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					Pinyin case "Pinyin a, o, e" teaching case

 case of primary schools teaching Chinese Pinyin

 host profile Jaw John Chang Wei Department of Education, Xiamen Kaiyuan
Director, Fujian grade teacher, senior teacher of primary schools, Fujian Province,
will be executive director of primary school language teaching, language teaching in
primary schools, teaching and research for 39 years, participated in People's
Education Press, the revision of primary school language teaching.
 PEP small experimental language teaching (Volume I) of the "pinyin" made a major
reform: the organization of a more scientific and teaching materials; arranged artistic
mood context map effective integration of learning content; incorporated into the
songs, to learn Pinyin and Chinese Characters and organically combine, consolidate
syllable spelling reflects the feelings, attitudes, values, culture; review to consolidate a
variety of forms.
 how classroom teaching, curriculum standards reflect the new ideas? Consider the
following case.
 "Pinyin a, o, e" teaching case
 coach: Xiamen City, the Joint Primary Hu Yanying
 Comment: Siming District Education Department of hard to find,
 【1】% D% fragment A (present situation this lesson plan)
 Teacher: saw this picture, you say?
 Student: I think that's very beautiful here.
 Teacher: Where is America?
 health (pointing to map): trees, houses, grass, girl, river, small dragonfly, goose,
ducklings are the United States.
 Student: I think there must be very fresh air.
 Teacher: how you think, can tell you it?
 Student: I see a lot of trees here, very green.
 division: a lot of trees are green, how to say one word?
 Students: wooded.
 Teacher: Children, lush trees not only give us some fresh air, but also beautify our
environment, like this beautiful village you do?
 Health (Qi): love.
 Teacher (pointing to map): Village of the morning is so beautiful, let us come to this
beautiful mountain village to see the little girl, big cock, big white goose in doing?
Which children's ears the most spirit, can hear the nice voice too!
 Student: I heard the little girl singing the song ɑ, o cock sing song.
 (division to produce ɑ and o)
 Student: I heard the birds chirped, duck rattle, shouting, singing is also a large white
 Student: I will back "goose", goose, goose, geese, song items to Tiange, white
floating green water ... ...
  (division to produce e)
  Teacher: child observation very carefully, very smart, and now watching the screen,
one side with the teacher to read: little girl singing, ɑ, ɑ, ɑ; big cock crow, o, o, o;
big white goose allocation of water, é, é, é.
  Teacher: Today, we learned the first lesson ɑ, o, e.
  Comment】 【alphabet before learning, the teachers guide the students to first
observe the map, appreciate the beauty of nature to inspire students yearning for a
better life for students with a happy heart the first lesson to learn Hanyu Pinyin.
Teachers to make full use of context diagram to help students learn spelling, students
observe the ability of students in language development, and enhance the learning fun.
  fragment 【2】
  Teacher: Students, you can ɑ, o, e of the form to remember it?
  students: Yes.
  Teacher: The picture book can help you remember ɑ, o, e of the form, please see
map, think about what new discoveries, at the same table sharing exchange.
  (exchange students)
  Teacher: Who is willing to tell you their new discovery? Pointing to drawings of
  Student: I found the little girl's picture ɑ.
  Student: I found this big cock crow circle like o.
  health: the shadow of the water like e.
  Teacher: Who is the shadow of the water it? Finish the entire right?
  health: the shadow of the water like a big white goose e.
  Teacher: Well said! Do you have any good ways to ɑ, o, e remember it? Also be
included in a compilation rhymes, like a teacher to teach you just read it: little girl
singing, ɑ, ɑ, ɑ. Panel discussion.
  Student: I think the o like a swimming circle.
  Student: I feel like a key ring o particular.
  Health: Dad online, I saw an e in the constantly turning.
  Teacher: I'm smart! This shows that you are to observe the life in peacetime. Who
compiled a series doggerel you? (Not see the students raise their hands) We have
compiled with you?
  Teacher: water a goose, it's (pointing to map)
  teacher: reflection - e, e, e.
  Teacher: (pointing o map) Who compiled doggerel?
  living beings: a circle, o, o, o.
  【Comment】 teachers attach great importance to autonomous learning ability, let go
and let the students themselves to find "new discovery" method of teaching to student
learning and teaching process is very hierarchical: first to guide students from the
visual image to observe the screen and memory shape, and then guide the students to
imagine life shaped links, the final guidance to the students compiled under the screen
jingle memory shape. Students teaching teachers and students form an equal dialogue,
learn happily. / Center>