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									Welcome to USC for 2008 and 2009

Club Newsletter, #1 of 3, Fall 2008

Back to the Ice!                                            You need to know….
On behalf of the Club Leadership Team, the Coaches          Office Hours
and our parent volunteers we would like to welcome          for your questions and
back all new and returning skaters. We wish everyone a      concerns:
great season of skating excitement and achievement.
                                                            Mon 4:30 - 9:00pm
The vibrancy of USC is really the children and parents      Wed 4:00 - 9:00 pm
who attend sessions and take advantage of all the unique    Sat. 11:30 - 3:00 pm
things being a member of our club has to offer.
                                                             Marg can help, or point you in
There are places merely to learn skating, and then there the right direction for items
are special places like USC, where fun, family and           you’d like addressed by the
fitness are things that set us apart. If you have any ideas, Leadership Team or others.
questions or concerns about how our club is run and          (Note: all best efforts are made
what you can do to help make it even better we welcome to keep these hours. On rare
your feedback and participation.                             occasions they may change, but
                                                             we’ll do our best to keep them or
Our full season runs September 8, 2008 to April 26,          let you know of changes).
2009. Ice Fantasia 2009 runs April 24-26, 2009.
                                                             How Do I Arrange Private
Skater of the Month: our CanSkate program recognizes Lessons?
our best skaters in our different programs. Coaches          USC membership means our
decide based upon dedication, good attitude,                 coaches are available to you for
sportsmanlike behaviour, good attendance and                 private lessons. Consult our
consistent demonstration of a passion and spirit for         Coaches directly on custom
skating.                                                     coaching opportunities for your
                                                             child. Fees for this great one-on-
    Canskaters of the month for October                      one approach are negotiated
                                                             directly with a Coach. Names and
    Sammie Cheng, Nicole Esdale, Emily Strike, Hana          numbers of our coaches are
    Kitaura, Charis Choi, Lauren Gyorody, Tiffany            posted on USC’s website,
    Yong, Stephanie Cheng, Kayleigh Cheung, Jason Li,
    Kathy Liu, Coco Wang, Ella Zhao, and Darren Lam. or contact the office to arrange a
    Congratulations to all of you for being the              call with a coach, or speak with a
    canskaters for the month of October.                     coach after his or her session.

                                            1 of 9                                   11/19/08
Safety:                                                       CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Change rooms at Crosby Arena are provided for skaters
to put on and take off skates. Please do not use the          November 17 – 22 PJ week –
lobby, which is not very large, for dressing skaters.         Who needs to get dressed this
                                                              day? Come in your PJ’s for your
Essential Parent Q&A                                          session!

1. What are the skills learned at each Preschool and          December 9:
                                                              STARSkate Low Test Day
CanSkate level?
                                                              December 11:
The Preschool sessions support beginning skaters from
                                                              STARSkate High Test Day
age 3 to 5 to get comfortable on the ice. To enjoy the
sport your skater must be comfortable, so don’t forget
                                                              December 15-20:
mittens, gloves, helmets (mandatory) and warm clothes.
                                                              Red and Green Week. Dress
Skaters are organized in groups on the ice by the
                                                              the part and wear red and green
coaches according to ability. They will move to a new
                                                              to your session.
group when skills are mastered.
                                                              December 20(12-2pm):
The CanSkate program focuses on the development of
                                                              Our ever-popular Skate With
six fundamental movements organized in six stages of
learning, with an optional 7th level for skaters who want
to move into figure skating. Skills and movements are:
                                                              “NO SKATING” Dates:
Balance, Glide Forward, Glide Backward, Edges, Power,
and Speed. Once the skills on each stage are mastered, a
                                                              December 5 Unionville
badge is awarded. For more information, visit our
                                                              Christmas Festival
website at, or Skate
Canada’s website at
                                                              December 22-January 3
                                                              Christmas Break
2. How will I know how my child is doing?
For Preschool and CanSkate: Observing your child
                                                              Your Leadership Team of
during session will give you the best insight into his or
                                                              parent volunteers and coach
her progress. You can ask the coach during the season if
                                                              representatives for 2008/2009
you have specific questions or concerns. Badges are
awarded and levels changed at the time each individual
student achieves competency in each level. At the final       President:
class of the season, reports are provided indicating skills   Fran Paradiso-Hardy
Intermediate/Senior/Advanced: Direct                          Treasurer and VP:
communication with the Coach and the Test process             Susan Cash
will indicate results.
                                                              CanSkate Co-ordinator:
3. My kids are working on a Skate Canada Badge,               Lorrie-Anne Lauder, Laurie
how do I receive my badge upon completion of a                Zukow
                                             2 of 9                                   11/19/08
how do I receive my badge upon completion of a
level?                                                           Social/Fundraising:
When your child receives a badge slip on the ice, bring it       Nancy DiTomaso,Yolanda Toso
to the office to receive the CanSkate badge!
                                                                 Coach Liaison:
3. What’s happening on the ice during the CanSkate               Cathy Wilson
and Preschool Sessions?
Each of these sessions has a general format intended to          Synchro:
introduce essential skills of each Skating level in the          Ellen Racey
CanSkate program in a format appropriate to each level:
    -                                                            Publicity:
    - first 10 - 15 minutes, warm up,                            Carolyn Teehan
    - Group lesson 1/2 hour, - this is to provide time
       for independent practice, enabling transition to          Competition:
       higher levels and achievements)                           Laurence Carroll
    - last 10 - 15 minutes - cool down generally with
       Ice Supervisor                                            Test:
                                                                 Carin Hill, Ellen Racey
4. How are the Groups organized on Ice?
The Coaches are constantly assessing students to ensure
they are in an appropriate skating group given their
                                                                 Lorraine Li
respective age, capabilities, skills and overall ability. Most
CanSkate sessions, or mixed sessions on ice, break out
                                                                 Technical :
into three groups – sometimes this is skills-based within
a CanSkate level, and sometimes it reflects that there is        Diane Recalis
‘shared ice’ – in other words, according to our schedule,
                                                                 Coach Representative:
Preschool children and CanSkate level children on ice at
                                                                 Sandra Osbaldeston-Fountain
the same time will be grouped accordingly. Children will
switch groups only when the Coach assesses they are
ready to do so.                                                  To contact our Leadership
                                                                 Team, leave messages at the
                                                                 USC office 905-477-3294, or
Skate and Apparel Sale!
                                                                 contact them via general e-mail
USC would like to thank all of those who made our
skate apparel sale a huge success. We appreciate       
everyone’s support with this fundraiser for the skating
club. We would also like to thank Brett Schrader for             Competitions
providing all the merchandise from Jerry’s. Thank                Skaters in the STARSkate
you Brett!                                                       program may additionally
                                                                 choose to participate in
                                                                 Invitational Competitions
                                                                 hosted by various skating clubs
                                                                 throughout the GTA!

                                               3 of 9                                      11/19/08
                                                                 Through competition,
Ice Show 2009                                                   skaters learn to focus and set
                                                                goals, deal with success &
                                                                failure, manage time and
Although Ice Show 2009 seems miles away right now,              learn good sportsmanship.
planning for this much-anticipated event is well underway!
                                                                Skating competitions are
Once again, we are thrilled that coach Sandra
                                                                organized into categories,
Osbaldeston-Fountain (a.k.a “Sandy”) has agreed to take         according to age and level of
on responsibility for the direction of Ice Fantasia 2009! And   skill. If you are interested in
what a treat we are all in for!! Ice Fantasia 2009 will mark    competing, please check with
the 8 production that Sandy has directed and co-directed        your Coach to see if this is
for Unionville Skating Club.                                    suitable for your child.
Registration for the Show!                                      2008-2009 SEASON
Thank you to everyone who has already completed &
                                                                November 22-23, 2008
returned their “Registration and Volunteer” forms. However,
we still have forms outstanding and ask that you
                                                                Keswick Invitation Skate-
please complete and return your form to the USC office          Keswick, ON
by November 22. These forms are required in order to
assign all of our skaters to the appropriate “court” (show      January 31, 2009
group/song). If you did not receive a form, or have             Winter Glitters, Pickering, ON
misplaced yours, please drop by the USC office to pick one
up. With your help, we can make this a most exciting and        February 7-8, 2009
successful event for your skater!
                                                                2009 Synchronized Skating
                                                                Sectional Championships
Volunteers                                                      &Cupid’s Capers-Brampton, ON

Producing an ice show of this magnitude requires the            February 14-15, 2009
dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers.             Central Regional Festival of
Without it, our Ice Shows would cease to exist. As in
                                                                Synchronized Skating –
previous years, we have established a committee of
volunteers to oversee all aspects of the show, but we will
                                                                Newmarket, ON
still require many more volunteers to help make it happen!
In the next few months, more information about volunteer        February 20-22, 2009
opportunities will become available. Please give                2009 STARSkate
generously of your time.                                        Championships-Brampton, ON
On behalf of all of our skaters and membership, we would        March 6-8, 2009
like to extend a huge thank you in advance to the following
                                                                March Mania – Orangeville, ON
members of the Ice Fantasia 2009 organizing committee.
Your efforts are greatly appreciated!
                                                                April 17-19, 2009
                                                                Fun Competition-Thornhill, ON

                                                                Discuss with your coach if you
                                                                are interested in any of these

                                               4 of 9                                   11/19/08
Our Ice Fantasia 2009 Organizing Committee                    competitions.
       Director: Sandra Osbaldeston-Fountain
       Producers: Carin Hill, Ellen Racey, Carolyn Teehan
                                                              TEST RESULTS AUG
       Sponsorship: Linda Grott                              14/20-2008 OCT 27, 2008:
       Costumes: Lynne Pulenzas
       Souvenir Program: Carolyn Teehan                      SKILLS:
       Treasurer: Susan Cash
       Advertising / Publicity: Laurence Carroll
       Ticket Sales: Nancy Tennyson                          PRELIMINARY SKILLS:
       Dressing Room Management: Kate Carr, Phyllida         Natasha Tennyson, Grace Wong
          Gillissie, Karen Tworzyanski
       Photo Day: Yolanda Toso, Cathy Wilson
       Backstage Management: Nancy DiTomaso, Wendy           SENIOR BRONZE SKILLS:
          Schultz                                             Minaal Jhaver, Gabrielle Lowe,
       Social: Michelle Gullage                              Sarah Racey, Emily Teehan
       Set Up / Take Down: Ric Hyderman
       Lighting: Alan Heighway
       Concession: Mays Huen, Diane Recalis                  SENIOR SILVER SKILLS:
       Security: Janice Pickering                            Jennifer Yin
       Ushers: Janet Mascitelli
       Flowers: Josie Montanaro
       Sets / Props: Vicky Yiu                               FREESKATE:

We are also still looking for volunteers for the following    SENIOR BRONZE
position on the Ice Fantasia 2009 organizing committee:
                                                              ELEMENTS: Brigitte Carroll,
SECRETARY:                                                    Alexandra Recalis
Responsible for organizing monthly meetings, taking
minutes, tracking sponsorship progress and assisting with     JUNIOR SILVER
end of show administration.
                                                              ELEMENTS: Stephanie
 To sign up for this position, please leave your name &       Carroll
number in the office or send an email with your information
to:                                DANCES:

Sponsorship                                                   PRELIMINARY DANCES:
In 2007, Ice Fantasia cost over $60,000 to produce – the
largest expenditures being ice/arena costs and costumes.
                                                              DUTCH WALTZ: Kirsty
Under the direction of Linda Grott, over $20,000 in           Choy, Hillary Fung, Joelle
sponsorship money was raised that year to help our club       Maduri, Serena Tam
offset these costs and produce a formidable show. As a
not-for-profit organization, without such sponsorship
money, USC would simply not be able to produce this
                                                              CANASTA TANGO: Emma
event. In 2007, our sponsorship revenue amounted to           Zukow
approximately $80/skater. Please help us to raise
sponsorship money again through our souvenir program,         BABY BLUES: Judy Cheung,
ice time sponsorship and/or Ice Show donations. We need
your help to make Ice Fantasia 2009 another wonderfully
                                                              Chanel Chow, Michelle Lee,
memorable occasion! Our goal for 2009 is to raise             Meaghan Vella
                                               5 of 9                                11/19/08
memorable occasion! Our goal for 2009 is to raise              Meaghan Vella

Once again, a Souvenir Program will be provided to each        JUNIOR BRONZE DANCES:
member of our audience at each show. During the 2007
Ice Show, over 1,500 copies of the program were                SWING: Bryn Evans, Elizabeth
distributed to our membership and guests in 4 shows-
providing our sponsors a tremendous opportunity to
advertise their businesses and/or services to a “captive
audience”!                                                     FIESTA TANGO: Mariana
                                                               Abdulnoor, Brittania Fusca,
If you, or someone you know, would be interested in
                                                               Summer Gullage, Grace Wong,
placing an advertisement in the souvenir program, please
stop by the USC office to pick up an “Advertising and          Jessie Yeung
Sponsorship Opportunities” flyer and a copy of the 2007 Ice
Fantasia program. The “Advertising and Sponsorship             WILLOW WALTZ: Rachel
Opportunities” document outlines all of the various ways
                                                               Moore, Rebecca Moore,
you can help to support our Ice Show 2009, including ice
time sponsorship. If you require any additional information,   Alessandra Toso, Racheal Zegas
please do not hesitate to contact Linda Grott at or Carolyn Teehan at                        SENIOR BRONZE DANCES:

                                                               TEN FOX: Kristy Lam,
Costumes                                                       Gabrielle Lowe
Did you know that there were over 380 fantastic costumes
worn during the 2007 Ice Show? With our increased              FOURTEEN STEP: Christine
membership this year (!!), we anticipate even more in Ice      Cash, Emily Teehan
Fantasia 2009!
                                                               EUROPEAN: Sarah Racey
Each of our skaters must be measured for their costume(s).
As you can imagine, this is a VERY big job and we are so
thankful for Lynne Pulenzas who is coordinating this on our    JUNIOR SILVER DANCES:
behalf! Costume measurement for STARSkaters
(Intermediate, Senior and Advanced) began during the           KEAT’S FOXTROT: Minaal
week of November 3.                                            Jhaver, Jessica Mascitelli,
CanSkaters (all levels) and Pre-Intermediate STARSkaters       Giovanna Ngai, Kristen Ngai
will be measured over the next few months. More
information regarding measurement dates and times will be      HARRIS TANGO: Aleisha
forthcoming. Please make every effort to attend the            Kalia
appropriate measurement session for your skater.

If you are unable to attend a measurement session, or          AMERICAN WALTZ:
require further information, please contact Lynne Pulenzas     Jennifer Yin
                                                               ROCKER FOXTROT:
                                                               Brittany Kinley, Giovanna
                                                               Ngai, Kristen Ngai, Melissa
                                                               Pulenzas, Jennifer Yin
                                              6 of 9                                  11/19/08
Viva Ice Vegas!!                                                 Ngai, Kristen Ngai, Melissa
                                                                 Pulenzas, Jennifer Yin
We would like to extend a huge thank you to our very own,
Alana Vachris for her generous and extremely creative            SENIOR SILVER DANCES:
design of this year’s Ice Show logo and poster, Viva ICE
Vegas! Alana and her company, The Creative Ad
Company, have generously donated their time and talents          PASO DOBLE: Nicole
to create the logo for our past 4 ice shows and every one of     Mendonza, Kellie Pence,
them is truly a work of art. On behalf of all of us, thank you   Alexandra Recalis, Makayla
so much Alana for your spectacular work and your
                                                                 Stone, Kaitlin Ritchie
tremendous support!

                                                                 STARLIGHT WALTZ:
                                                                 Brigitte Carroll, Nicole
                                                                 Mendonza, Alexandra Recalis

                                                                 KILIAN: Samantha Altorio

                                                                 GOLD DANCES:

                                                                 VIENNESE WALTZ:
USC giving back to the community                                 Stephanie Carroll, Amanda
Hockey for Heart                                                 Pulenzas

This year, the Unionville Men’s Hockey League is                 WESTMINSTER WALTZ:
participating in Hockey for Heart, a local fundraising           Margo Huen, Victoria Tennyson
intiative which supports the Markham Food Bank.
Last year they were able to raise almost $20 000 and             QUICKSTEP: Margo Huen
provided complete turkey dinners for 175 families
who are less fortunate. This year they will be                   INTERPRETIVE
collecting donations of non perishable food items as
well as monetary donations to go towards their goal of           INTRODUCTORY
providing 200 complete turkey dinners to families who
                                                                 INTERPRETIVE: Margo
need them most. USC’s members are encouraged to
join in and support this wonderful community                     Huen
initiative and give back to those who are less fortunate
within our own community.                                        BRONZE INTERPRETIVE:
                                                                 Margo Huen
Boxes will be provided in the Crosby arena lobby
where USC members can drop off the most needed                   SILVER INTERPRETIVE:
Food Bank items. Please look for posters detailing               Makayla Stone
these items in the next few weeks.

                                                7 of 9                                 11/19/08
                                                            NEXT NEWSLETTER:
                                                            January 2009


CanSynchro is USC’s group of skaters led by Coach Sandra Fountain. It is a group that
ranges in age from 6 to 12 years old, 17 members strong. They have been working on
their skills and have started practising a routine for the Ice Show. It is a great way to learn
some new moves while having fun with new friends on the ice! We look forward to
seeing them perform.

                                            8 of 9                                   11/19/08
Sparkling Ice is USC’s competitive pre-juvenile synchronized skating team. They have
been working very hard all fall practicing their routine. This year they will be skating to
the music of Kung Fu Panda. The team is looking forward to their first competition in
Fort Erie, in January.

Sparkling Ice wishes to gratefully acknowledge their sponsors for the 2008-9 season.
They are: Zegas Group Ltd, Optima Medical Pharmacy, Dutton Brock LLP, Brent
Leasing Ltd., Canadian Tire Markham Stores, Dr. Betty Cragg Unionville Orthodontics,
Travel Lovers, Florentine Kitchens Ltd., Kleinfeldt Consulting Ltd., and the Trillium

Sparkling Ice is coached by Wendy Clevely-Schultz and Tracey Jones. Good luck in

                                           9 of 9                                  11/19/08

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