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					 SABOR Update for 1st Quarter Town Hall Meeting

Vehicle Rendition Update
      Now that Prop 6 has passed, what should you do?
           o If you have previously rendered your vehicle, you must file two forms in the next
               few months
           o If you have NOT previously rendered your vehicle, before you do anything,
               consult your CPA and/or tax attorney for further clarification
      First, what is Prop 6?
           o It is a proposition that ensures individuals such as REALTORS® who drive their
               vehicles to conduct business will not be taxed on their vehicle.
           o History:
                    In the 78th Legislature, Senate Bill 340 amended Section 22.01 of the Tax
                       Code to create a penalty for the failure to render for taxation all property
                       that used in the production of income.
                    It was never the intent, however, of the Legislature to require an
                       individual’s personal motor vehicle, owned and operated in the course of
                       the individual’s business, to be rendered.
                    To clarify this, the 79th Texas Legislature enacted House Bill 809 the
                       following year that attempted to make clear that the Tax Code does not
                       require individuals to render their personal automobiles used for both
                       personal and business purposes.
                    In Nov. 2006, the attorney general opined that “{the new bill} exempts
                       cars and light trucks that are used in the owner’s occupation or
                       profession and for personal purposes from rendition for taxation, but
                       …the legislation did not establish that such personal property is exempt
                       from taxation.
                    Proposition 6 was then introduced to help clarify this issue in the Texas
                    With its passage, business personal property was exempt from taxation.
           o If you rendered your vehicle
                    Go to Bexar Appraisal District Web site:
                    Log on and click “forms.” Go to “Personal Property Rendition Forms and
                       Information” and pull up the last two forms listed on that page
                    You must complete two forms; one for 2007 and one for 2008
                  2007 Form: “Special 2007 Vehicle Exemption Application” is due no later
                   than April 1, 2008
                  2008 Form: An application to take your vehicle out of the tax rolls is due
                   no later than April 30, 2008.
                        You will need to fill out a form annually with the appraisal district
                           until you either sell the vehicle or the vehicle title is transferred
                           out of your name.

Fingerprinting Update
      What should you know?
          o As of January 1st, 2008, all new and renewing REALTOR® licensees now have to
            be fingerprinted to get their license.
          o First Step: Get a FAST Print Pass
                 This form gives you a number that you’ll need to make a fingerprinting
                 Go online to , enter your TREC license number to
                    create your FAST Print Pass and print out the form.
          o Second Step: Make an appointment (Walk-ins are not allowed)
                 After obtaining a FAST Print Pass, click on the link that will show you
                    various locations.
                 Be sure to click on a date and time to finalize your appointment.
                 You may also call 1-800-467-2080 to make an appointment through IBT.
                 Arrive at your appointment at your specified time. Arriving early will not
                    enable you to be seen earlier; others who have appointments for that
                    time will be seen first.
          o How to find out where to get printed
                 Integrated Biometric Technologies is the vendor handling prints for the
                    Texas Department of Public Safety
                 There are many locations across the state of Texas
                 Visit TREC’s Web site to view various locations and what their hours are
          o How far in advance prints should be taken
                 Possible to get printed up to a year in advance of your expiration, but this
                    is not advised
                 It is recommended to not get printed until you have 90 days or less to
                    your expiration date.
          This is for a courtesy toward those people who’s license expires in the
            next few weeks so they can be guaranteed an appointment time.
o   How long the process takes
          It takes a person around 10 to 12 minutes to get fingerprints taken
          Fourteen impressions are taken
          They will also take your photo to be used for internal purposes only
          It typically takes 3-5 days to get results back
o   Why is the process required?
          A law was recently passed in the 80 th Legislature regular session that
            requires any person applying for or renewing a broker or salesperson
            license on or after January 1st, 2008 to provide their fingerprints, in a
            specified format, to enable an FBI criminal background check to be
o   How much does it cost?
          It costs $44.20 to have prints taken.
          You may ONLY pay by check or money order if paying in person at the
          If you use your credit card to pay online, a small processing fee may be
o   What to do if your prints are rejected
          You will be required to make another appointment and be reprinted.
          There is no cost to be reprinted.
o    If you have problems scheduling an appointment or have questions about cost
           Log onto TREC’s website at to see answers to
              additional questions or problems you may have.
           Contact IBT, an L-1 Identity Solutions Company, headquarters at 203-504-
              1100 to answer questions specific to scheduling difficulties, cost
              allocation questions, etc.
           Individual locations that do fingerprinting have nothing to do with
              scheduling or the cost of the process.
o    What happens if you don’t get fingerprinted by your renewal date
           If you apply for a renewal or new license but do not have your
              fingerprints taken with it, the renewal will be processed, but will be
              issued on an inactive status.
           The license will stay inactive until you provide fingerprints as required by
                   If you renew your license, pay the right fee, take your MCE and complete
                    the right forms, but don’t get your fingerprints taken by your expiration
                    date, you will not be subjected to a late fee; however, you will have to
                    submit a change form and a fee to go from inactive to active status.

2008 MLS Conversion

      FACTS
          o MLS Committee & SABOR Board of Directors recently took actions to change
             MLS Vendors.
          o Paragon will be replaced by ConnectMLS, provided by dynaConnections, an
             Austin-based company.
          o During August and September, both Paragon and ConnectMLS will run parallel
             which will allow members to use either system.
          o Listing entry will continue being done through Paragon while updates will be
             made to ConnectMLS several times a day.
          o During August and September, there will be training sessions for members to
             learn about the new system
          o October 1st will be when the new system will become the sole MLS system used
             by SABOR.
          o There will be no increase in MLS fees to make this change.
          o Focus groups were formed to determine the effectiveness of the current
             MLS system
          o Responses by the focus groups indicated a change in systems was not necessary
             unless a better system could be found with no increase in MLS fees
          o A Vendor Search Task Force was appointed by the SABOR MLS
          o Eight leading MLS vendors were reviewed and all system options available to
             SABOR were examined
          o After participating in product/system demonstrations, analyzing proposals and
             several months of study, a recommendation was made to the MLS Committee
             and Board of Directors.
          o It was decided to contract with dynaConnections
                  Runs on new technology
                  System has remarkable response time
                  Has built-in tutorials throughout each function
                  Will utilize “Property Info” by REIdata as part of the roll out
                                  “Property Info” has public records in a format that gives
                                    members many more search capabilities
                                 Example: Can now search public records by subdivision for
                                    those counties that provide it
                  In addition to Bexar, Comal, Kendall and Guadalupe County tax data and
                      public records being available, Bandera, Atascosa, Wilson and Medina
                      counties will also be added for the new MLS.
           o SABOR thanks all of the members involved for their time, efforts and expertise.
           o Updates will be released periodically over the next few months as more
             information becomes available.
           o Please contact SABOR’s Member Service Department with any questions.


Award Recipients at TAR Mid-Winter Meeting
   Dwight Hale – REALTOR of the Year AND ratified as the 2009 TAR Secretary-Treasurer
   Jackie Arnette – Texas Women’s Council Member of the Year
   Tom Patterson – NAR Omega Tau Rho fraternity induction for his service on the national
      governing Board of CRS
   Travis Kessler – 2nd time recipient of the Tom Morton Account Executive of the Year
   Education Program of the Year (Ernie Guerrero & Ron Smith) for Pahtways to
   TREPAC Awards (Marietta Alba): 1 st place in Big City Boards for % over quota an 1 st place
      in participation
   Missy Stagers – Top Celebrity Waiter – WCR/TREPAC Fundraiser

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