracking
   Satcom Flight Tracking
   • Track your aircraft anywhere in the world with
     AirCell and Flight Explorer
   • View flight tracking overlaid with weather
     on a personal computer
   • Real-time, secure Internet-based flight tracking
   • Proven world-class system in use with
     leading airlines, airports, agencies, and businesses
   • Improve your business and operational efficiency
   • A complete, convenient solution

                                     Track your aircraft at any altitude, anywhere in the world – right from your personal
                                     computer. Flight tracking is effective both in and out of ATC radar coverage.
                                     Increase your operational efficiency. For example, use flight tracking for better
                                     operational planning. Also improve situational awareness of aircraft operations by
                                     knowing your spatial relationship to weather, other traffic, airspace restrictions, airport
                                     congestion, and more.
                                     Unleash the power of Flight Explorer – the world’s most trusted flight tracking system.
                                     Flight Explorer is used by over 750 world-class commercial and government clients,
                                     including Bombardier Business Jet Solutions, FedEx, JetBlue, MillionAir, NetJets, TAG
  Worldwide aircraft tracking
                                     Aviation, UPS, and the FAA.
                                     AirCell provides you with a complete, full-featured flight tracking solution. Just add one
                                     interface device to your AirCell Satcom system, and you will be able to take advantage
                                     of the proven Flight Explorer service.
                                     By adding the tiny Latitude Mobile Controller (LMC), and using your AirCell Satcom
                                     phone system as the transmission device, your aircraft can transmit its position as
                                     often as you choose – as frequently as every 15 seconds.
                                     Getting started is simple. Add the AirCell Flight Tracking service to your existing plan,
                                     together with a subscription to Flight Explorer Pro. It’s that easy.

  Track all types of aircraft on a
  personal computer
 AirCell Flight Tracking Solution

Specifications for Latitude Mobile Controller                                   Subscription Option
                                                                                Flight Explorer Pro Subscription
Latitude Mobile Controller (LMC)               6.80" L x 3.35" W x 1.55" H      Equipment
                                               (17.27 cm x 8.51 cm x 3.94 cm)   AirCell ST 3100 (or Other AirCell Iridium Phone System)

Weight                                                                          Antenna Options
Latitude Mobile Controller                     .6 lbs     (.272 kg)             Dedicated GPS Receiver Antenna
                                                                                Certified Antenna Splitter
DC Power Input for the Latitude Mobile Controller;                              Data Transport Mechanism
Data Ports for the Phone, External Computer, and Printer;                       AirCell’s Flight Tracking Solution utilizes Iridium’s Short Burst Data
SMA Connector for GPS Antenna Input                                             (SBD) as a low-cost mechanism for sending position reports.

                                                                                The original map image on front page is courtesy of Flight Explorer.

     AirCell Document 862-20014-001 • Rev B • July 2005