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Geological Tourism Development Tourism Sustainable Exploitation of geological resources


									Geological development of geological tourism tourism Sustainable Exploitation of the

 geological resources in sustainable tourism development

  Abstract: Sustainable development in an inclusive ideological content of the very
rich. It has risen as a high degree of contemporary philosophy of ethics, so it can
penetrate into human consciousness and philosophy, and can guide people to thinking
and implementation. Article from the perspective of sustainable development, tourism
geological resources of the concept, characteristics, tourism resources and
exploitation problems and sustainable development of tourism geological resources
  Keywords: Tourism Development Strategy of Sustainable Development of
geological resources

 tourism geological resources meaning

  on the meaning of tourism geological resources, different scholars have different
understanding of , "Chinese tourism map geological resources manual" of geological
resources for tourism is defined as "a geological heritage and tourism value and
geological remains of human activity directly related." Si Feng days of "geological
tourism resources" in the geological tourism resources summarized as "from the
geological formation of natural tourism resources can be called the geological tourism
resources." In this paper, "Outline of China's tourism resources" in the concept of
tourism resources, tourism from the tourism point of view to define the geological
resources, geological resources that tourism should be able to attract tourists who
travel for tourism motivation and use of The resulting economic effects, social effects
and environmental effects of geology and geological phenomena of things, it includes
geological heritage and geological, and human activities related to geological heritage
and geological phenomena.
  China Tourism Research Association Chen Anze that the geological heritage is
preserved during the evolution of the earth's intuitive, natural records of readability is
to provide research lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere interaction,
crustal evolution, sea land change, biological evolution of the sample, the typical and
natural database. It belongs to the natural heritage, is a unique natural resource, which
has research, education, science, biological environment, history and culture. The
concept of geological heritage in a broad sense, narrow sense. Broad sense refers to
the geological landscape of geological heritage and geological phenomena.
Geological landscape is the period in geological history, the role of internal and
external geological forces, the formation of ornamental value of the reserves of life
remains in the rocks and geological structures remains. The narrow sense refers to the
fossils of geological relics origin, ancient glaciers, geological disaster sites and relics,
geological section and so on.

 geological tourism resources characteristic
  geological tourism resources are part of material resources, tourism resources,
because it geological, geological closely related, so it has its own unique
characteristics .
  (1) space-time positioning and sustainability of
  tourist space-time positioning of geological resources is that tourism has a geological
resource of time and geographical space fixity. From the geographical point of view,
geological resources, tourism has a certain geographical space, and has no mobility.
Tourism geological resources, not only occupy a certain space position, but also by
lithology, structure, geomorphology, hydrology, meteorology, hydrogeology, land and
sea distribution and long-term activities such as human factors, has a certain
distribution; from the time point of view, Tourism geological resources compared with
other natural tourism resources, the seasonal change was not obvious, except almost
no seasonal climate landscape. Unexpected natural disasters and gradient of
geological movement, the role of long-term exterior forces, can change the geological
features of shape, but they are difficult to predict mutations. In particular, is very slow
geological processes, for human life and social history, according to some geological
phenomenon geological landscape and can not change with the naked eye to
determine, it can be in the tourism development is negligible. So have tourist
geological resources sustainability. Must pay attention to the development of
protection, otherwise this valuable geological heritage will disappear.
  (2) non-renewable nature of
  tour of the geological resources of non-renewable means human activities or
emergencies undermine the material part of the tourism geological resources, these
materials would be damaged and can not restore the original . This tells us that the
development and utilization of tourism resources, we should pay attention to
protection, and conduct a scientific evaluation and feasibility analysis to tourism
sustainable use of geological resources.
  science of geology resources for tourism there is both scientific and popular.
Compared with other tourism resources, tourism resources, with more prominent
geological science. They are naturally formed geological bodies or geological
phenomena, with a typical, to study for an important guiding significance and
reference value, and some tourism geological resources is essential to study the
material. Therefore, development of geological tourism resources will attract many
researchers or enthusiasts to learn research, academic knowledge and other tourism
activities. At the same time, developed in the tourism industry today, and enhance the
technology content of tourism products, improve the tourism product taste, but also
need to develop tourism geological resources, and vigorously promote scientific
knowledge related to geology, universal earth origin, evolution and other basic
knowledge of Earth Science to promote the protection, care for the Earth's
consciousness, improve the nation's scientific and technological quality, so that
visitors can not only sightseeing but also bring scientific knowledge to be universal.
  (4) times and variability
  travel feature geological resources of the times is the progress with the development
of society, raising the level of awareness, technological advances, the original not the
tourist things and geological resources phenomenon has now become a tourist
geological resources. For example, the watch has been developed in Japan, volcanic
eruption landscape, watching the landscape has become a major volcanic eruption of
geological resources in tourism tours.
  tour of the variability of geological resources is, over time, due to the impact of
human activities on the environment and the people of the changes in tourism demand,
the original tourist attraction tourism resources will become a general resource.
  (5) cultural identity
  tourism geological resources of cultural property. It also has aesthetic appreciation,
taste of culture. Geological resources for tourism, the people through tourism,
sightseeing and other tourist activities are of the nature of beauty, self worth, that is,
the needs of Maslow's five levels of geological resources in the enjoyment of travel
can be met. This cultural attribute contains the content is rich.

 sustainable development of geological tourism resources in a problem

 tourism resources and exploitation of the basic form of the establishment of
geological heritage protection areas, the geological park. For a long time, most people
do not from a scientific point of view to be concerned about the geological parks, and
more concerned about the aesthetic value of its tourism. With the intensity of human
economic activities, increase the scope of heavy tourism development, heritage
conservation light, causing a lot of valuable geological relics can not receive due
attention and protection, even by the broken ring, leading to the sustainable
development of the existing situation is grim Geopark .

 (a) the lack of scientific research on the geological park
 lot of people now understand the geological park is a narrow popular tourism and
geological heritage. Relevant government departments in many areas in the
development of geological parks, the lack of in-depth research and comprehensive
scientific evidence, assessment and planning, hasty development. Geological Park
after all a new phenomenon, the systematic survey, research, and comprehensive
evaluation, in-depth work, study level, the multidisciplinary nature of the
investigation, and research is not enough, need to learn to work together workers and
tourism workers and community advocacy, so that more people care, research and
development of geological park.
 (b) geological park environment highlighted
 tourism resources development and use of unreasonable increase the imbalance of
supply and demand of resources, ecosystem destruction and environmental
degradation as geological park to the main obstacles to sustainable development. In
particular, the artificial geological park, commercialization, urbanization, making
geological park has been more and more constructive destruction. And some new
buildings led to a gross mismatch between natural and cultural landscape and damage
the integrity of the landscape and unity.
  large number of our population, the rapid development of tourism, lack of planning
and management, some poor people's ecological consciousness. Increased within the
scenic area sewage, garbage, waste surge. High-density tourist flow and a lot of
uncivilized behavior on the environment, tourism damage more common.
  (c) the development of geological park barriers
  focus on tourism development is the subject of scenic images, scenic areas as
versatility in China, resulting in the image does not highlight the theme of tourism
development. Some scenic forest park is both a geological park, scenic tourist spot,
there appears the name confusion, resulting in the theme function is not prominent,
long operation, so a lot of scenic area development has been severely hampered. In
tourism development, the need for full feasibility study, geological park to build a
focused, in particular the partition function to be good planning, so that visitors can
get a wealth of knowledge in tourism, while also gaining a lot of tourism expertise .
  (d) of the Geological Park of human resources management system is not perfect
  in the management system: management system Geopark not sound barrier in human
resources management. China's tourist attractions management system has not
rationalized, especially various administrative Scenic Area, it is confusion in
management. And no system to ensure tourism this paper from
[worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the original author! To achieve
sustainable development in scenic areas is very difficult; in staff quality, the
employees of the cultural and professional qualities to be enhanced not neglect the
training of professionals take the initiative to introduce the situation of tourism
management has not been resolved; in staffing, the season of work understaffed,
off-season staff idle; the above areas are geological park important issues facing
sustainable development. In addition a range of other geological park hinder
sustainable development issues such as marketing, geological parks and other tourism
stakeholders relations, is also deeply affect the sustainable development of Geoparks.

 Sustainable Development Strategy of geological tourism

  theory of sustainable development and sustainable development of geological park
under the direction of change in thinking, sustainable development of tourism
geological resources to be taken Measures:
  (a) the implementation of integration of industry development models
  taste of geological tourism as a high scientific tourism, its scientific content and
technology content to be in the scenic area development, construction, and are fully
protected expression. Government should play a leading role, and guide the
promotion of study, and research, and fully mobilize enterprises, universities,
scientific research units and promote the trade cooperation, promote the theoretical
research with practice, and jointly promote the development of the geological
  (b) developing ecotourism
  coordination of eco-tourism is an important relationship between people and land
options, eco-tourism is the harmonious development between man and nature forms
of tourism. Eco-tourism compared with other tourism products, the landscape has a
monopoly on the activity of the natural, cultural and educational content. Geological
Park has the typical characteristics of the geological heritage and monopolistic nature
of ecotourism is in line with the geological park construction requirements. In the
eco-tourism activities, tourists continue to explore the natural mysteries, revealed the
laws of nature and environmental education by vivid.
  (c) strengthen the training tourism professionals
  geological characteristics of tourism demands high-quality tourism professionals, it
should have the geography and environmental science and other knowledge.
Geological park to be scientific and reasonable resettlement staff, and tap the potential
of staff, staff knowledge for travel to training.
  (4) strictly control the capacity of Geopark
  small scale geological park tourism environmental quality requirements, so the
number of geological park visitors in a reasonable range. Tourist attractions must
recognize the dangers of saturated and overloaded, should keep track of traffic tourist
areas, attention may cause the development of saturation and overloading, try to take
some measures the number of visitors at a reasonable range.
  (v) increase the propaganda and branding advantage
  Geopark is a point to potential tourists marketing communication products and
services, tourist attractions and value of the content is a geological park of products
and services known to be public to establish potential tourists to the scenic image
recognition. Scenic Features product promotion to highlight and strengthen
competitive advantage, brand advantage in order to stimulate travel demand, to guide
the consumer for the purpose of tourism.
  (6) to strengthen the crisis management Geopark
  crisis management awareness of the importance of modern management maturity
mark. Geopark development crisis in the surrounding geological features may be the
stability of the environment, disaster caused by natural and weather conditions may
also be other than by the scenic environment caused. Crisis early warning system to
establish the geological park in order to deal with any possible security problems.
  (7) the development of recycling economy road
, whether in tourism development, design and operation of the process, must adhere to
the path of circular economy and rational organization of travel industry, to tourism
development, and attention protection of the environment, and thus to explore a new
tourism economic development.

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 thesis from [worry documentation] to collect and organize, for the
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