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God of God lies lies


									God's "lies" lies God's

 man of God God lies

 Lord of "lies"

 Lord of "lies"
 primary school in Guangdong Province, Zhongshan City, Six Bamboo Lodge (2)
Chen Xu
 class of human birth, when,

 God said to him: "Everything is good."

 "people are in love you."

 time when the young man,

 God said to him: "life is happiness The. "

" People always try to meet you. "

 time when mankind was young,

 God said to him: "Time is happy."

 "play and play to your carefree."

 time when mankind adult,

 God said to him: "Everything is immaculate."

 human has argued: "No, you lie to me."

 "well-being of life only in an instant, a pleasant time I empty the world is empty."

 man finished, they no longer believe in the word of God.

 ... ...
 when human old age,

 weathered eyes after he examined the world,

 said: "Everything is so good ah!"

 Tutor: Chen Wangping

 Submission :2005-4-2920: 38:43
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