Hotel Management of the hotel managers in China and Countermeasures by fdjerue7eeu


									Hotel Management of the hotel managers in China and Countermeasures

  Hotel Management Personnel Strategies
  Abstract Today, the leadership has a direct impact on business success, but more and
more enterprises are facing a shortage of senior management personnel. The
traditional concept of education system, social conflicts and other factors of supply
and demand, China's hotel industry executives situation is not optimistic, creating a
need to adapt to the hotel industry personnel is an important and urgent strategic task.
Based on the status of the hotel management and analysis of the causes lack of
personnel, puts forward corresponding countermeasures.
  Key words modern hotel management training

 modern Olympics have multiple values, its host country, especially the host city's
economic growth significantly stimulating role. In all pulling in the hotel industry's
influence is particularly important. According to information, organizing the Olympic
Games period, the country star hotels increased from 7,358 in 2001 to 13,583 in 2007.
In addition to the number and the hotel facilities are great changes, the quality of
services and staff has been greatly improved. We also found that there are many
deficiencies, lack of management as a constraint to development in China's hotel
industry bottlenecks.

 1, the status of our hotel management staff of

  1, the professional requirements of the hotel managers do not match
  hotel needs a post from the hotel sales, catering, room , financial management,
computer engineers to the quality control department, technical engineering, etc.,
tourism school graduates focused on the lower level of total desk service, room
service, cooking and restaurant service. Hotel construction, property management and
hotel marketing shortage of talent, department managers or above with management
decision-making capacity is more scarce talent. According to statistics, China's star
talent gap is more than 100,000, hotel management positions to meet the rate is less
than 40%.
  theory with practical experience and high level management personnel difficult to
find hotel and tourism graduates only have a certain expertise and culture of the lack
of opportunities to practice more difficult to become a qualified hotel management
  2, China's hotel industry employee turnover rate higher than the global average
  senior management personnel in hospitality industry is mainly due to shortage of
staff mobility, the end of almost every year, many hotels will have a large number of
staff. According to international human resources firm Manpower global 33,000
companies in the survey "China Talent Paradox" shows that the Chinese management
personnel turnover rate higher than the global average of 25%.
  3, large-scale foreign investment in the hotel industry, the proportion of the Chinese
managers of small, less opportunity for promotion
  2004, the country's local hotel group, has a strong local color of the Jin Jiang Hotel
Group, hired Americans Christopher labor 伦斯巴克兰 - Sheraton former Vice
President of Asia Pacific, Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Limited as
president. Meanwhile, the domestic hotel personnel had to break through the ceiling
effect, and gradually entered into a foreign hotel's executive ranks. Yorick operation
from the current project data analysis hotel industry, China's large-scale foreign
investment in the hotel industry executives, foreigners accounted for 45%, overseas
Chinese account for 15%, 40% the proportion of people are expected in the future this
ratio will further improve .
  4, unequal gender and salary of
  strong working in the hospitality services for women and meticulous, and patient
personality. Communication with the customers more patient woman, can stand each
other's position on issues to consider. But generally speaking, the hotel industry, the
average annual salary of male professional managers to 167,100 yuan, much higher
than the female average annual salary of professional managers. In the hotel industry,
the proportion of female professional managers than men, but the hotel management
company is more than by men, the overall pay levels are higher.
  United Nations World Tourism Organization Co-ordinating Director Younis held in
Nanjing, the "2008 International Tourism and World Harmony Forum", said the
number of international tourism in 2020 will be 1.6 billion people, China will become
the world's most inbound tourists one of the countries. With the approaching wave of
a new round of tourism, foreign hotel groups are making rapid expansion. In this
situation, both familiar and domestic customs, but also with overseas educational
background in international hotel management personnel, Advanced hot.

 2, high-quality hard to find because the hotel management staff of

 1, traditional ideas
 hotel management is the service sector, social services to look at the traditional
concepts wait on people to work for is that there is no culture, no technical content of
the simple labor industry. In the hotel industry is no alternative, temporary transition,
but also the parents of this industry is not high degree of recognition.
 2, education and practice gap
 gap between education and practice performance, one in China in the financial
management of colleges set up a very small number of hotel management expertise;
Second, in some of travel institutions, set up hotel management is also based on
management, marketing, economics, lobby rooms catering management, service
operations skills, learning English as the main course. This is the subject of the hotel
reflects the name and content of professional grafting, rather than reflect the
professionalism of the hotel management. Although there are practical, but are
generally concentrated in the internship before graduation, students practice social
interaction after the emotion too late, until the time about what to learn, learning life
coming to an end. This practice is actually the school, students, business interests of a
  3, labor requirements and income asymmetric
  hotel urgent need to have rich experience in hotel management or high-quality,
highly educated people, but the actual recruitment, the hotel which pay attention to
external conditions, language ability, education level and quality of work and other
factors, education is often at the end. Students with high-quality, highly educated, but
lack work experience, many hotels are that students should start from the grassroots.
After graduating from a college student and high school students, grade Students of
the same starting line, which seriously undermined the confidence of students.
  4, supply and demand contradiction
-star hotel, according to China Statistical Bulletin show that: the end of 2006, total of
12 751 star-rated hotels, 923 more than last year; has rooms 1,459,800, an increase
over the previous year 12.76 millions; own bed 2785500, 213 800 more than last year.
The end of 2007, there were 13,583 star-rated hotels, 832 more than last year; rooms
1,573,800, 113,900 more than last year; beds 2,969,400, 184,000 more than last year.
According to the international management, hotel rooms and employment ratio
between the number of 1:1.1, 100 rooms needed per 110 employees, while this ratio is
currently at home 1:1.5-1:2.5. Basis of this calculation, in 2007 the hotel staff about
our new -28.475 17.085 million people. But in China's tourism industry statistical
bulletin, the end of 2007, there were higher institutions and the creation of Tourism
Department of Tourism (Professional) by 770 general colleges, eight more than last
year, 39.74 million students in school the previous year increased 2.37 million;
secondary vocational schools 871, 70 less than last year, 37.64 million school students,
0.27 million more than last year. The two together, the total number of 1641 tourism
institutions, and 77.38 million students in the school. Statistically speaking, the gap
between supply and demand relatively large, a serious shortage of professional
reserve force. Meanwhile, as the hotel, room, rapid expansion of the number of beds
to jump ship to provide an economic base and objective conditions.
  5, local staff promotion difficult
  foreign hotel also faces bottlenecks in the development of local staff vulnerable to
occupational restrictions. Although the domestic talent and ability with the same
conditions, but foreign or outside the hotel hosting the senior management group,
most expatriates from managers, local staff is difficult to promotion, development is
limited. If the line departments of the restaurant, room to work to achieve it is difficult
to continue promotion charge, second-line can move forward one step on the
development of departmental staff.
  6, Destructive Enthusiasm training methods
  hotel does not belong to the profit sector as increased marginally, to the lack of
sufficient talent to join the appeal, so even the waiter is relatively scarce. Junior
officers could not guarantee, the more difficult to train executives from human
resources, which led to hotel personnel Destructive Enthusiasm-style training. Hotel
personnel training cycle before long, a staff general to spend more than 8 years to
achieve general manager level, but is gradually accelerated personnel training, a
student attendant 1 year can be as captain, 3 years can be a manager . This Destructive
Enthusiasm is difficult to precipitate out of the training status of high-quality
management personnel.

 three local high-quality hotel management training specific countermeasures

  1, change the traditional concept of talent and industry bias
  foster a "career equally important," thinking on a realistic understanding of their own,
determine the appropriate article from [worry document] collection
and sorting, to thank the original author. Expectations, avoid rush promotion
restlessness, good job mentality. Meanwhile, the full use of our services in the new
century, the opportunity to develop the initiative to strengthen the hospitality industry
to shape self-image and publicity, encouraging government policies to support
services, improve services to people glorious atmosphere.
  2, and Enterprise School
  joint U.S. tourism management expert Charles R · Greig resistance
(CharlesR.Goeldner) and J · R · Brentridge (JRBrentRitchie) summing up the U.S.
travel different positions in the industry based on the academic level of the tourism
industry, drawing a road map for career growth.
  in Figure 1, you can clearly see that a university undergraduate students can become
a manager, or head to first, and then promoted to manager. Experience in China due to
the restrictions, undergraduates can only start from the front line staff. For an
individual, affecting their professional development time to plan; for enterprises, is a
waste of resources.

 to get out of this dilemma, we can learn from the successful experience of advanced
hotel - the joint school. According to the actual situation, we can build your own dock
personnel training system. First, we use directional Wei Pei, order training mode, the
company's employment training programs and school enrollment plans docking, the
process of instilling in the whole culture of education, vocational interest,
professionalism and professional quality culture, the implementation of targeted
employment guidance and career education, training and vocational training skills
businesses need. Second is to strengthen the graduate internship training in
management. Both sides should work closely with schools and enterprises, to
strengthen their psychological attachment to guide and coordinate the management,
for students to develop personal "career plan" to improve the adaptability of the work
of interns to the hotel to ensure a smooth through the internship, and can well stay at
the hotel to continue working. Third, the employment as an extension of school
education. Graduates in the first 1-2 years professional time is very unstable,
businesses time to make good use of learning as the middleman, through the
relationship between teachers and students to communicate that help enhance
understanding of enterprises Bi Yesheng degree and fitness. Such as 2005, the
20-strong hotel group, one of New Century Tourism Group, and Ningbo City College
formed a "New Century hotel class." The class implementing "Order 2 +1" training
program, which two years ago in school, third year into the New Century Tourism
Group Teaching Practice in their hotel. After graduation these students can become in
a short time hotel management trainee, as the hotel's long-term future talent base. This
model for the hotel set up a stable of talent delivery channels to address the current
lack of hotel personnel issues.
  3, hotel management personnel to accelerate the establishment of reserve bank
  and different from traditional succession planning, talent pool of speed is not the job
for business executives selected for each goal one or two selected candidates but from
the whole group of people for the executive positions of high potential talent. Into the
hotel's staff, whether junior staff or senior management, will develop a training
program for talent development, hotel from which to select those with high potential
talent, invite them to join the "pool of talent to accelerate." The pool of personnel to
enter the hotel through the expanded scope of work and the arrangement of specific
tasks and so on, to provide staff with the best learning opportunities and exposure.
Meanwhile, under the guidance of instructors, they can receive more professional
training. This method makes the hotel the best talent available to fill the high and need
to get into training for the job and the embarrassment, making business better
  4, using a variety of incentives, encouraging employees to continue "self-charging"
to increase the "blood" function
  Harvard professor William James found that the employees on time payment only
potential general 20% to 30% will be able to keep their jobs, but in a good incentive
environment, the same employees can play a potential 80% to 90%, of which 50% to
60% of the difference is due to the role of incentives. Today, enterprises means of staff
development is an incentive, but the time span of culture, often made it possible for
long-term culture of staff from boredom. Effective incentive at this time be regarded
as a good way to maintain freshness. If we in some sort of ability of individuals when,
in the let him alone to take on this task the same time, give necessary guidance to
support the completion of the time, give the appropriate incentives and commended,
not only to meet human needs, and also reached the purpose of training personnel.
  5, attention to women's career potential to play a
  as the hotel's own characteristics, the department posts the majority are women. As
the management of women, they always can rely on the inherent charm of the
relationship between the staff like a family. When guests are not satisfied with the
service, she always smiles to greet guests apologize to the guests the natural look of
the cloud dissipated. It is based on these characteristics, modern hotel industry more
and more emphasis on vocational training of women in management.

 4, closing

  in the current job market, businesses have a huge professional managers and senior
management personnel, and in the hotel and catering industry, with hotel investment,
operation and integrated management professionals rather scarce. Hotel Restaurant
Management because this particular industry, managers must not only have higher
language skills, communication skills and cultural qualities, but also familiar with the
market trends, identify trends, establish market positioning in the decision-making
level, with common sense but also proficient in business and management, familiar
with international hotel and catering industry, mode of operation.
  hotel industry, relying on the introduction of foreign aid to solve the problem of
talent, but relief troops of the policy, temporary solution. The key is to their "blood."
Along with the emphasis on the tourism economy and the development of school and
enterprise training mode, the hotel top talent, "localization" will increasingly
accelerated pace.

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