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					Hospital Building "Intelligent Building" technology in the hospital emergency
building construction applications

 smart building technologies Hospital
 Abstract: In recent years, the building technology application and research were
discussed Although a lot of literature about the latest intelligent building technologies,
but respect for the intelligence reports of medical buildings less intelligent of the
contents of the medical building were discussed and summarized in the hope for the
Domestic Hospital of Building Construction and Intelligent design reference.

 Keywords: intelligent building construction and application of hospital

  introduction to health care reform is bound to aggravate the health care market
competition, in order to better adapt to the hospital from the "patient-centered "to"
patient-centered ", to today's" people-centered "business philosophy change. Health
care environment has become increasingly important, people know: the music
building is freezing the truth. Therefore, construction of medical buildings is even
more emphasized sustainable development (SustainableDevelopment, SD) and
  1. Characteristics of the emergency building and task
  hospital is a hospital emergency department floor window and facade, is the first
contact with the hospital where patients. Out people that, in the limited space and time,
is easy to form healthy people and patients with mixed situation, resulting in patients
and patients, between patients and healthy cross-infection [1]. Therefore, a reasonable
space layout, modern building automation system (BuildingAutomationSystem, BAS),
fast communication networks, intelligent integrated electronic patient information
system, the waiting hall of humanity, will become the Hospital of the entire floor of
Building Intelligence new ideas.
  2. Intelligent emergency building design principles and objectives of the
  2.1 design principles of construction of each era are all marked with the stigma of
the times. In the intelligent design of the emergency building will be technologically
advanced in line with mainstream standards, to meet the practical requirements and to
facilitate system maintenance as a starting point [2]. As the intelligent building has a
very good return on investment with significant economic benefits to building the
perfect combination of art and information technology provides the opportunity to
look at the mainstream of domestic and foreign hospital design ideas and design
theory, breaking into the function-oriented design, "people-centered" as the first
principles of hospital design. Therefore, when Hospital of building intelligent design,
they need to be the superposition of functions, but also to prevent the accumulation of
equipment [3]. Avoid "A" to evaluate how much the level of intelligent building level.
The architectural design of the forward-looking, scientific, innovation and design,
construction and management as the design principles of the emergency building.
Prevent "sick building [4] (sickbuilding)" or "indoor air quality (1ndoorAirQuality,
IAQ) bad" buildings there. The basis of a structured cabling, structure of the
emergency building intelligent information highway, to the doctor and the medical
staff to provide patients with personalized set of information technology,
specialization and commercialization in one of the new emergency building
 2.2 designed the majority of patients want to have a warm, comfortable, convenient,
and harmonious environment for medical treatment, long hospital to provide high
quality, efficient and considerate care. The best efforts to meet the requirements of the
majority of patients [5], is to build intelligent, modern purposes and emergency
building endeavors. Emergency building design in addition to the soft environment
should have complete data, voice, image and multimedia communications and
information functions, comprehensive services; in the hard environment, out-patient
doctor's office also should be designed as "a risk of a Medical Room 1" in order to
protect the privacy of patient visits.
 3. Emergency building intelligent architectural design content
 3.1 structured cabling system design as the nerve center of intelligent building
project - Structured Cabling System (StructuredCablingSystem, SCS) is a key part of
the Intelligent Building and infrastructure [6]. Emergency building of intelligent
design, must pay full attention SCS. From a technical point of view, should be based
on appropriate SCS technology advance, the funds permit, you can consider the fiber
to the desktop (FiberToTheDesk, FTTD) routing scheme to improve network
performance. Hospital Information System (HIS), picture archiving and
communication system (PACS), etc. put into operation, and electronic commerce (EC),
Office Automation System (OAS) in the hospital and so can not do without SCS. And
with the digital hospital and network construction, in the next 5-10 years, out-patient
medical station will become fully operational, it is inseparable from the SCS support.
 3.2 BAS BAS design of broad, including not only the building housing the
monitoring equipment, including security systems
 (such as television surveillance, access control systems, burglar alarm, etc.),
management systems (such as the Class statement preparation, measurement systems,
property management system, etc.). In addition, auto-fire for the fire alarm and fire
control linkage system (FA) also belong to that category, because of its demanding
domestic in recent years as an independent system design and construction. Discussed
in this article is narrow BAS, mainly include the following:
 3.2.1 ventilation air conditioning systems have special requirements for hospital
emergency building construction, should be to improve air quality, reducing noise and
saving energy for the purpose of keeping in mind the type of central air conditioning,
auxiliary equipment, terminal equipment, air flow, air flow and other factors. Outside
the medical building will include medical and environmental monitoring system
designed air conditioning system is necessary in the construction of the different
regions of the air vents and air conditioning systems installed, etc. related to sensors
(such as carbon dioxide sensors, etc.), the necessary environmental monitoring, while
the design of air-conditioning system reference control "SARS" air-conditioning
  3.2.2 Parking Management System with the accelerated construction of digital cities,
the rapid increase in number of motor vehicles, and patient and management of the
parking of vehicles will be the construction of the emergency building is another
important issue. Advanced parking management system not only on effective
management and control of vehicles, maintaining good medical environment, can
have some economic benefits.
  3.2.3 medical equipment design and construction of buildings of traditional
construction equipment such as power control system, compared to the drainage
system, construction of medical equipment has its own characteristics: First, close
integration with the built environment, such as the concentration of oxygen, suction,
compressed air and nitrous oxide supply and recycling subsystems must be integrated
with the medical environment design and construction requirements. Secondly, the
subsystem had not national norms, the hospital system during the design of the three
gas must be combined with hospital needs, tailor-made. At the same time in
management, the three gas systems should be unified into the BAS system monitoring,
to achieve common building equipment and building the unified management of
medical equipment.
  3.2.4 Automatic Fire Alarm and Fire linkage control system design of the system and
the BAS is often considered separately, but in the current computer technology and
network technology are rapidly developing, automatic fire alarm and fire control
subsystem linkage BAS separately with the design, construction and management
model, is unsuited to the development of today's technology. BAS is not conducive to
system integration (system integrated, SI), not to save staff, to save maintenance costs,
improve efficiency of building purposes. During construction, stress and acceptance
hidden works to eliminate fire hazards, while the selection of construction equipment,
strict quality control, because the building products after use irreversible
characteristics, that is, after construction and installation, it is difficult through the
"Edit "The way to make up for deficiencies, improve its function. Intelligent building,
particularly [7].
  3.3 Emergency Department background environmental conditioning systems
designed for out-patient room, waiting hall and other public places to adjust the soft
environment. Attitude from the doctor speaking patients, want to seek medical
treatment as soon as possible, leave the hospital. However, a number of objective
  waiting is inevitable. In the waiting period, patients and caregivers how to spend this
time, a hospital emergency department floor in the building must be taken into
account. Background environment of the family emergency building design is the
embodiment of design, beautiful soft music, soothing melodies linger in the
emergency room floor outside the door, so that patients have a familiarity and sense of
belonging. Background light through the computer to adjust the illumination, color,
such as the main color in the summer to cold winter to warm-based system to improve
the medical environment, the emergency building will play an active role.

 4. Integrated electronic patient information systems
  system relying on patient information, communication network based on intelligent
Daoyi the core, the computer as a tool for out-patient services in order to complete
tasks. System integration technology through the system this paper from [worry documentation] to collect and collate, thank the original
author! Operation, the hardware (including system software, tools, software, etc.),
network, database and corresponding application software portfolio as an effective
and practical, with good interface for computer application information systems.
Through the information inquiry system, eliminating long-troubled hospital
emergency building of the "three long, one short" phenomenon.
  4.1 emergency department with a large screen display system, large screen display
system, profiles of hospitals, department settings, visiting experts, fees and drug
prices in time for the patients, patients with relevant information to facilitate the query,
thus achieve Physician Order, designated price, obtaining medicine and other fast and
accurate computer management.
  4.2 Intelligent Daoyi system in order to avoid confusion when the patient visits and
increase the efficiency of medical personnel. Management Systems registered in the
outpatient appointment subsystem based on the additional sections of the relevant
information on Patients, design, installation small electronic screen-oriented sign,
indicating movement of patient visits. Dao Yi System Intelligent design should fully
demonstrate computer technology, the light-emitting diode (LED), liquid crystal
display (LCD), plasma (PNP) and other display technologies and communications
technology advantages, combined with the hospital HIS system, emergency call
number and the door Daoyi flexible system design. Patients registered for treatment of
patients after the relevant information generated, indicating the whereabouts
department visits, outpatient management system will register the information to
out-patients intelligent Daoyi system. The system is completely patient-centered
medical treatment to reduce the intensity of medical staff for the purpose to increase
the use of hospital emergency building efficiency goals, to improve the overall
function of the emergency building. To overcome the current hospital outpatient
medical professionals responsible for maintaining order and a number of additional
adverse factors Daoyi personnel.
  4.3 additional computer search system using bar code identification system or the
password confirmation technology, the different functions of the emergency building
regional configuration computer touch screen, to facilitate patient check in the
hospital and all the consumption needs of the various types of medical patients
information, advocacy efforts to strengthen hospitals and improve the attractiveness
of the patients.
  4.4 Construction of the whole patient-specific information video consultation system
based on technology and the needs of 21st century medical model, intelligent
construction of the emergency building should be registered with the telephone
booking, medical consultation, remote video consultation system out to the
implementation of interactive multimedia paid services, common-sense answers to
medical problems of patients to guide treatment, to facilitate those who can only ask
to solve pain-related symptoms in patients [8]. Also separated by distance and time of
doctors and patients to establish an information highway between. Emergency
department in the intelligent building construction, building a set of multimedia
teaching, remote video consultation system in one patient the entire information
technology platform for out-patient physician, dedicated video conferencing systems
by out-patient, specialist out-patient clinics for distance. After the success of the
system connected, remote collaborative hospital simply sick patient in a video
consultation system for out-patient office or other place where patients and medical
experts can carry out remote off-site clinic. The system will make full use of our
precious health care resources, at the same time reduce the medical expenses of
patients. This off-site outpatient medical treatment methods in the computer
technology, network and communication technologies are rapidly developing today
will soon be promoting.
  6 Emergency Department Building Intelligent Building Design Problems in
  6.1 to coordinating relations between various types of jobs in construction, the
various types of engineers to face and deal with different targets, intelligent building
engineers, since the the latest knowledge, the pursuit of technology may go ahead in
the other building trades, while other types of engineers because of the "intelligent
building" awareness bias, so have the "intelligent building" is nothing more than "a
set of cabling and less wall, more holes, "just point of view. In fact, domestic related
"intelligent building" literature, "intelligent building ≠ Intelligent Building 10" is
almost the same argument (Zhangrui Wu, 1996; Libo Xian, 1997; Linxian Guang,
1997). Of course, the reasonableness of intelligent building technology is not equal to
building the ultimate success. All types of work to mutual cooperation, understanding
and communication in order to improve the "intelligent building."
  6.2 emphasizes building construction and property management property
management synchronizing the contents of the traditional buildings are more simple,
intelligent building with a lot of new content and features, it is relatively complex to
manage and maintain. Building intelligent systems equipment used high technology,
high automation, operation and management of the technical quality of the high
requirements. At the same time intelligent building is completed, the maintenance of
normal operation and maintenance will be the key. Based on the above factors, clinic
floor, building intelligent design should include the property management of the
  6.3 focus on the relationship between engineering and scientific research and the
information society is characterized by knowledge, technology, fast updates, medical
building has the characteristics of public buildings shall be in common: but the more
that the other buildings do not have personality. Such as large screen display system
and Emergency Department, intelligence Daoyi systems, medical equipment,
construction systems, emergency department-wide information technology system,
video consultation, outpatient and emergency patients are transfusion management
systems, its unique. Some systems are mature, but some systems are immature or not,
the hospital must be integrated with the specific requirements of preliminary
engineering design argument, planning and development, so that engineering and
scientific research closely and building characteristics of the times of the medical
  7. Conclusion
  21 century Hospital of the medical environment to realize the "people-oriented"
concept, to improve Hospital of the building floor grade. Make the patient is "God"
this concept can be fully reflected at the hospital, first-class environment, first-class
services to make patients feel the value of the sublimation of life [9]. Meanwhile, the
clinic building into a smart, digital, information, networking and international
landmark, for the hospital to achieve leap-forward development of medical buildings
to pave the way for the future implementation of a digital hospital management

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