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 goal of the leadership team

  Abstract: There is no doubt that any one group, if there is no leadership there, sink
into a confused and confused and disoriented. A team's success is the key team
leadership capabilities. This leadership will be how to make a few observations.
  Keywords: leadership, communication, motivation, conflict, target

 along with the rapid social and economic development, competition among
enterprises more and more intense competition in many ways But in the final analysis,
competition among enterprises is undoubtedly the talent competition. Business leaders
how to play a greater role to keep the staff, how to let the leadership team to achieve
greater results, this paper, a team leader should be prepared to make the following
aspects of the work.
 a clear team goals

  team leader should first define the objectives of the team, make it clear. Team goals
for team members to name the direction, no goal, team members will lose direction,
no goals, the value of the team would not exist. Team's goal interdependence and
interrelatedness of the people to be together, so that they cooperate in a more effective
way to achieve personal and team goals. In defining the objectives of the team after,
to making it work to inspire, motivate and navigation function, but also expressed in
vivid language, so that all know each member of the team, clear objectives is almost
the same team all the success characteristics, there are many reasons the team is one
of the unsuccessful target ambiguity Liangkou, or not the goal of effectively
communicated to relevant members. Goal is also to be can be mass-meter, accurate to
the goals expressed in the general than the vague description, it enables the actors to
prepare themselves to decide how much resources and energy. Team leader can be
shipped to the team goal of financial indicators measuring instrument, for examining
and assessing the team's performance. Specifically, there is revenue growth, increase
traffic, expand margins, increase shareholder dividends, was an attractive economic
value and market value have. Such as "is a 15% revenue growth" than "a number of
revenue growth" is defined more clearly and explicitly. Objectives should also be
inspirational, inspirational goal to inspire team members and the enthusiasm and
talent, so they are willing for this challenging and novel achievements. Objectives
must also be achievable, according to the American Management Psychologists Huai
Victor - Froom's expectancy theory, people active in the work or effort is the product
of efficiency and expectations. Therefore, if a goal of its recipients to generate
stimulating effect, this goal must be to operate and it can accept. Completion of a
target person, if the target inside than how can the scope that are not the target of their
  2, effective communication
 communication is understandable information or ideas in two or more people in the
process of transfer or exchange, aims to motivate or influence human behavior
communication in team building is a very important role, first of all communication is
to coordinate all team members, all elements to make the team as a whole coagulant;
followed by communication leaders motivate subordinates to achieve the basic means
of leadership functions; third, communication between the team and the external
environment, Building bridges. As a team, individual differences among members,
technology-ordination between different factors, lack of communication more likely
to lead to conflict, thus affecting the overall performance of the team. Leaders play in
the team "leader" role, should make communication work.
 (1) train to "listen" art. On the leader, "listen" is not easy. To better "hear" that is to
actively listen, actively listen to subordinates is "saying" to show interest, leaders
must be used to inject the body to listen to the silence O'clock to silence, select a quiet
place Note that subordinate non-verbal prompts, if you did not hear clearly, please
repeat the way to doubt, when you find omissions, asked bluntly. Active listening can
feel their employees are valued and attention in order to establish greater confidence
in the organizational loyalty and enthusiasm to work.
 (2) to enable the team to frank and transparent information so that each team
member to understand the internal and external information, reduce information
delivery chain, to ensure smooth flow of information and its integrity. In this case, for
the team members on a fair playing field, not only can improve the ability of each
member's work and passion, and is able to create a good, progressive competitive
environment, giving each member of the training and performance opportunities . In
this case, also created a mutual trust and communication between the small
environment is conducive. Team leader must not only get the trust of subordinates and
superiors and other colleagues to get their trust. They know the trust is not man-made
or from heaven but in good faith for the past.

 3, a reasonable incentive

  real motivation is to stimulate people's inherent desire to have a "positive." If the
team likened a car, then the "active" is the car's engine. Wages, can be seen as the fuel,
it is important, but the engine does not work, will not increase fuel vehicles drove
towards goal. Leaders should be very well aware that the money is not incentive to
play it just health care function. Employees are "social beings", not "economic man."
The investigation revealed that the main reasons leading to employee turnover an d
money have nothing to do, and unfair treatment, poor communication, lack of training
and development opportunities, and environmental factors. Team leader must see the
real needs of employees, based on individual psychological needs, personality
orientation, only to meet the legitimate needs of their way, the maximum mobility of
staff enthusiasm and motivation.
  4, leading by example
  Each team has its own operating principles and team norms, these norms and
principles of play in the team management and guidance to team members bound role
behavior, these norms and principles How to penetrate into the team to? Leadership is
the key, play an exemplary role in the team is leader of the team leader's words and
actions can have important effects, leaders must begin with ourselves, and team
members are closely aligned, so that leaders can be deployed trust and support of
, a leader must have charisma
  so-called charisma, is to have enthusiasm and ability to motivate subordinates to
organizational goals enthusiasm, creating a work full of passion that everyone have
the opportunity to make a contribution to the organization environment.
, A leader must have courage

  bold, decisive force is able to sharply hit the heart of the problem to make bold and
timely decisions, adhere to a higher standard with the Organization, with a pragmatic
approach goodwill dissatisfaction. When the business or individual performance is
poor, to give a warning.
  3, the leader must be binding
  so-called binding, that is, self-discipline, is the leader must have moral, way to
conduct business anytime, anywhere to respect all people and cultures, not to personal
ambitions and emotions interfere with work.

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