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									                               Death orGlory


                                                                                         he Death or      the pinnacle in modern helmet
                                                                                         Glory jacket     design. Premier manufacturing
                                                                                         and helmet       processes assure that the Airframe
                                                                                         from Icon        meets the highest quality and safety
                                                                                         have a heroic    standards in the world. When
                                                                               name that resonates        fitted property, the precisely engi-
                                                                           with the heroic image many     neered Fiberglass/Dyneema/
                                                                   real motorcyclists have of them-       Carbon Fiber composite shell and
                                                                 selves. After all, everyone is the       energy absorbing dual-density EPS
                                                                 hero of their own story and for          liner greatly reduce the possibility
                                                                 many riders; we’re never more            of head injuries in the event of an
                                                                 heroic then when we’re on our            accident. To keep you focused on
                                                                 bikes heading down the highway.          what’s ahead of you the Airframe is
                                                                 Thus, Icon’s new helmet/jacket           fitted with Icon’s new Proshield.
                                                                 combo “Death or Glory” comes             Not only is the Proshield available
                                                                 from the street attitude that the        in a variety of tinted styles with
                                                                 ride is “Glory” and without riding       side plates for more graphic real
                                                                 you might as well be…well, you           estate, it features the prolock
                                                                 know…                                    shield lock system to keep your
                                                                    Based on the highly successful        shield locked down. And since
                                                                 Victory chassis, the Death or Glory      people come in all shapes and sizes
                                                                 jacket is for those who want to          the Airframe is available in XXS-3X
                                                                 play the game at the highest level.      with interior parts that are inter-
     I Based on the popular Victory chassis, the eye-            All of the benchmarks of an Icon         changeable across the entire size
     catching Death or Glory jacket is sure to be another        street-specific riding jacket are        range for tailoring just the right fit.
     hot seller. Available in Slayer Black or Crusader White.    here: a generous straight-cut body,      Additionally, the HydraDry mois-
                                                                 top-quality leather, heavy-duty zip-     ture wicking material used through-
                                                                 pered vents, and Icon designed, CE       out the interior comfort liner and
                                   I Icon’s new Death or Glory
                                   helmet is based on the        approved impact protectors. Of           extensive venting system combine
                                   popular Airfame helmet;       course, this rap sheet also includes     to produce one of the industry’s
                                   available in White Gloss or   a fully dialed graphics package that     most ventilated and comfortable
                                   Black Rubitone.               only Icon can pull off. Instantly rec-   helmets. Let’s recap the Airframe
                                                                 ognizable and completely undeni-         features: DOT & SNELL M2005
                                                                 able, the Death or Glory graphics        Approved; Fiberglass/Dyneema/
                                                                 make no apologies and demand             Carbon Fiber shell; removable
                                                                  attention. With the great look are      molded breath deflector reduces
                                                                    all the bells and whistles of         shield fogging; oversized intake and
                                                                     safety, design and quality: 1.2-     exhaust ports; removable chin cur-
                                                                       1.4mm premium grade leather        tain; quick-change fog-free
                                                                         chassis; removable CE field      Proshield with side plates; remov-
                                                                          armor impact protector          able molded breath deflector
                                                                           elbow; removable CE field      reduces shield fogging; removable
                                                                           armor impact protector         Hydradry moisture wicking liner;
                                                                            shoulder; removable dual-     and Prolock secure shield locking
                                                                            density foam back pad; and    system. The Death or Glory
                                                                             removable insulated liner    Airframe comes in two colorways
                                                                             with expansion panels.       with the graphics on White Gloss
                                                                             The Death or Glory jacket    or Black Rubitone.
                                                                            comes in Slayer Black or          All these eye-catching Icon jack-
                                                                           Crusader White.                ets and helmets as well as other
                                                                            The Death or Glory            Icon products are available through
                                                                        helmet is based on the Icon       Drag Specialties, so call your rep
                                                                      Airframe helmet and represents      today for more information. I

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