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                          Uploading Pictures From Your Camera or
                           Card Reader Using Photoshop Elements

In this exercise, we will upload images from your digital camera or card reader to your computer
using the Organize mode of Photoshop Elements. What follows assumes that you have
previously set the desired preferences or are using the PSE.

Also it assumes you have turned off the automatic upload feature in PSE versions prior to
Version 7. If you have not done this, you essentially begin at Step 8. The screen above Step 8
appears automatically as soon as you connect your camera/card reader.

    1. Open the Organizer of Photoshop Elements.
    2. Connect your camera or a card reader to one of your computer’s USB connectors before
       turning on your camera or inserting your card into the reader.
    3. For a camera, put it in the normal Playback mode and turn it on. If you are using a
       card reader, insert the memory card into the appropriate slot.
    4. The Windows Auto Play dialog box similar to the one below should appear in most
       cases. If/when it does, click on the red X in the upper right hand corner to close it.

                      Auto Play Dialog With Camera/Card Reader Connected

    5. On the Menu bar, click on File > Get Photos > From Camera or Card Reader as
       shown below.

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc         1

                     File > Get Photos > From Camera or Card Reader

    6. Click on the down arrow in the Photo Downloader dialog, just to the right of Select a
       Device in the upper left hand corner of the dialog box as shown below.

                                  Top of Photo Downloader Dialog

    7. You should then see your camera/card reader in the drop down list. Click on it. PSE
       immediately reads your car/camera and displays thumbnails of each of the images it
       finds as shown in the figure below.

       If you do not see this screen, click on the Advanced Settings button in the lower corner
       of the dialog box.

       Note, no images have been copied to the computer yet.

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc        2

               PSE has Just Read the Contents of the Card or Camera at This Point

    8. Each of the thumbnails has a small white box just outside of its lower right corner which
       has a green check indicating that image will be copied to the computer. To skip any
       images, click on its white box to remove the green check.
    9. On the right side of the dialog are the options (storage location, red eye removal etc.) that
       will be used during the upload process. For our purposes, we will assume that you have
       already set these using the desired Edit > Preferences and are satisfied with the choices
       shown. See the figure below.

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc          3

                            Right Side of Photo Downloader Dialog Box
    10. Click on the Get Photos button in the lower right corner of the dialog to begin copying
        the photos to your computer.

                         Window Showing Progress of the Copying Process

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc         4

    11. The message box below is displayed after all of the photos have been copied to the
        computer. Clicking on OK then proceeds to enter the copied photos into the Catalog.

                 Uploaded Photos Will be Entered into the Catalog by Clicking Ok.

    12. PSE displays the following message box as shown below. Click Ok to complete the
        upload process.

                             Clicking Ok Completes the Upload Process

    13. Now you can disconnect your camera/card reader using the appropriate safe procedure,
        which is covered elsewhere.

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc       5

                                       Summary of Steps

    1. Open the Organizer of PSE.
    2. Connect your camera or card reader to the computer via a USB port.
    3. If using a camera, turn it on and put it in the picture playback mode.
    4. If/when Windows AutoPlay dialog appears, close it.
    5. Click on File > Get Photos > From Camera or Card Reader.
    6. In the Downloader dialog box, select your card reader/camera from the drop down list.
    7. Assuming you have previously set up your camera upload preferences and you want to
        upload all of the images from your camera/card reader, click Get Photos.
    8. If a message appears asking whether you want to delete the images you just copied from
        your camera/card reader, I recommend you click on NO. Delete them using your
        camera’s menu.
    9. Remove your camera/card reader in the proper manner.
    10. The pictures you just uploaded are the only ones visible in the browser and are ready for

Uploading Pictures From Your Camera.doc         6

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